Australians need the right to bear arms

Who let them in?

Andrew Bolt
Here comes diversity...

Yet again I ask: who let them in? Why are we running a refugee program that makes Australia less safe?

Passengers on a North Melbourne tram were threatened by three machete-wielding men in a one-hour ordeal.
About 20 people, including women and students, were on a route 57 tram on Thursday at the time and it took police an hour to contain the men following a tense stand-off.

A passenger told radio station 3AW those on the tram were “absolutely terrified” by the ordeal.

“The men were threatening to kill other passengers and were spitting on people,” caller John told host Tony Jones. “Their behaviour was absolutely disgraceful.”

He said the men were of African appearance and were aged in their 30s or 40s. The men were carrying a machete, which they kept passing to one another.

And this is how ludicrously tender the police are to those abusing our hospitality:

One of the men received penalty notices for being drunk and disorderly, possessing a controlled weapon and behaving in a offensive and insulting manner. Two of the men each also received a penalty notice for being drunk and disorderly. At this stage, the fourth man has not received a fine.

What would the thugs conclude about the danger of breaking the law? What would the passengers conclude about the willingness of the political class to expose them to danger?

A white Aussie would have been shot.

2 thoughts on “Australians need the right to bear arms”

  1. Her Comes The Diversity … “Thanks
    1. juliar – in particular for the belligerent Africans
    2. fraser – for the ‘HUGE‘ swags of islam invaders

    Regarding …
    Who let them in?
    (THEM = Africans & islams – & includes African islams)
    ALL called refugees who are unwilling to intergrate

    ALL Our past and present (and the likely future in for the super) politicians …
    and they don’t/wont ‘allow‘ the Australian population to protect themselves from the ‘diversity‘these politicians themselves knowingly created …
    thanks again … Little Johnny Howard

    More than ever … the following action is DEMANDED
    Qur’an 115: 1-3
    115 Ma’a salama: Good bye (vile putrid malevolent deceitful islams) !!!

    Qur’an 115: 1-3 – Ma’a salama: Good bye
    1. Purge islam appeasing ‘(Shadow) marxist elites’ Globally !!!
    2. Purge islam appeasers Globally !!!
    3. Purge islam Globally !!!

    Otherwise …
    gun ownership and open carry …
    along with the mandatory necessary gun skills …
    are a current prerequisite for non-islam & non-African Australians for personal protection from the future ‘our’ CRIMINAL politicians have placed us in and as long as this ‘diversity’ remains in Australia… purge on sight to be the rule !!!

    “The Diversity” as invaders … are already armed !!!

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