Is your view on Islam also coloured by your own experience?

Mine certainly is. Looks like Tim Blair’s is also a bit “coloured”:


Hussein Obama, speaking in the wake of the Orlando massacre:

The important thing is to treat this act as a crime.

In fact, that wasn’t Obama. It was leading Sunni cleric and chairman of the European Council for Fatwa and Research Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and he wasn’t talking about Orlando. He was talking in 2006 about how gays should be punished. Here’s a longer quote:

The schools of thought disagree about the punishment. Some say they should be punished like fornicators, and then we distinguish between married and unmarried men, and between married and unmarried women. Some say both should be punished the same way. Some say we should throw them from a high place, like God did with the people of Sodom. Some say we should burn them, and so on. There is disagreement … The important thing is to treat this act as a crime.

Via Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who makes the following four points: 

1. Muslim homophobia is institutionalized. Islamic law as derived from scripture, and as evolved over several centuries, not only condemns but prescribes cruel and unusual punishments for homosexuality.

2. Many Muslim-majority countries have laws that criminalize and punish homosexuals in line with Islamic law.

3. It is thus not surprising that the attitudes of Muslims in Muslim-majority countries are homophobic and that many people from those countries take those attitudes with them when they migrate to the West.

4. The rise of modern Islamic extremism has worsened the intolerance toward homosexuality. Extremists don’t just commit violence against LGBT people. They also spread the prejudice globally by preaching that homosexuality is a disease and a crime.

Well, Hirsi Ali would say that. After all, as one leftist previously put it: “Her view on Islam is too much coloured by her own experience.”

In other news:

Turnbull orders urgent visa review of anti-gay Islamic cleric
The PM orders an urgent review of the visa held by an Islamic cleric who is visiting Sydney and who has been quoted as describing death as an appropriate sentence…ABC.NET.AU

Geert Wilders, a  Dutch politician with anti-islam views who tells the truth about Islam had his visa delayed, was disowned by our politicians, wherever he went he was met with vitriol and violence, but a Sheik who says all gays should be murdered is allowed to visit Sydney on a lecture tour? This double standard is suicidal. 

Pamela Geller:

Obama has no self respect nor dignity. He’s audacity is incredible.

Why do we have to soul search? We are the victims. Why does Obama always blame us? Why does he hate Americans and give a free pass to devout savages?
We need to do some soul searching? The Muslim world needs to do some soul searching. Obama needs to do some soul searching (if he can find it).
President Obama said that Omar Mateen was inspired by “extremist information.” Obama’s rambling, incoherent, “perverted” babbling was a stunning indictment of the “JV” president. What’s the strategy for the war on extremist information? Disarming law-abiding Americans, of course.
During a special report Monday morning, President Barack Obama says investigators are still looking into the motivations of the shooter, including the fact that the shooting took place at a gay venue. (FOX 59)

Is it any wonder we are losing this war?

He went on to say. “”As far as we can tell right now, this is certainly an example of the kind of home-grown extremism that all of us have been so concerned about for a very long time… one of the biggest challenges we are going to have is this kind of propaganda and perversions of Islam that you see generated on the Internet.”
What is perverted? The Islamic State (and Boko Haram, al Shabaab, Hamas, Taliban, MILF et al…) all cite Quran chapter and verse. They follow hadith. Verbatim. What is “perverted?” And frankly who is the expert on Islam – ISIS Caliph al Baghdadi who has a PhD in Islamic theology or ….. Obama?
Obama said Orlando motive is irrelevant — “a problem regardless of their motivations.” So Nazism was irrelevant, Shintoism, and so forth. America has hit bottom — will we keep digging and elect Hillary | Pamela Geller


Ted Cruz, June 2014:

“It is striking that neither President Obama nor Hillary Clinton are willing to utter the words radical Islamic terrorism. They do not understand the radical religious extremism of individuals committed to jihad, who have pledged to murder Americans, and that leads them to keep making mistakes over and over and over again.”


Hillary Clinton, June 2016:

Clinton breaks from Obama, calls Orlando attack ‘radical Islamism’.