Is this zebiba sportin’ jihadist the next Man Haroon Monis?

Tony Jones brings these savages on Q & A and allows them to spew their hateful rubbish. Then the nutroots turn on those of us brave enough to ring the alarm bells so that they have to fear for their lives. This is getting from bad to worse.

Khaled Elomar confronts Pauline Hanson on Monday night’s Q&A.

The Muslim man who confronted Pauline Hanson on ABC’s Q&A over her “Islamophobic feelings” on Monday night has repeatedly denigrated the One Nation leader online, posting doctored images of her in a hijab and telling her to “go uppercut” herself.

Lebanese-born Khaled Elomar, of Sydney, was present­ed as a typical Australian Muslim grappling with explaining to his son why their religion had made them a target for hatred, which has seen him hailed by some in the media in ­recent days.

But Mr Elomar holds ­strong political views of his own. His Facebook account, which appears to be held jointly with another person, is littered with foul-mouthed rants about “Zionist ­Israel”, capitalism and the West.

There are also posts that try to minimise the risk of terrorism, ­describing Islamic State as “minor” and a “fabrication of the Syrian ­regime”.

“The Zionists and capitalists of the world ‘Go f..k yourselves’,” he wrote in October 2014. “We want peace motherf..kers.”

Months later he wrote: “The world is waking up to the crimes of Zionism/Capitalism. The world is extremely cognisant of the bias and flawed western foreign policies. Islam has a vast international supportive audience.”

GRAPHIC — Elomar online

However, it is Mr Elomar’s ­recent posts about Ms Hanson, as well as Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie, that again raise questions about the extent to which Q&A vets its audience members, who are given rare access to probe polit­icians and other high-profile individuals on a range of subjects.

The program faced scrutiny last year after allowing terrorist sympathiser Zaky Mullah to ­appear. The incident prompted an investigation that found that while the program did make background checks it failed to ­review Mullah’s recent social media ­activity, comprising several offens­ive and misogynistic posts.

Just last month, Mr Elomar uploaded an open letter to Ms Hanson, describing her “resentment and hostility” to Muslim people as “extremely disconcerting”. “With all due respect, I can only make the conclusion that ignorance is a major contributor to the loathing feeling that occupies your heart and mind,” he wrote.

After telling his followers he had received no response from the politician, he followed it up with a faux advertisement for Ms Hanson’s new “One Islamation Party”, showing her donning a blue hijab.

On that day he also posted a video of the senator-elect in her ­kitchen, quipping: “I’ll have white with one sugar.’’

“You’re probably not even good at that,” he wrote. “Go upper­cut yourself.’’

Senator Lambie, another pol­it­ician who has expressed views about radical Islam, has also been targeted by Mr Elomar, who has described her as “ugly”, stupid” and “a deformed creature”.

Ms Hanson’s spokesman, James Ashby, said yesterday that the program’s producers had ­assured him they were taking safety precautions, with the Australian Federal Police to run rigorous security checks.

Ms Hanson said last night she felt she had been “set up” and would­n’t be rushing to appear again on Q & A any time soon. Mr Ashby said he had complained to host Tony Jones following the broadcast, particularly about the amount of time that had been dedicated to the issue of Islam, when he had been assured that it would be just one of many issues canvassed.

“There is an obvious agenda with the ABC,” Mr Ashby said. “They tried to tell me this bloke was a great bloke … how wonderful he was; that Pauline should ­really take some time out to meet up with this guy. He came across meek and mild, concerned about his 11-year-old son.”

Mr Elomar told the program his son had asked him what Islam­ophobia meant and he had shown him some of Ms Hanson’s past videos. “I promised him I would ask you this question so he can hear the answer from yourself, so with all due respect Ms Hanson, what is the basis of your Islamophobic feelings: hate, fear or ignorance?” he asked.

He later blamed her for the abuse he was getting in the streets. “Only recently, after your rhetoric has come aboard the media, almost every day I get called a Muslim pig, because of you,” he said.

Mr Khaled’s social media profile reveals a man who feels he has personally been tainted by fears over terrorism. He accuses the government and media of creating hype and fear with recent terrorism raids.

In October 2014 he wrote of being a “simple Muslim” yet­ ­always being followed by police. “To that I say screw you all. Kiss my backside if you don’t like how I look. F. k the Australian government. F. k the US government, F. k Israeli Government. F. k ISIS/ISIL. F. k Zionism. F. k Capitalasm (sic).”

An ABC spokeswoman declined to comment on whether Q & A had been aware of his views. “As usual, the audience members were checked as much as is practicable on social media by the … producers. Also as usual, the audience list was referred to the AFP and the NSW police,” she said.

The Australian attempted to contact Mr Elomar via Facebook and phone but was unsuccessful.


Even the ABC’s Ticky Fullerton is not buying Waleed Aly’s duplicitous response to Sonia Kruger.

She calls out Aly for saying he wouldn’t pile into Kruger while doing just that, and for treating her as some idiot.

She could have added that his counter-claims were nonsense, and added that Japan, with five times our population but only one fifth our Muslims, has not had one Muslim terror attack since the murder of Salman Rushdie’s translator in 1991 by a Bangladeshi.

Finally, she could have pointed out that once again Aly was demanding change and repentance not from the terrorists but their victims.

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  1. Why on earth do people that are not socialists bother to watch Q&A, knowing that the guests, with one exception, and the audience are there to push their socialist agenda?

    Don’t watch it, as it will only make your blood boil. When was the last Q&A programme I watched? The last one was at least 5 years ago.

    1. I have never watched Q&A and never will while that dope T Jones is the presenter.

    2. Wanted to witness them setting Pauline Hanson Up, and that is exactly what that bastard Tony did. He should be sacked. She was the only one on the show that showed any decorum. My fingers never left the keyboard……..

  2. “He later blamed her for the abuse he was getting in the streets. “Only recently, after your rhetoric has come aboard the media, almost every day I get called a Muslim pig, because of you,” he said.”

    Another typical childish muslim – apportioning blame to everyone but themselves for their own predicament. It’s da Joooz fault, the Great Satan America’s fault, Shia’s fault, Nato’s fault………….Pauline Hanson’s fault.

    This cretin’s gets called a muslim pig because that’s precisely how he behaves.

    The fault is their own ignorance. It’s impossible for them to see because ignorance is by definition, ignorant of its own condition. It takes exposure from outside to have the opportunity to wake up from it. That exposure requires they confront their own egos.

    Too big a task in most cases so they give up and double down on their delusions and ludicrous dogmas.

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    (Along with the halal Certification Criminal islamic Organisation … amongst many MANY others)

    Islamophobia‘ Register Australia
    (and Unfortunately … This is NOT a joke)

    The ‘(imagined) Islamophobia‘ Register Australia …
    was founded on 17 September 2014 in response to the growing anecdotal evidence suggesting a rise in incidents of ‘(imagined) Islamophobia‘. The ‘(imagined) Islamophobia‘ Register Australia was the first of its kind in Australia to provide a unique platform for incidents of ‘(imagined) Islamophobia‘ to be reported, recorded and analysed. Our findings have informed media and the general public both in Australia and abroad about ‘(imagined) Islamophobia‘.

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    So if you just happen to be islamannoyed (as all non-islams are)– with islams ‘(imagined) Islamophobia
    don’t hold back … is best.

    After all – an islamic annoyance can only be tolerated for a very short period of time before it is irretrievably swiped away by the annoyed !!!
    Otherwise … it WILL be the death of YOU !!!

    Purge islam “Globally” !
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    Pulverise mosques “Everywhere” !


  5. Best description of “Islamophobia” was given by Sheik Yermami:

    “Islamophobia is what Icebergophobia would have been on the Titanic in 1912”. (or words to that effect).

    PS: Sheik, WHEN will you get the twitter button – so that we can tweet your pearls !!!

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