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“A priest was killed and another person was seriously injured following an attack at a church in Normandy, France, where officials said police killed two hostage takers … The motive is not yet known.” – US ABC News following an attack that left elderly priest Father Jacques Hamel dead and a parishioner in serious condition.

“The identities of the attackers and motive for the attack are unclear.” – The Associated Press.

“Officials said the two assailants, whose motives were not released, slit the throat of a priest before they were eventually shot and killed by police.” – Cox Media Group.

“The rapid intervention brigade of elite police units went into action to ‘neutralise’ the two men whose motives are so far unknown.” – The Kuwait News Agency.

“The men shouted ‘Daesh’ and cut the priest’s throat before being ‘neutralised,’ police said. Le Figaro newspaper reported that the priest died after his throat was cut. The men’s motives are still unknown.” – The UK Telegraph.

Father Jacques Hamel, who is now said to have been beheaded by Islamic terrorists.

“French President Francois Hollande said today’s attack and hostage situation at a church in Normandy was carried out by ‘terrorists who claimed allegiance to ISIS’ … the motive is not yet known. – Yahoo news.

“The nun – who did not want to be named – told Le Figaro newspaper: ‘They entered brusquely and took over. They spoke in Arabic. I saw a knife.’ … It is believed that the men were carrying knives. It is unclear at this stage what their motives were.” – The International Catholic News Weekly.

“I will not talk about the motives of these individuals.” – French Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet.

“Police said the men, armed with knives, shouted ‘Daesh’ before slicing the priest’s throat, using an alternate name for the Islamic State militant group. The motives for the slaying are unclear, and IS – also identified as ISIS and ISIL – has not taken responsibility for the attack.” – United Press International.

“Two attackers backing the Islamic State stormed a village church during Mass in northern France on Tuesday … The Islamic State’s Amaq news agency described the attackers as ‘soldiers’ of the militant group.” – Finally, from the Washington Post, we have a motive.

More from the WAPO:

“At least one of the attackers, however, appeared to be on a watch list, which required him to wear an electronic tag to allow security officials to track his movements”

Much good that did.

And then this:

“The mosque in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray was inaugurated in 2000 on a plot of land offered by the Catholic parish of the city.”

The church of the beheaded priest gave land to build a mosque.

The priest and the imam met several times “during public interventions in party rooms.” “We are part of an” Interfaith Committee for 18 months. We discussed religion and manners together, “said Mr. Karabila.

I guess we need more “interfaith” activities.


  1. The church of the beheaded priest gave land to build a mosque.

    A masterpiece of dhimmitude.

    Did the priest’s head detach? I see beheaded a lot and I see cut his throat with the knife. Now unless the jihadists used periscope or facebook live video feed, the only video is on their cellphone and will never see the light of day. Show it all! Let us see the truth. Don’t tell us ‘the truth’ because the media’s truth is lies.

  2. Politicians of the West
    • Either you STOP (aiding and abetting islam and islams)
    • Or YOU are STOPPED (aiding and abetting islam and islams)

    The islams Criminality is WAY Beyond Atrocious/Acceptable !!!
    You Lie politicians …
    Your islam Appeasing has gone beyond the Tolerable !

    PURGE islam AND islams EVERYWHERE

    islams obey Qur’an 115: 1-3

  3. Islam is born with criminals and islam Koran is devil teaching which teaches Muslim follower to kill non Muslims,
    So eliminate those germs from the earth by killing them till end, after that
    Once again we see peace land

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