Litigation Mufti

In an initial statement following the attacks,  Mohammed said the focus in preventing further terror attacks should be on racism, Islamophobia, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention.

Grand mufti launches defamation claim

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I switched off the TV in disgust this morning when one of the imbecile  talking heads babbled stupidly about the “tragedy” in Paris. Islamic terrorism is not a “tragedy”, it is a religious war on non Muslims.

The Grand Mufti of Australia is suing News Corp for defamation over coverage following Paris attacks.

The Grand Mufti of Australia is suing News Corp for defamation over their coverage of his reaction to the Paris terror attacks.

A front page of Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph in November depicted Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed as the three ‘unwise’ monkeys for his alleged refusal to condemn the Paris attacks despite releasing a statement after the attacks conveying his ‘deepest condolences to the families and friends of the deceased’.

litigation mufti

A statement by the Australian National Imams Council released on Friday says the article titled ‘The Unwise Mufti’ is defamatory and News Corp has failed to make amends for their conduct.

‘News Corp’s article carries several highly defamatory and completely false imputations concerning the Grand Mufti,’ the statement said.

‘It is hoped that with such action, the culture of inaccurate and damaging reporting within News Corp will begin to change.’

A claim filed in the NSW Supreme Court on Friday alleges the publication in at least two articles had suggested, among other things, Dr Mohammed was an apologist for the attacks and deliberately refused to attend a post-attack vigil, the Guardian reports.

A News Corp spokesman declined to comment to AAP.

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A day prior to the Telegraph articles, the Grand Mufti released a statement seeking to clarify that he condemned “all forms of terrorist violence”.

Here we go again. “All forms of violence” in Islam speak means resisting Islam.

“These criminals are committing crimes against humanity and sins against God,” he said on November 17.

Again: Non Muslims are criminals who are committing crimes against Muslims, which is a sin against their god allah.

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  1. It’s a ‘stopper writ’, designed to make the whole issue sub judice, so no one can make any further comment, because the matter is already before the Courts. As with section 18(c), the Muslims are expert at using kaffur freedoms and legal safeguards to prevent any open and impartial discussion of Islam.

  2. The mufti is using exactly the same tactic mentioned by “the average Aussie kid” in the article that follows.
    “I was determined to learn the political systems in the West in order to subvert and challenge them from within.”
    They have obviously been studying Sayyid Qutb’s pathological diatribe known as “Milestones.” A pocket sized issue of Milestones is distributed to all would be Jihadis and serious students of Islam in the madrasas.

  3. Why isn’t he being counter sued? Financial penalties will make them stop making an ass of the laws of liberal democracies

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