Hansonphobia, the greatest challenge of our time

Equality or backlash. It’s our choice.

The great conservative cause of our time: equal rights and no racism

Andrew Bolt

Jennifer Oriel on the Left’s demonisation of Pauline Hanson:

The Lebanese Muslim Association called her a hate preacher. Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane compared her with Brexit and Donald Trump — all proof of xenophobia and racism.

The leftist party line is settled; Hanson is racist and divisive. Three words come to mind. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Western civilisation has been transformed … into a malformed neo-Marxist culture where minority groups manufactured for political purposes are bestowed with …  often superior rights to their fellow citizens under discrimination and affirmative action measures…

We have arrived at a point in Western history where thought crimes justify a regime of codified prejudice that privileges manufactured minorities while censoring dissenters who dare cry the emperor has no clothes..

In the race case before the Federal Circuit Court, students were barred from a computer lab at the Queensland University of Technology because of their race. One would presume the prima facie case of race discrimination would be against the person who barred their access. But the staff member who turned the students away, indigenous woman Cindy Prior, filed a complaint against them under the Racial Discrimination Act…

[Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim] Soutphommasane …  declined to comment on the QUT case as it is before the court, but cited “special measures” in a brief statement.

The commission promotes special measures as “positive actions” that “protect disadvantaged racial groups”. It justifies the measures “as an exception to the general rule that all racial groups must be treated the same”…

Equality or backlash. It’s our choice.

Is This The Beginning Of The End For Pauline?

Paul Zanetti Monday 11 July 2016


It didn’t end well for Clive Palmer and it won’t end well for Pauline Hanson. Going to an election on a wonky platform inevitably ends in tears.

Sure, Pauline Hanson has a fan base, but so did Clive with more MPs than Hanson.

Where’s PUP today? It’s where One Nation will end up next election if Hanson doesn’t get her act together.

Hanson has been caught out copying and pasting her polices from various internet sites. I first pointed this out a few days after the July 2 election. She’s not one for doing her own homework, but pinching the work of others.

It’s bad enough rushing to an election on the back of others’ hard work, but its worse when you don’t bother to spend the time familiarising yourself with the policies you’ve nicked. Watching Pauline Hanson struggle through an interview, without a clue on the issues she’s meant to represent is painfully excruciating.

Reports today chronicle an assortment of One Nation party policies plagiarised from Wikipedia and various other political websites (including the Australian Q Society, the founding base of the Australian Liberty Alliance).

For example, she’s accused of publishing a medicinal cannabis policy similar to an entry on Wikipedia that states, “The ancient Egyptians used hemp (cannabis) in suppositories for relieving the pain of hemorrhoids [sic].”

“Surviving texts from ancient India confirm that cannabis’ psychoactive properties were recognized, and doctors used it for treating a variety of illnesses and ailments, including insomnia, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, and pain, including during childbirth,”

The One Nation website reads: “The ancient Egyptians used hemp (cannabis) in suppositories for relieving the pain of haemorrhoids … In ancient India, doctors used it for treating a variety of illnesses and ailments, including insomnia, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, and pain, including during childbirth.” (source ABC).

The One Nation website also claims, “The estimated worth of Halal accreditation worldwide is in excess of $2.5 trillion per annum.”

This is misleading at best. It’s not the accreditation (i.e. halal certification) but the Halal food market worth $2.5 trillion. There’s a difference. Most halal food globally is not certified.

After the election Hanson posted a video on her Facebook page chatting from her kitchen pouring halal-certified Coles milk into her tea. For this she was rightly caught out. Hanson opposes halal certification, campaigning on policies to make halal certification illegal.

Halal certified milk (including Coles) and other foods are publicly listed on the Halal Choices website, a well researched consumer website founded by Kirralie Smith. There’s even a Halal Choices phone app so there really is no excuse for buying halal-certified milk if you’re so genuinely against it.

In response to the criticism of her using halal-certified milk, Hanson posted a photo on her Facebook page of two bottles of milk and the words:

“I woke up this morning to find claims I support Coles milk.

“I thought these people without lives might like to see what’s in the fridge today.”

Unfortunately, again, one of the bottles of milk was halal-certified, which she could easily have checked before making a second faux pas.

Does this matter?

Of course it does.

If you’re going to go into the Senate and argue the case, at least know what you’re talking about.

Hanson is exceptional at getting the headlines. Outrageous statements such as we are ‘in danger of being swamped by Asians’ will get the TV grabs, but also paints a picture of a shrill white supremacist.

There’s no doubting Pauline Hanson is committed to core Australian values as she perceives them, and she courageously defends those values.

But as an MP Hanson needs to know her stuff and prosecute her case.

If she can’t do that, she’ll be discredited, ripped apart and spat out once again leaving a trail of angry voters once again looking for a political voice.

If you’re a Pauline Hanson supporter, I’d hope you don’t shoot the messenger, but aim your concerns at Pauline Hanson through her Facebook page.

Ask her to please do some homework on the topics she’s embraced to get into Parliament, before getting up to speak on your behalf in the Senate.

You deserve better than this.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party accused of plagiarising policies from Wikipedia, anti-Islam groups and others


Pauline Hanson One Nation Party
Australian politician and leader of the One Nation Party Pauline Hanson holds an election placard as she stands with supporters during a function on election night in the city of Ipswich, west of Brisbane, Australia, July 2, 2016.  AAP/Dan Peled/Reuters 

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party has allegedly plagiarised its policies from online sources. It appears large chunks of texts from the minor political party’s policies have been lifted from anti-Islam organisations, a climate change denier group and even from Wikipedia.

As Junkee first reported, One Nation’s policies on halal certification, the United Nations Agenda 21 conspiracy and medical marijuana were lifted word for word from different sources.

For its policy on halal certification, the first two paragraphs appear to have been plagiarised from US right-wing online magazine Frontpage, which was published in 2013. Another section from One Nation’s halal certificate article appears to be lifted from Q Society of Australia’s website.

Frontpage Magazine's text on halal certificationFrontpage Magazine’s text on halal certification  frontpagemag.com

One Nation Party's policy on halal certificationOne Nation Party’s policy on halal certification  onenation.com.au

Q Society of Australia on halal certificationQ Society of Australia on halal certification  qsociety.org.au

One Nation Party on halal certificationOne Nation Party on halal certification  onenation.com.au

Reddit user LucasTheGoat also noted that a large portion of One Nation’s policy on medicinal cannabis had been taken from Wikipedia. While it took technical explanation of the topic verbatim from the free online encyclopaedia, the party left out Wikipedia’s sceptical approach.

Climate change blogger Graham Readfearn thinks that climate science denialist Malcolm Roberts could be behind One Nation’s climate policy because the Galileo Movement, of which Roberts is the project manager, and the Australian party’s text on the subject are exactly the same. Although the Galileo Movement has 12 point-solution and One Nation has 14, the latter added Australian-specific passages on its policy, calling for the review of CSIRO to ensure accountability.

One Nation’s policy on Agenda 21 was also apparently taken from The John Birch Society 2011 pamphlet. The initiative is a non-binding implemented action plan of the United Nations on sustainable development. Australia is a signatory to it.

One Nation Party's policy on Agenda 21One Nation Party’s policy on Agenda 21  onenation.com.au

“Imagine if the government was purposefully rationing the use of electricity, water, petrol and natural gas, and that the enactment of these policies came from your local government’s committee or department of sustainability? Well it is happening in hundreds of cities and towns all across the United States,” the text on the JBS pamphlet reads.

“These local government boards will decide how much energy, water, and other natural resources your home is allowed to use, limiting your ability to wash your dishes, take a shower or bath, flush the toilet, and drink a glass of water – regardless of the size of your household or how many children you have.”

Hanson, who has strong controversial stance against multiculturalism and Islam, founded One Nation in 1997 after being kicked out of the Liberal Party. She has been elected to the Senate in the recent Australian election.

Read more: Race Discrimination commissioner says Pauline Hanson’s anti-multiculturalism views could greatly damage Australia

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  1. It was with a sinking heart when in the week before the election I read that Ms Hanson would be back in the race. I thought there goes any chance of ALA getting in and hence the loss of calm, disciplined and rigorous voices from the Senate who might have been able to articulate a measured campaign against Political Islam in the Parliament. Instead we have attention grabbing Ms Hanson in there with all her baggage and whacky economic and other policies attracting all of the media attention and she is not up to the job. But they voted for her just as voters in Cowan went for a dissimulating obfuscating Muslima.

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