Sonia Kruger vs Muslims, our cowardly media freaks & the Gosford Goose

Islamofascist Khaled-Oula Elomar  from the Q&A audience who called Pauline Hanson a racist bigot and intolerant, has been caught spewing  Anti-Semitic diatribes  online and referring to them as pigs.


Latest attention seeking efforts by the Gosford Goose:


A dangerous lunatic. A danger to himself and others:


Obsessed and deranged:


Under Islam, there is no freedom of religion. If the Gosford Goose  had even the most basic understanding of Islam he would know that he could barely keep his head on under the sharia.


The madness of the Gosford Goose doesn’t stop there.


Your taxes used to destroy the enemy of the political elite

Andrew Bolt

Taxpayer money is used by a government broadcaster to slime Pauline Hanson and trawl through her private life:

SEX, lies and a videotape — an explosive documentary about firebrand politician Pauline Hanson has all that and more.

The SBS special Pauline Hanson: Please Explain, which airs later this month, includes a range of surprising revelations, including her first sexual encounter with former colleague David Oldfield.


Cowardice. Kruger’s “friends” should be ashamed of themselves for not having the guts and integrity of Sylvia Jeffreys.

Shannon Molloy:

IF Sonia Kruger was hoping for vocal support from her friends and colleagues in television, she’ll be bitterly disappointed. On-air faces across the industry have been instructed to keep quiet on the issue, it can be revealed, leaving the embattled Today Extra co-host to face the music alone…

It’s understood rivals Ten and Seven directed her friends to avoid any public statements of support or otherwise.

“Ten told me not to say anything on it,” a prominent presenter said.

Another former colleague and famous face of TV said commenting would be “unwise”. Those response echoed by several other co-workers and acquaintances contacted by News Corp Australia…

It’s understood the strict stance from Nine’s competitors is thanks in part to Today journalist Sylvia Jeffreys, who copped a backlash on social media after defending Kruger [on Tuesday].

Mike Goldman, who worked alongside Kruger on Big Brother, was the only industry identity News Corp contacted who was willing to speak on the record.”I worked with her for many years and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met,” he said. “Sonia Kruger is definitely not a racist. She never talked about race, just religion. She’s saying what a lot of people are afraid to say in public.”…

While high-profile supporters have been scarce, a number of prominent Australians have lined up to criticise Kruger.

Scared of social media trolls? Gutless.

Why is the government paying the persecutors of Sonia Kruger?

Andrew Bolt


IT’S a debate. So Sonia Kruger must expect people to disagree with her on banning Muslim immigration.

But none of us should expect or tolerate our government helping activists to bully the Channel 9 presenter into silence.

Why are our taxes being used to sponsor these apologists for radical Islam?

Why have we allowed government-funded bodies to be hijacked by them, with the Human Rights Commission even calling on the public to attack Kruger?

Kruger has been vilified for speaking what’s on the mind of many Australians.

(Read the full column here.)

Chip Le Grand, you rotten POS!

The answer is no, of course, as my article makes clear:
Emotional Sonia: ‘It rocked me to my very core’
SONIA Kruger opened today’s episode of Today Extra with an emotional statement addressing her controversial comments about banning Muslims from Australia.

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  1. GG is the kind of Christian cleric that makes people like me look upon the Christian institutes and church orgs. with dismay, even disgust. The Christian clergy who dabble in this interfaith nonsense and telling us that we have nothing to fear about Islam. Traitors to Christ. No doubt in my mind. You can’t be that naive and ignorant.

  2. I just signed the petition “Pauline Hanson: I Support Sonia Kruger and our right to Free Speech” and wanted to give like minded people the opportunity to give their assistance in the eventual purging of islam and islam appeasers and their bigotry and criminality … you could help by adding your name.

    The goal is to reach 15,000 signatures and more support is needed. You can read more and sign the petition here:

  3. Sonia Kruger’s migration comments highlight ‘uncomfortable’ reality for Australian Muslims: academic

    Dr Andrew Jakubowicz, a professor of sociology at the University of Technology Sydney, said
    such comments have been made for several years by politicians including Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump, but they are still enormously harmful for members of the Muslim community.”

    … and what about the islams’ future victims, possibly including you Dr Andrew Jakubowicz.

    PURGE islam GLOBALLY !

    Sonia Kruger is ABSOLUTELY correct in what she states NOW !!!
    Not in five or ten years time in retrospect !!!

  4. Can someone go and change that sign so it reads:


  5. The Gosford Goose.

    Just another dhimmi who demonstrates the typical woeful and lamentable ignorance of the political ideology of Islam.

  6. TAX THE CHURCHES! Fine them for presenting opinion as fact!

    No, GG, there should be no “freedom of religion” for the exact same reason that there is no “freedom to commit fraud!”

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