Comedy Gold!

On the Floor of the German Parliament: Erdogan the Zoophile!
by Baron Bodissey/ Gates of Vienna

Yesterday, on the floor of the German Parliament, a politician from Chancellor Merkel’s own party, the Christian Democrats, read out the obscene and insulting poem that got the TV comedian Jan Böhmermann in so much trouble.

The MP who recited the poem, one Detlef Seif, did so in order to highlight how insulting it was to Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He wanted his fellow parliamentarians to understand why Mr. Erdogan was completely justified in taking legal action to assuage his sense of honor. As far as I can determine, Mr. Seif was not being slyly ironic in reading the poem, but completely sincere.

It reminds me of the referee in the classic Warner Brothers cartoon of the the prize fight between Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd — “No rough stuff! None of this! Or this! Or this!”

Egri Nök, who translated this clip for subtitles, includes this explanatory note:

I’m not sure which point Seif is trying to make there. It almost appears he mixes up two things: Erdogan is sueing Böhmermann for insult anyway “in private”, as a private person. No one ever suggested that German legislation on insult be changed.

But paragraph 103 has nothing to do with that, it comes on top of it. Böhmermann is being sued twice and parallel: 1) by Erdogan the person for insult, which is up to the courts; and 2) for insulting the head of a state (paragraph 103) which was up to Merkel to give permission for.

And parliament is not debating #1, only #2.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. Language warning: Asterisks would have interfered with the impact of the text, so all the naughty words have been left in verbatim.


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    Meanwhile, in a similar case where Germans insulted the Polish leader in public, the Merkel Socialist Crime-Gang ignored it all – as criminals, they probably condoned it because Jaroslaw Kaczynski is a nationalist who defends his own people, while Merkel’s bunch are self-hating islam-pandering racists and globalist traitors:

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