Muslim Contempt For Infidel Law

Rita Panahi, Herald-Sun Columnist, Draws Attention to Muslim Contempt For Infidel Law

Ms Panahi, who appears to be a Muslim For Identification Purposes Only (her parents fled Iran for Australia not long after Khomeini seized power) makes some very useful points in this little article that focuses on something that has been happening not only in Australia but in many other Infidel lands: Muslim defendants – and / or their attendant mohammedan cheer squads – refusing to observe the custom of standing when the Judge enters the court.


We Can’t Stand For Blatant Disrespect For Our Courts and Society.

“The lack of respect on display at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court last week illustrates the disdain that some citizens have for our laws and institutions.

‘More than a dozen supporters of the five men (that is: five Muslim men, some of them converts to Islam – CM) charged with terrorism-related offences refused to stand for a female magistrate because Allah forbids it.

Of course, male magistrates and other senior representatives of the Law have been similarly disrespected by Muslims in Infidel courts. – CM

‘Apparently, abiding by the custom of rising for a magistrate “would make her equal to God” and their prophet Muhammad demands that “they stand for no-one but Allah”.

The magistrate condemned the behaviour as “absolutely disrespectful” (as indeed it was –CM) but allowed the men to stay in court to observe proceedings.

Milad bin Ahmad-Shah Al-Ahmadzai.

Wrong!  They should have been hit with Contempt of Court and punished accordingly. Esmerelda: you were a court reporter; I think you might have a few words of commentary on this, from a background of far greater experience of such things than I have. – CM

‘Outside court the supporters claimed that their act of disobedience was motivated by the teaching of the prophet and that in a free democracy “the court should respect our religious beliefs”.

‘I wonder what the prophet Muhammad had to say about accepting handouts from Kafirs?  Or engaging in haram behaviour with women you are not married to, or maintaining a bank account from which you receive or pay interest.

The answer to that, Ms Panahi, is simple. Accepting handouts from kafir can be rationalised as receiving the Jizya.  Sexual exploitation of non-Muslim females is routine within the dar al Islam; they are ‘possessions of the right hand’.  Hundreds of Hindu and Christian females in Pakistan are seized, raped, sometimes pimped and sold off as prostitutes, sometimes ‘married’ and kept as concubines, every year.  And nobody turns a hair. That is what infidel – de facto Dhimmi – females are for.  Think of what is done to the non-Muslim Indian and Filipina maids, in Arabia.  Nobody cares.  They are there to be used and abused. And as for sexual use of the ‘uncovered meat’ in the Dar al Harb… well… if the mohammedan thinks he can get away with it, he can rationalise sex with infidel females as enjoyment of war booty.  And as regards bank accounts that earn interest? – There is a concept to cover that sort of thing – Muruna.  Muslims are allowed to do all sorts of unislamic things if it’s possible to rationalise those accommodations as means to an end, the end being the expansion of the Muslim presence and Muslim power. – CM

‘It seems some ‘devout’ Muslims who steadfastly refuse to assimilate are rather selective about what parts of the Koran they follow.

 Long, long ago, David Hume observed that expediency appeared to be a major feature of Islam.  “No steady rule of right seems there [in Islam] to be attended to; and every action is blamed or praised, so far only as it is beneficial or hurtful to the true believers.” And since the end-goal of Islam is total world domination, anything that involves dominating and domineering over the kuffar is permissible. – CM

‘Respecting Australian laws and ucstoms, such as standing for a magistrate or judge, should be non-negotiable.

Yes. – CM

Any attempt to placate recalcitrant hotheads (sic: dangerous fanatics – CM) by giving in to their unreasonable demands, will only lead to greater shows of disrespect and non-compliance.

Rita speaks from experience.  Her family – who were lax Muslims, and quite content with the strongly secularised state of society under the late Shah – witnessed the process by which the sharia pushers (Shiite variety), led by Khomeini, took over Iran. – CM

‘Islamists who exploit the freedoms of this nation to follow their twisted ideology (sic: there is nothing twisted about it, unless one were to rewrite this sentence as “Muslim true believers who exploit the freedoms of this nation to impose the mores of their totalitarian death cult” – CM) have the gall to demand we respect their belief system while they deride Western values of equality and democracy.

‘Their bigoted ideology doesn’t deserve our respect; it’s one that seeks to subjugate women, nonbelievers, homosexuals, and anybody else who doesn’t subscribe to their warped world view.

Do you still identify in some sense as a Muslim, Ms Panahi?  Because I think this needs to be put more plainly. These guys are following Islam; their belief system is totally recognisable as historic Islam, from any period of Muslim history one might care to name. Let’s rewrite your last paragraph.

Islam doesn’t deserve respect.  It seeks to subjugate women, non-believers, homosexuals, and anybody else who refuses to Submit.” – CM

What happened in Melbourne last week is not an isolated incident.  There have been multiple instances of Muslim defendants failing to abide by the most basic custom of rising for a magistrate.

‘It has happened with such regularity that the NSW government proposed new laws earlier this month to make failure to stand for a judge punishable by up to 14 days jail and a $1100 fine.

‘Less than a week after the new offence of “disrespectful behaviour in court” was tabled in Parliament, a habitual offender refused requests to stand for Judge Jane Culver in the Parramatta District Court.

‘Milad bin Ahmad-Shah Al-Ahmadzai, who has consistently refused to stand for Judge Culver throughout his trial, was appearing on audiovisual link from Goulburn jail, when he turned his back on proceedings and began to pray.

‘The judge eventually left the bench in frustration, and the sentencing was postponed.

Al-Ahmadzai may be only 25 but has thus far failed to stand up for multiple judges in his criminal career, claiming that he is “not at all at the behest of any authority other than Islam”.

‘Two years ago he refused to stand as he pleaded guilty to threatening to slit the throat and break the neck of an ASIO officer.

‘Six months later, in front of another judge, he again refused to stand as he was arraigned on charges of aggravated breaking and entering.

‘You’d think the continued non-compliance would lead to further legal strife for Al-Ahmadzai, but when the matter was referred to the NSW Attorney-General, the legal advice intimated that refusing to stand for a judge did not meet the threshold of contempt of court.

???? –CM

‘It turns out that the Islamist has far greater legal issues to contend with, after being found guilty in March this year of a brutal attack against a man outside a gay club.

‘The victim, Michael Rooke was beaten and shot three times as he attempted to crawl away from his attackers; astonishingly, he survived, but one can only hope that it’ll be some time before Al-Ahmadzai is released from prison.

Whether Al-Ahmadzai was born in Australia or whether he came here as a migrant, it is plain that he has absolute contempt for everything and everyone in Australia that is not-Islam, and that his Australian citizenship is merely a sort of tactical convenience.  At some point, laws need to be changed in order to deal with these deadly Fifth Columnists of the Ummah in our midst. – CM

‘Islamists refusing to stand for magistrates and judges is not a new phenomenon.

‘We saw it 10 years ago when 13 Melbourne men (that is, ’13 Melbourne-based Muslims’ – CM) were ordered to stand trial for plotting terrorist attacks, and a number of them refused to stand, firstly in the Melbourne Magistrates’ court, and later in the Supreme Court.

‘Incredibly, Justice Bernard Bongiorno allowed the men – including former aviation engineer and terror group leader Abdul Nacer Benbrika who was planning to kill as many kafirs as possible by bombing the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) on grand final day – to not stand.  Benbrika was facing a maximum 25 year prison term but was eventually sentenced to 15 years jail with a non-parole period of 12, and remains committed to violent jihad.

The laws are going to have to be changed so that creatures like Benbrika can be removed from the country and returned to the Muslim land from which they or their parents originally came. – CM

‘Incidentally, one of the men in court last week is Benbrika’s son-in-law.  His brother is a hate preacher who was among the supporters in court who refused to stand for the magistrate.  What a destructive circle of hate and ruin.

And why do we continue to put up with them?  It was stupid to let them in in the first place; it is stupid to permit them to remain.   The laws will have to be changed so that such as they can be stripped of citizenship and deported. I just don’t see any other way out of this mess that we have gotten into. – CM

‘We know that radical Islam is incompatible with Australian values.

Correction: Islam is incompatible with Australian values.  Ms Panahi, I would invite you – if you still call yourself Muslim – to reflect upon the character and career of Magdi Cristiano Allam, and screw up your courage to ditch Islam altogether. – CM

‘Refusing to stand in court may be considered trivial by some, but it speaks of an attitude that msut not be borne or ignored.

Yes. – CM

‘There is nothing to be gained, and plenty to be lost, by tolerating abhorrent attitudes in the interests of cultural or religious diversity”.

Yes. If we continue to appease the Muslims we will end up losing our country and our freedom and quite probably our very lives. 

Post scriptum:  I encourage anyone who reads this to click on the link and read the many Comments to Ms Panahi’s article.  They show that there are not a few Aussies who have a very clear understanding of exactly what is going on. – CM

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    US Attorney General Loretta Lynch was stopped in her tracks when she attempted to commence a campaign of harassment and criminal indictment of all those who questioned “climate change/global warming” or opposed any of the Obama backed communist controls and taxation levied against the American people using this Marxist junk science.

    But where there is a will there is a way.

    The New York Times is gushing and cooing over the reemergence of the Marxist tool known as the Clear-Eyed Zealots, the children who will do the bidding of Dear Leader.

    For those of you who are in the least bit historically literate you will remember that Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Pol-Pot, to name a few Nazi and Marxist Meat Packers, used children as tools of information and detection of “undesirable citizens”. Children used to denounce their peers, their siblings, their parents and their neighbours, all who opposed the State, all who spoke with less than foaming rabid adoration of Dear Leader. were the subject of the pointed finger and soon after could be found in Gulags or rotting in mass graves.

    Welcome to your New World Order.

    All Hail Dear Leader.

    All Hail The Climate Czars.

    Laura Rexall
    Bend, Oregon

    1. Surely this will crash and burn. You can’t possibly win a lawsuit based on unproven junk science that enabled a monstrous scam. Who is behind this? George Soros?



    This is the same brand of sheer lunacy as the “gender manipulation” sickness that is sweeping our schools, courts and governments.

    The parents of this child should be in prison, beaten senseless and then imprisoned.

    Listen to the babbling hysteria of this child, lied to by his Marxist fanatic teachers, lied to by Mass Media and all of it under the watchful gaze of his parents, absolutely criminal.

    Listen to him rattle on about how he hates them and how he’s going to “get” them when he grows up.

    You can just see this little monster putting bullets into the heads of the occupants of a reeducation camp for CCD’s (Climate Change Deniers)

    Think I’m joking, just read your history books.

    This is disturbing on a profoundly fundamental level.

    Laura Rexall
    Bend, Oregon



    The child’s name is Henry Marr (after daddy, no marriage)

    The sick mother is Allie Hall.

    Allie Hall is a 2nd Grade teacher. She taught recently at the Savannah Classical Academy in Savannah, Georgia. She and her husband lived briefly in Chicago, Illinois. She and her husband now live in the town of Oak Harbour, Whidbey Island, Washington State.

    The video, copied and shared, is on Ms. Halls’ YouTube channel titled “emotional environmentalist”

    Google “Allie Hall Marr” and you will run across dozens of posts that have the Marxist media and bloggers in a frenzy of orgasmic masturbation at their good fortune in finding a little 6 year old Enviro-Nazi.

    Apparently the precocious mental defective has already “written a book”

    Wayne Newscomb
    Blaine Washington

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