Asylum Racket, Bleeding Hearts; ABC Victims of Domestic Violence (and Mona should walk the plank)

Guardian degenerates:

Bleeding Hearts and The Asylum Racket We Had To Have

Asylum racket

‘We are the forgotten people’: the anguish of Australia’s ‘invisible’ asylum seekers

Nearly 29,000 asylum seekers are in Australia on temporary ‘bridging visas’. These people may be free from detention but – with many denied education, healthcare and the right to work – they remain locked in desperate poverty and with no idea what their futures hold. A Guardian Australia investigation

What kind of carnage-strewn bloodhouse are they operating over at “our” ABC?

Evidently the ABC employs so many victims of domestic violence that they require their own special leave allowance category – which is interesting, given how many ABC employees are married to or shacked up with other ABC employees– (Tim Blair in hot water for poking fun at fun starved ABC dolts.)

Somali refugee demands Swedish citizenship – to go on holiday to Somalia
Mohamed is eager to be able to travel back to the country he claims to have fled… SPEISA.COM|BY SPEISA
They had no other option. But in any case, Mona should walk the plank:
Mona Shindy Ex-ADF heart-throb? (let’s hope so.)

”Better not let the public get any insight into what’s inside the mind of this “moderate” Muslim woman we were once stupid enough to appoint as head the Guided Missile Frigate Program, or we’ll be up shit creek as well.”

Tony Abbott was no conservative prime minister:

Abbott lovers call me the Wicked Witch of the Left– by Miranda Divine

Tim Blair, busy recruiting Delcons, denies disinviting the delightful Miranda to anything. So do I. I am just sorry that Miranda cannot recognise who the real delusional conservatives are.

I fisked her article on Abbott’s failures. My comments are here below her points.

Abbott lovers call me the Wicked Witch of the Left
I AM a conservative pariah. I have been dis-invited to dinners and given the cold shoulder at conservative functions. Twitter followers once my most ardent fans abuse me as a “leftie”. I am accused of being either paid by or in “love” with Malcolm Turnbull….Continue ReadingDAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU

Abbott was no conservative prime minister.

Abbott lovers call me the Wicked Witch of the Left– by Miranda Divine

I fisked her article on Abbott’s failures.

My comments are below her points:

here are some of the reasons for conservative disillusionment with Abbott.

1 Safe schools Labor might have legislated the homosexual propaganda program for students, but it was the Abbott government which funded and launched it, in June 2014. Early last year Nationals senator Barry O’Sullivan raised concerns in the party room about the so-called anti-bullying program, wanting funding to be axed. Abbott, as prime minister, spoke in favour of the program, saying that times had changed. By then, problems with Safe Schools were abundantly clear. I had even written a column and front page story about the NSW version in October 2012.

No conservative gov’t would promote homo marriage. That this went through under Abbott is amazing.

2 Same sex marriage Under pressure from his advisers to get the issue “off the table”, Abbott was preparing to allow a conscience vote before furious conservatives revolted. With numbers in the party room running more than two to one against changing the definition of marriage, Abbott was forced to promise a plebiscite.

Again, a conservative gov’t can only oppose, but not advance the homo agenda in any way.

3 Taxes The deficit levy, a centrepiece of the first budget, was a hike in the top marginal rate of income tax to 49 per cent, from the PM who had promised no new taxes.

A conservative gov’t must not hike taxes. It must seek to reduce the overall tax burden.

4 Spending Before taking office, Abbott promised to match Labor’s unfunded multi-billion dollar promises on the NDIS, Gonski and health spending. He also promised no cuts to the ABC, which continued its cultural jihad during the Abbott years, a time of extreme austerity in media companies paying their own way. Paid Parental Leave (later dumped), a medical research fund, infrastructure projects, and the NBN were big new spending programs which contradicted the narrative of a government elected to fix a busted budget.

Paid Parental Leave is a socialist racket. No conservative in his right mind would back paid parental leave. Not dismantling the ABC broke Abbott’s back. The ABC is way out of line and violates its charter on a daily basis, multiple times. The ABC has got to go.

5 Climate change The $3 billion Direct Action was another green scheme pretending to lower the global temperature. Abbott also pledged $200 million to the international Green Climate Fund.

“Climate change” is the funding tool for the NWO and OWG under a UN dictatorship. This racket is driven by the OIC and third world despots . Any contributions to this lunatic scam are used to fund our enemies.

6 Family tax benefit part B Cutting help for single income families was seen by conservatives as a betrayal of traditional families, ­especially when childcare subsidies for double-income families were increased.

More socialist meddling.

7 18C Abbott abandoned changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act because he didn’t want to get offside with Muslims.

Free speech is the foundation of a free society. No conservative worth his salt should ever cave in on free speech. Failure to scrap 18C is the single biggest failure of the Abbott gov’t.  Turnbull won’t even touch it.

8 Islam Abbott described the Lindt café siege as a “brush” with terrorism which had nothing to do with Islam. “The ISIL death cult has nothing to do with any religion, any real religion.” He changed his tune later.

Cowardice is a domain of the left. That Abbott would lie to appease Muslims is disgraceful.

9 Prince Phillip There was nothing conservative about enlivening Australia’s dormant republicans by giving the Queen’s husband a knighthood. It crystallised disquiet about Abbott’s judgment.

True. British knighthoods are a thing of the past in today’s Australia.

10 Losing his job Echoing the dysfunction of the Rudd-Gillard years, Abbott refused to heed warnings to take reasonable measures to save his prime ministership.

He could have sacked Turncoat. That would have kept him out of trouble.

11 Defence force cuts In wartime, pay and benefits of armed forces were cut.


12 Changing the constitution Abbott infuriated conservatives with support for referendums to recognise indigenous Australians and local government in the constitution.

Absolutely unwarranted. Dividing our society along ethnic and racial lines is the MO of the left. Australia needs a truly conservative PM to unite us.

13 Natasha Stott-Despoja One of the first acts of an Abbott government was to appoint the avowed leftist and former Democrats leader to a bogus job as Australia’s Global Ambassador for Women and Girls. Former union leader Greg Combet also was awarded a cushy post.

That doesn’t pass the smell test.

14 Cory Bernardi Abbott exiled the most prominent conservative Liberal. Bernardi was forced to resign as Abbott’s parliamentary secretary over statements opposing same sex marriage. When Bernardi published his Conservative Manifesto, in defence of traditional families and Christian values, Abbott said his “views do not represent the position of the government”.

Today, Bernardi finds Turnbull more inclusive.

That’s hardly the case.