… but it’s there in the ballot box and it’s screaming for attention

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For those Aussies who are concerned that Islam is attempting to screw our Aussie culture into Bedouin barbarity, only one name registered on the way to the polling booth… Pauline Hanson’s. She has helped fill the long-standing vacuum on the Right of politics, and others like her have contributed to a Senate that can now effectively snuff out the Libs, the Greens and Labor as a Senatorial force.

To speak of the threat that Islam thrusts on every nation it infects is not Kosher. Well, not until now. The person the major Oz Parties fear most has been let loose by the fair dinkum Aussie voter and she will not take shit from anyone any more, media included this time. The “please explain” gotcha tag the media dogged her with is gone and forgotten.

The Hanson vote actually exceeded the Greens’ vote in her home State. The Labor primary vote State-wide fell by a record three per cent, as One Nation’s vote jumped above 20% across Queensland.

This time Tony Abbott cannot orchestrate a gaol term for her and she will not come to the aid of either duplicitous major Party to help form government. Pauline is her own girl and will remain a viable force to be reckoned with despite all those who are sharpening their knives preparing to again pierce her heart.

Ironically the Libs assisted her by preferencing her over Labor in the seats that mattered… the very party that was instrumental in gaoling her. Work that one out! Pauline was considered less of an electoral threat than Bill Shorten! Hmmm, maybe not!

This time Pauline Hanson will defy media’s taunts of “bigot” and “racist”, she will do what world leaders retreat from… calling Islam out for what it is; a vile dogma that encourages and defends the slaughter of innocents and works to develop a caliphate that the EU could only dream of. Fair Dinkum Aussies have said, “enough is enough!”

Islam is taking subservient cowards of the Left for a ride. Islam is depleting our welfare budget and draining our coffers of the hard won taxes that rightly belong to Australia’s needy. Labor is not only supported by the unions, Islam is now a critical part of Labor’s existence. If you don’t believe that then count the seats that Islam has silently infiltrated as a bloc for Labor with up to 22 per cent of the vote in one electorate alone.

We can thank Tony Abbott for stopping the Islamic invasion by boat. But an unknown 50,000 are already here courtesy of Gillard and Rudd plus 100,000 “visa overstays” we have no intention to round up, but it’s all too late, the rot has set in, they are already embedded here and in almost every nation on earth.

On weekends, after Friday prayers, excited Islamic Jihadists stream from mosques with instructions from Imams to maximise the killing of non-believers. The reward for killing infidels over the Ramadan period is increased ten-fold, so the suicidal Jihadists declare.

But more important is that Left Governments like Obama’s, Cameron’s, Merkel’s and ours actually believe that Islam is a “religion of peace”, and they foment the disease further by supporting their (and our) destruction with limitless taxpayer funds.

Just look at this partial list supplied by a Post contributor:



Islamic Guidance Society of Australia Inc. Melbourne
Cyprus Turkish Islamic Community Of Victoria Inc. Ardeer
Islamic Malay Australian Association Of NSW Arncliffe
Alandalus Islamic Association Inc. Auburn
Al-Faisal College Limited Auburn
Australian Islamic Cultural Centre Inc. Auburn
Islamic Association Of Western Suburbs Sydney Inc. Auburn
Islamic Relief Australia Auburn
Islamic Science Culture And Art Association Sydney
Islamic Society Of Mackay Inc. Mackay
Islamic Society Of Ballarat Inc. Ballarat
The Hills District Muslim Society Sydney
Turkish Islamic Association Of Qld Bundaberg
Islamic Society Of Darwin Inc. Darwin
Dawate-E-Islami Inc. Sydney
Islamic Council of New South Wales
Islamic Association Of Monash Mosque Melbourne
Australian Islamic Social Association Inc. Melbourne
Dandenong Turkish Islamic Cultural Society Inc. Dandenong
Crescents of Brisbane Inc. Brisbane
Islamic Social Services Agency (I.S.S.A.) Inc. Sydney
Islamic Medical Association Of Queensland Inc. Gatton
Al Noor Islamic Association Sydney
Green Valley Islamic College Sydney
Al-Rachad Islamic Association Incorporated Sydney
Islamic Help Australia Sydney
El Sedeaq Islamic Society Melbourne
Islamic Society Of Holland Park Inc. Brisbane
Werribee Islamic Centre Limited Melbourne
Horsham Islamic Welfare Association (Hiwa) Inc. Horsham
Islamic College Of Brisbane Limited Brisbane
Australian Islamic College Perth Inc. Perth
Keysborough Turkish Islamic & Cultural Centre Melbourne
Muslim Funeral Services Ltd Brisbane
Bayt Al-Zakat Australia Sydney
Islamic Women’s Welfare Association (NSW) Sydney
Lebanese Muslim Association Sydney
Muslim Women Association Sydney
Islamic Development Organisation Inc. Sydney
Islamic Education Institute Inc. Sydney
Islamic Society of Lutwyche Inc. Brisbane
Islamic Society Of Melbourne Eastern Regions Inc. Melbourne
Islamic Society Of Geelong Geelong
Islamic Society of Mareeba, Mareeba
Islamic Centre Of Newcastle Newcastle
Oromo Islamic Resource Centre Inc. Melbourne
Australian Muslims Fund Inc. Sydney
The Turkish Islamic Society Mildura Inc. Mildura
Al Sadiq Foundation Ltd. Melbourne
Suburban Islamic Association Sydney
Canberra Islamic Centre Inc. Canberra
Islamic Alawi Centre Of Tasmania Inc. Hobart
Islamic Association Of Launceston Inc. Perth
Australian Islamic College Of Sydney Sydney
The Newport Islamic Society Inc. Melbourne
Noorul Islam Society Perth
The Albanian Australian Islamic Society Melbourne
The Regional New South Wales Islamic Centre Inc. Orange
Islamic Society Of Darra Inc. Brisbane
Islamic Society Of South Aust Inc. Adelaide
Redfern Islamic Society Inc. Sydney
Islamic Society Of Queensland Inc. Brisbane
Islamic Centre Of Ryde Inc. na
Islamic Education Institute Incorporated Sydney
Islamic Cultural Centre of Brisbane Ltd Brisbane
Islamic Women’s Association Of Qld Inc. Brisbane
Islamic Practice And Dawah Circle Inc. Sydney
Islamic Council Of Queensland Incorporated Brisbane
Islamic Society Of New South Wales Sydney
Australian Muslim Volunteer Network (AMVN) Sydney
Australian National Islamic Library Canberra
Toowoomba Islamic Charitable Trust Toowoomba
Townsville Islamic Society Inc. Townsville
The Trustee For Islamic Shia Council Of Queensland Brisbane
Muslim Charitable Foundation Brisbane
Newcastle Muslim Association Incorporated Newcastle
Islamic Centre Sheikh Albani Incorporated Sydney
The Trustee for Saarban Islamic Trust Sydney
Australian Federation of Islamic Coordinating Council Sydney
Islamic Charity Projects Assoc. Inc. Sydney
Muslim Aid Australia Sydney
Alzahra Australian Multicultural Islamic Ass of WA Perth
Bonnyrigg Turkish Islamic Cultural Assoc. Sydney
Islamic Association of Bunbury Inc. Bunbury
Cairns & District Islamic Cultural & Building Trust Cairns
Broadmeadows Turkish Islamic & Cultural Centre Melbourne
Sydney Turkish Islamic Culture and Mosque Assoc. Sydney
NSW Islamic Social and Cultural Association Inc. Sydney
Arrahman Islamic Centre Inc. Sydney
The Murray Bridge Islamic and Islamic Cultural Ed Murray Bridge
Albanian Islamic Society of Dandenong Inc. Melbourne
Al-Tawheed Islamic Association of WA Inc. Perth
Alice Springs Islamic Society Alice Springs
Alsalaam Islamic Society of Western Australia Perth
Ashfield Islamic Society Inc. Sydney
Association of Islamic Dakwah in WA Inc. Perth
Auburn Islamic Community Centre Sydney
Australia Bangladesh Islamic Council Inc. Melbourne
Australian Bosnian Islamic Centre Melbourne
Australian Islamic Assistance Organisation Inc. Sydney
Australian Islamic Education Board Inc. Sydney
Australian Islamic Mission Incorporated Sydney
Australian Islamic Social Association Inc. Melbourne
Bangladesh Islamic Centre Sydney
Blacktown Islamic Association Sydney
Bosna & Hercegovina Islamic Society Melbourne
Australian Islamic Forum Melbourne
Biloela Islamic Society Ltd Biloela
Central Coast Islamic Cultural Centre Ltd Wyong
Islamic Museum of Sydney Limited Sydney
Markaz-Ul-Ilm Centre of Islamic Learning Limited Brisbane
Islamic Society Of Gold Coast Inc. Gold Coast
United Muslim Residents Association Melbourne
United Muslim Migrants Association Of Victoria Inc. Melbourne
Al Ansar Islamic Association Incorporated Sydney
Australian Islamic College (Kewdale) Parents And F Perth
Bosnian Islamic Society Perth W.A. Incorporated Perth
Dar Al Shifah (Islamic) Inc.. Perth
Furqan Islamic Association Of Western Australia In Perth
Islamic Council Of Victoria Inc. Melbourne
Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia Inc. Sydney
Islamic Education & Welfare Association Dandenong Melbourne
Islamic Path Radio Australia Limited Sydney
Islamic Society Of Belconnen Canberra
Islamic Society Of Illawarra Sydney
Islamic Society of Victoria Melbourne
Malek Fahd Islamic School Limited Sydney
Southern Districts Islamic Institution Building For Claremont
The Charitable Islamic Association Of Beirut City Sydney
The Newport Islamic Society School & Education Bui Melbourne
The Trustee for Moorooka Islamic Charitable Trust Brisbane
The Trustee For The East Preston Islamic College B Melbourne
The Trustee For The Foundation For The Islamic Mus Melbourne
United Ahlusannahwal Jamaah Islamic Council Inc. Ambarvale
United Australian Islamic Association Inc. Perth
Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited Sydney
Al-Mustapha Institute Of Brisbane Brisbane
Australian Iraqi Muslim Society Inc. Sydney
Brisbane Muslim Burial Services Brisbane
Muslim Care Sydney
Victoria Myanmar Muslim Community Incorporated Melbourne
Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia Sydney
Canberra Muslim Community Incorporated Canberra
Muslim Global Aid Limited Sydney
Muslim Organisation Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast
Muslim Welfare Society Ltd. Sydney
Muslim village Incorporated Sydney
The Muslim League Of NSW Inc. Sydney
Aman College Ltd Australia
Imam Ali Ltd Kemps Creek
Croatian Islamic Centre Inc. Melbourne
Islamic Society of the Australian Capital Territory Canberra
Mareeba Islamic Society Mareeba
Panjtan Society of Victoria Melbourne
Muslim Association of Riverina Wagga Wagga Inc. Wagga Wagga
Perth Mosque Inc. Perth
Albanian Moslem Society Shepparton Inc. Shepparton
Muslim Aid Limited Sydney
Afghan Community Support Association of NSW Inc. Sydney
MAA Local Sydney
MAA International Sydney
Muslim Women’s Council Melbourne
Trustee for Muslim Charitable Foundation, and many pages more…

Not only do these highly profitable Islamic “charities” pay no tax, all donations are tax deductible and they all have their hands out for Government (our) money in the form of billions of dollars in grants. These “charities” are used to funnel our money to Islamic causes overseas, including terrorist organisations. This is done via a cunningly circuitous means and is explained in detail in the Halal series opposite.

We need to send enemies of Australia a message

It seems there are very few of these type of “charities” run by the Greek, Italian or Irish communities we have lovingly adopted, only Islamic communities who hate us. Now why is that? Pauline Hanson knows why, and she has the ovaries to say it.

When the dust settles I believe the One Nation Party and others concerned over Islam should align to form an unassailable force. My suggestion in the past was met with a firm “no” by all.

But soon egos must be set aside for the greater good, after all the ball is now rolling and the Senate belongs to neither the Greens nor a major Party. The time will soon be right to negotiate unimportant differences and form a Party, any Party, that will save our children and grandchildren from Shariah law.

But not yet. Wounds are still open, scars need more time to fade and egos will need to contract in the face of the daunting job ahead.

Hanson is not a racist and nor are we… we just love our country and our children

Like-minded people who can augment a highly successfully entrenched One Nation are truly Aussie people, good, decent people, who have a dream to share with others. For the first time a truly Conservative voice is an indelible part of the Aussie political landscape… as a group we shouldn’t lose this opportunity to harness it and nurture it.

Does the Party name really matter? Not really, although it would cost a billion dollars to re-brand a name like One Nation. It’s the movement as a whole that matters, and it should be enlarged,

… and the sound amplified to pierce the tin ears of the Left.


  1. Naz Jacobs – a columnist for the daily telegraph is frightened by Pauline. Oddly, naz was not frightened by the violence in Dacca, Paris, Brussels, etc, perpetrated by her fellow Muslims, nor did she have a word to say about them in her error ridden and nonsensical column titled “dear Pauline Hanson, you don’t represent me”
    I think naz might be the telegraph’s answer to waleed aly.

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