The wealth of Muslim nations

TIMERGARA: JUI-F, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, chief Maulana Gul Naseeb Khan on Saturday accused the western powers of working against the Islamic civilisation and striving to seize the Muslim world’s resources.

If only!

He was addressing a meeting of the party’s district and tehsil office-bearers here in Balambat area.

The JUI-F leader said the western powers, especially the US, were bent hard on upsetting the strong ‘family system’ of Muslims.

If the west wanted the oil they would take it. There is no Muslims army anywhere that could withstand the U.S. military machine. So the rants of this Maulana are pure projection. But  here’s what Muslims really want:

ISIS threatens Rome
“We Will Drown The Streets Of Rome With Your Blood” — Islamic State Threatens The Conquest Of Rome

“The Vatican is a “cave”, they describe as the “den of thieves.” “It is Rome that we want, the cave city of the Vatican, the capital of the Nazarenes, from where an impure man, known as Pope, sends an impure man known as the Pope, who always crusades against the Muslims.” (BNI)

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  1. If those shitheads didn’t have all the self-extracting, free-in-the-ground oil to rely on, they’d have exactly NOTHING!

    Criminals (predatory extortionist gangster parasites) don’t make things – never have, never will!

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