Pamela Geller: Poll Shows ‘Total Rejection’ of Islam in France Across the Political Spectrum

France is waking up.

Breitbart reports that “an Ifop poll for Le Figaro measuring perceptions of Islam has found that people have a growing sense of unease about its role in France.”

And well they should. What is different now is that people are actually saying it: “What’s notable about the results is that where once such sentiments were perceived as the preserve of the ‘extreme right’, they are now felt across the political spectrum. Back in 2010, 39 per cent of Socialist Party voters felt Islam was too prominent within French society — a majority of 52 per cent feel this to be the case six years on.”

Despite the smear, libel, and defamation that is directed toward anyone who dares any criticism of Islam, people across the political spectrum are voicing concern about an immigrant population that refuses to assimilate and instead seeks to impose its ready-made model of society and governance that they believe to be superior to that which France already has.

The elites will no longer be able to frame this as a “far-right” issue (what does that mean anyway — the Nazis were leftists: National Socialists). In Muslim countries such as Bangladesh, devout Muslims hack you to pieces if you criticize Islam. Here in the West, Islamic supremacists and their leftist lapdogs hack your name and your reputation to pieces. Hate groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) work feverishly to murder your good name.

The French paper Le Figaro says the poll confirms a “total rejection” of the religion in France, after its capital in 2015 saw two deadly jihad terror attacks. But it’s not just Brussels, Paris, Chattanooga, Garland, San Bernardino – it’s the burning cars, the vicious anti-semitism, the restrictions on our freedoms.

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Pamela Geller: Muslims Confirmed ‘the War Has Just Begun’

Pamela Geller: In the Year Since the First Islamic State Attack on American Soil, These Muslims Confirmed ‘the War Has Just Begun’

Meticulously documented material from a woman who has more courage than all the blathering dolts on America’s TV networks who call themselves “journalists”.

Today is the first anniversary of the Islamic State’s first attack in the homeland.

Just a couple of short months later, in response to the Chattanooga jihadi who slaughtered four Marines, one Navy officer said: “The War Has Just Begun. More to Come.”

He was right. Yet one year after jihadis attacked our Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in defense of free speech, the West is in full surrender mode. In the wake of the Garland jihad attacks, the world says: let the bullies silence you. Don’t draw Muhammad. Comply with their other demands.

Garland changed everything for my colleagues and me. Its personal toll has been enormous. It has affected our lives and our careers in innumerable ways, all of them negative. Our security costs are now astronomical. We cannot step outside without remembering that we are hunted, and at any time jihadis could strike at us.

We went into the event with our eyes open. We knew the risks. But we knew the risks were greater, for our children and our children’s children, if we allowed the freedom of speech to be destroyed by violent intimidation.

Yet still we were cast as the villains. An imam told Sean Hannity that I should be executed.Non-Muslim media and political figures agreed with him that in standing for free speech, I had provoked the jihadis. Fox News host Martha McCallum pleaded with me to respect Islam and constrain myself. Bill O’Reilly said I “spurred” the violence. Erin Burnett accused me of “relishing” being targeted for beheading.

Alisyn Camerota on CNN battled with me, trying to bully me into adhering to sharia law.

Chris Cuomo was almost brought to tears by the thought of drawing Muhammad. Juan Williams and I had a knock-down drag out on Hannity. Geraldo Rivera compared me to the Aryan Nation, skinheads, and the KKK, and said, “Every time I see her on TV, I want to take a shower.”

Carly Fiorina likened our free speech event to white supremacist marching. Donald Trump said I was an obnoxious blowhard (!) who was taunting Muslims.

The list is long. The leftist networks (i.e., MSNBC) were unhinged. I could go on, but you get the picture.

One year on, jihad in America is raging. We were right. Gerard Perry wrote an excellent essay on the “shortsightedness of the media lynch mob.” But still people are afraid to have me speak. CPAC refused to allow me to host an event. Ironically, Donald Trump is suffering the same abuse I received from him, for speaking candidly about jihad terror and Muslim immigration.

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Eurabia is becoming a complete European reality

Most Europeans are not aware of the Eurabia merger.

Europe is no longer Europe, it is Eurabia, a colony of Islam, where the Islamic invasion does not proceed only in a physical sense, but also in a mental and cultural sense.–Oriana Fallaci

Eurabia – Europe’s Future?

Bat Ye’or wrote this in 2007:

Bat Ye’or, a historian, has published groundbreaking works on minorities and “dhimmitude” (their inferior status) under Islam, including Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide (2002). Her latest book, Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis(Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2005), argues that European governments, especially the French, have developed foreign policies aimed at winning the favor of Middle Eastern regimes and appeasing the growing militant Islamic minorities in their midst. Bat Ye’or addressed the Middle East Forum in New York on February 7, 2005.

Europe is undergoing two profound changes. The first is the weakening of Christianity. The second is demographic decline. Presently, across Europe, there are only two-thirds the number of children born necessary to sustain the population. The consequent drop in population has mostly been made good by immigration of Muslims. The fast-growing Muslim population is generally not integrated into the host societies nor politically acculturated to its norms. To the contrary, radical Islamic movements are gaining in strength among these émigré populations. In addition, European governments, especially the French, have developed foreign policies aimed at winning the favor of Middle Eastern regimes.

The question arises: is this a temporary aberration or is Europe on the road to losing its historic identity? The latter: Europe is rapidly being transformed into “Eurabia,” a cultural and political appendage of the Arab/Muslim world that is fundamentally anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-Western and anti-American.

European-Arab Partnership

The four-decade political and economic relationship between Europe and the Arab countries of the Middle East, institutionalized in the annual European-Arab Dialogue, has spawned a virulent and hostile amalgam called “Eurabia.” It will not simply go away with a change in European Union (EU) policy. Rather, its roots are deeper. Indeed, how the Eurabia issue is handled today will largely determine Europe’s future.

The images of Eurabia are manifest in millions of people burning American and Israeli flags during the Iraq war and openly supporting Yasir Arafat, Saddam Hussein, and other brutal dictators. Eurabia is also discernible in the explosion of anti-Semitic activity and a lack of empathy for Jewish rights in various European countries. Increasingly, Jews find themselves under attack, chiefly from Muslim extremists and radicalized youth, and European governments and law enforcement agencies react to these violations of rights only tepidly and only after the sustained pressure of publicity. The Eurabian phenomenon can also be seen in the intimidation into silence of critiques of Islam and Muslim society, epitomized by the slaying in broad daylight of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who had made a documentary on the travails experienced by Muslim women within Muslim societies.

Eurabia in the Making

This pernicious merger began with Charles De Gaulle in the 1960s. De Gaulle saw that the power of France diminished with the loss of its colonies and he believed a more unified Europe would restore some French glory. In order to unify Europe, the continent needed to form an international bloc that could rival America. The Arab nations of the Middle East, unparalleled in their oil wealth, seemed to be good partners. Laying the foundation for this relationship, on November 27, 1967, De Gaulle said that French-Arab collaboration would be a fundamental element in French politics. Since then, France has adopted a highly amiable policy toward the Arab world and a hostile attitude toward Israel.

After the Yom Kippur War of 1973, the Arabs states proclaimed their oil boycott against Europe and specifically against countries with close ties to Israel. Only twenty days after the start of the war, the European community of nine countries recognized the rights of the Palestinians to participate in political negotiations and demanded Israel’s return to the armistice lines of 1949, thus diverging from UN Security Council Resolution 242, passed in 1967 and still the basis of a negotiated settlement.

Consequently, the Arab boycott of Europe came to an end; and the French and German governments requested Arab leaders to enter into an official dialogue with European leaders to cement a solid relationship. The Arab leaders agreed but on condition that the Europeans had a unified foreign policy in synchrony with the interests of the Arab states.

Elements of this relationship are plenty evident. For example, European leaders see Arab reform running parallel to the resolution of the Israeli-Arab peace process. Again and again, Arab and European leaders exploit impasses in the Arab-Israeli conflict conveniently to delay democratic reforms.

The goal of Eurabia is to bring together the two shores of the Mediterranean with the interests of European society mirroring the interests of the Arab world. There should be a homogenization of culture, politics, and policy between the two shores. As a byproduct, American leaders have to deal with the growing Eurabian political culture instead of the former European body politic.

Unfortunately, most Europeans are not aware of the Eurabia merger. The new hatred found in Europe against America and Israel is commonplace and intertwines with many sectors of society, including the media, the culture, and the economy. Europe now facilitates the jihadist values of the Arab world. This is evident in its reluctance to forthrightly denounce Islamic terrorism and its need to indict America and Israel as the causes of conflict, rather than the victims of Islamic aggression. Mass immigration of Arabs across the Mediterranean to Europe, which was part of the friendship agreement, will only strengthen the Eurabian phenomenon. If Europe continues to respond with appeasement to Islamist terror attacks like that in Madrid in 2004, Eurabia will eventually become the complete European reality.

Conclusions for the United States

Americans need to take an assertive role in both combating Eurabia’s dangers and preventing a similar merger from occurring within their own country, for this is a danger. For example, American Middle East studies specialists at universities are already predominantly pro-Arab/Islamic in orientation, dismissive of traditional standards of scholarship and not bashful about politicizing formal instruction.

Americans need to embrace their own genuinely pluralist culture. They should not renounce their identity and Judeo-Christian values to appease the current assertive intolerance emanating from the Arab/Muslim world.

Pope Francis and his bizarre concept of a “civilisation of love”

Europe’s Migration Crisis: No End in Sight

Europe doesn’t have a “migration crisis”, Europe is being invaded by Mohammedan soldiers of allah. This is the final jihad.


  • According to France’s Defense Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, 800,000 migrants are currently in Libyan territory waiting to cross the Mediterranean.
  • The multitude of very costly social problems that Muslim migration into Europe has caused thus far, do not exist in this whitewashed European Union report, where the “research” indicates that migrants are always a boon. Similarly, any mention of the very real security costs necessitated by the Islamization occurring in Europe, and the need for monitoring of potential jihadists, simply goes unmentioned.
  • Several European states have a less optimistic picture of the prospect of another three million migrants arriving on Europe’s borders than either the Pope or the European Commission do.

Pope Francis, on his recent visit to the Greek island of Lesbos, said that Europe must respond to the migrant crisis with solutions that are “worthy of humanity.” He also decried “that dense pall of indifference that clouds hearts and minds.” The Pope then proceeded to demonstrate what he believes is a response “worthy of humanity” by bringing 12 Syrian Muslims with him on his plane to Italy. “It’s a drop of water in the sea. But after this drop, the sea will never be the same,” the Pope mused.

He took the Muslims and left the Christians behind, that dolt. (SY)

The Pope’s speech did not contain a single reference to the harsh consequences of Muslim migration into the European continent for Europeans. Instead, the speech was laced with reflections such as “…barriers create divisions instead of promoting the true progress of peoples, and divisions sooner or later lead to confrontations” and “…our willingness to continue to cooperate so that the challenges we face today will not lead to conflict, but rather to the growth of the civilization of love.”

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Has the world learned anything since Brussels?


It has become alarmingly clear since the Brussels terror attack that the West either doesn’t understand the nature of Islamist terrorism or doesn’t want to.  President Obama denies that the Islamic State poses an existential threat, belittles those who disagree, and seems more vested in undermining allies and political opponents than fighting terror.  Whether acting out of ideology or naiveté, he refuses to admit the role of religious doctrine and instead blames terrorism on generic criminality, violent extremism, gun violence, or global warming.  He fails to address the jihad and genocide being waged against non-Muslims in the Mideast and beyond, does not speak honestly about the Islamist threat, and portrays those who do as hatemongers. 

Obama is not acting out of naiveté. The plan to transplant millions of Mohammedan testosterone bombs in western countries and to Islamise the West has been a long time in the making. Bat Ye’or wrote about this in great detail 30 years ago. (SY)

Under his administration the Obama regime, the U.S. has abdicated its global leadership role and left a void in which Russia seeks to reconstitute its empire, China threatens American strategic and economic interests, and Iran continues to export terror while violating a feckless nuclear deal under which it derives great benefit but makes no concessions.  The president has eschewed sound military and intelligence advice in favor of policies that have destabilized the Mideast, empowered terrorists, and caused a refugee crisis that is tearing Europe apart.   (Me thinks that was the intention.(SY)  

Whether the administration’s foreign policy stems from ideology or incompetence, it seems to regard Islamic radicalism as a natural response to western oppression, though European entrée into the Mideast was preceded by centuries of jihad waged in Europe by Arab-Muslim invaders.  Its knack for promoting revisionism is facilitated by the public’s lack of historical perspective, as reflected by the inability to recognize that ISIS is not historically aberrant, but rather embodies the same doctrine that mandated forceful spread of the faith starting in the eighth century. 

Political correctness inhibits discussion of radical Islam and, thus, stifles the ability to combat the terrorism it spawns.  Television coverage after Brussels showed witnesses uttering platitudes, such as, “If we stop traveling, we give the terrorists what they want”; and commentators warning that terrorists will somehow win if their religious motivations are scrutinized by the security establishment.  However, such sentiments wrongly presume that terrorists merely seek to induce fear or discomfort, when in fact their goals include conquest and subjugation.  Islamists don’t want to disrupt European travel plans; they want to kill “infidels” and force them into submission.

Comments from presidential aspirants this election cycle have been no better informed.  The Democratic candidates predictably refused to utter the words “Islamic terrorism,” while some Republicans were overly deferential in their assessments.  John Kasich, for example, acknowledged the perpetrators were Islamists, yet seemed compelled to add that “…the vast, vast, vast majority of Muslims…think their religion has been hijacked … [a]nd they want to stop that as much as we want to stop it.”  But on what did he base this assertion?  While moderates may well have denounced the Brussels attacks, there were no surveys indicating what the majority believed.  If there were no mass condemnations of the 9/11 attacks, the Charlie Hebdo and Paris massacres, or the San Bernardino shootings, what evidence is there to suggest majority censure of this latest outrage?

Democrats and Republicans cannot begin to address the problem when political correctness inhibits them from even identifying it.  If westerners really want to know the terrorists’ goals, they should read the language contained in their charters and manifestos.

They should consider Al-Qaeda’s constitutional charter, rules and regulations, which contain the following passages:

Al Qaeda:

An Islamic Group, its only mission is Jihad, because Jihad is one of the basic purposes for which Al Qaeda personnel come together.  In addition, they perform other Islamic duties if possible.  Jihad will take precedence over other duties in case of interference.

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Andy Choudhry Says Muslims Want Their Own Islamic Nation

Nothing new. Replacement theology. It starts with replacing the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat.

Muslims living in the UK increasingly want self-determination and the implementation of Sharia law nationwide, according to radical Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary.

Infiltrate, bite your time until you have the numbers, and then do whatever it takes to dislodge the unbelievers from power. (SY)

Choudary, speaking in an exclusive interview, was responding to polling data last month that suggests a fundamental gap between the values of British Muslims and the rest of society.

Trevor Phillips, the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the activist who popularized the term Islamophobia, commented on the survey results. He explained the statistics show “the unacknowledged creation of a nation within the nation, with its own geography, its own values, and its own very separate future.”

A state within the state. The islamic state doesn’t have unbelievers in it.

Asked to respond to Phillips’ statement about a “nation within a nation,” Choudary replied:

I think that we are increasingly heading toward that direction, definitely. The more the population grows, the more they find their roots, the more they want to implement Islam in their lives; and the more they see around the world the failure of so-called democracies and socialist governments, the more they want self-determination.

And we can see that that is not just the case in the Middle East and Africa, but also in the West. People want to call for the Sharia. And we shouldn’t be surprised. Europe had the Sharia for about 800 years in Spain so why not in Britain? You know, we don’t call for the killing or the oppression of anyone. We want to live peacefully together. So why not try divine law? We tried secularism for long enough.

People want to call for the Sharia” means it matters only what Muslims want. Unbelievers have no say in this.

The ICM poll found an astonishing two thirds of British Muslims would not inform law enforcement if they thought someone close to them became involved in a terrorist plot.

Choudary said he was not surprised by that finding.

We live at a time now, Aaron, of third or fourth generation Muslim communities. Where they have no trust of the government. Many people have grown up and all they have known are wars against Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan and now in Syria.

So, you know, if you are 20-year-old individual living in Britain for most of your life, you’ve seen wars against Muslims. So when you ask them these questions, whether they would actually cooperate with the police, they see the raids and arrests.  They see a lot of draconian laws which accompany these wars as well, and the Muslim community has been the recipient of these oppressive measures. We’re living in a kind of an apartheid state in Britain as a Muslim community today.

Fighting crime causes more crime, right? Fighting jihad causes more jihad. Its a no brainer.

The UK Express reported on the poll:

The survey also discovered that more than half of Muslims think that homosexuality should be illegal in Britain and 23 percent of Muslims want Sharia to replace British law in certain parts of the country.

The findings also revealed that 39 percent of Muslims thought that their wives should always obey their husbands and 31 percent thought it was acceptable to have more than one wife.

A shocking five percent of Muslims sympathized with people who took part in stoning adulterers.

This is all basic Islam 101. Why would anyone be “shocked” about this? 

Choudary is a founder of the outlawed, pro-al-Qaida Al Muhajiroun organization in Britain. He is currently awaiting trial in the U.K. for allegedly encouraging support for the Islamic State.

Aaron Klein is Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief and senior investigative reporter. He is a New York Times bestselling author and hosts the popular weekend talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.” Follow him on Twitter @AaronKleinShow. Follow him on Facebook.

Orthodox churches burn in Sydney and New York

Midtown Manhattan church engulfed in flames: ‘Irreplaceable’ 160-year-old Orthodox Christian cathedral is consumed by blaze

Its just a tiny minority of excremists that would do something like this, right?Manhattan's 160-year-old Serbian Cathedral engulfed in flames in New York

A church was completely gutted by a huge fire on the west side of Manhattan in New York. The blaze broke out at the Serbian Cathedral of Saint Sava on 25th Street in Manhattan’s Flatiron district at around 7pm on Sunday. It is not known how the fire started, but Easter celebrations were held in the building earlier in the day, including a lunch at 1pm, according to the church’s website. The extent of the damage is also currently unknown, but images taken by bystanders appear to show the entire building has been destroyed. Three fire engines were scrambled to deal with the fire, FDNY said, as flames could be seen shooting from the rose window at the front of the building. Views from above show the fire streaming from the apex of the church roof, around 50ft above street level. (More from Daily Mail)

Fire engulfed the Macedonian Orthodox Church, Rockdale, south of Sydney (this is not the first time)

Several firefighters are injured by falling bricks and two retirement home residents…

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Jewish leaders demand Islamic Hizb ut-Tahrir teacher be sued for anti-Semitic hate speech

“Tiny minority of excremists” gathering in Indonesia

Muselmaniacs suck the Jew-hatred in with the mothers milk. The Qu’ran, sira & hadith are full of it. Genocide of Jews, that’s what Muhammad did, and he was the perfect man, the man every believer must emulate.

/Sydney Moonbat Herald

Australian Islamist leaders incite Jihad against Jews to expel them from Palestine.

Sydney Jewish leaders are demanding the head of controversial Islamic group  Hizb ut-Tahrir be prosecuted under anti-discrimination laws for inciting hatred against Jewish people in a fiery speech last year.

Vic Alhadeff, chief executive of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, wrote to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board on Monday, urging them to take legal action against radical Islamic leader Ismail al-Wahwah.

On July 25, after a public rally in Sydney against Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Strip, Mr al-Wahwah called for jihad against Jews to a large gathering in Lakemba, saying in Arabic: “The entire world suffers from the children of Israel today and complains about them.”

"The entire world suffers from the children of Israel today and complains about them": Ismail Al-Wahwah.“The entire world suffers from the children of Israel today and complains about them”: Ismail Al-Wahwah. Photo: Steven Siewert

The Muslim cleric continued: “Who will set the world free from the children of Israel so that the world will be able to say that it has rid itself of that hidden evil?”

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