Terror is the new normal for Germany and France

“Munich was a Breivik-inspired attack”

Our minders are so full of shiite they deserve to be flushed…..


When an Iranian born in Germany can be portrayed as a white nationalist but a set of ‘Allahu Akbar’-shouting Mohammeds are symptomatic of nothing in particular, you know our continent is engaged in a piece of cognitive dissonance from which we will be wrestled only very reluctantly.

Well this is all going very well isn’t it?  I refer of course to the totally unforeseeable, impossible to predict wave of attacks in Germany and elsewhere across the continent in recent days.

The Thursday before last it was Nice.  But already the slaughter of 84 people in France is just so, like, a fortnight ago.  Last Monday an ‘Afghan’ ‘teenager’ called Mohammed Riyad screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ (‘Allah is greatest’) on a Bavarian train and started chopping people up with an axe.  I put ‘Afghan’ and ‘teenager’ in quotation marks because Mohammed was probably from Pakistan and is no more likely to be a ‘teenager’ than the thousands of other Peter Pans who Chancellor Merkel welcomed into her country last year.  Still, she gets to feel good about herself.  Shame the same can’t be said for the family from Hong Kong who had the misfortune to be sharing a train carriage with Frau Merkel’s latest conscience-cleaning import. Their relatives are still trying to arrange for the less badly injured family members to return home.

On Tuesday last week it was a 37-year old man called Mohamed Boufarkouch who started shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ near Montpelier and stabbed a French woman and her three daughters (aged 8,12 and 14).  Then yesterday a ‘Syrian asylum seeker’ used a machete to kill a pregnant woman and injure two others in Reutlingen, near Stuttgart. Perhaps it was terrorism. Perhaps it was traditional domestic violence with larger weaponry than has lately been traditional in Germany.

Then yesterday evening another ‘Syrian asylum seeker’ killed himself and injured 12 others in a bomb attack in the German town of Ansbach. At the time of writing there hasn’t been an attack in France or Germany for several hours so I am sure life will be returning to normal.

You wonder why I haven’t mentioned Friday night in Munich yet?  Well Friday night in Munich – in which nine young people were gunned-down in a shopping centre – is still developing.  At the start, because of the location and modus operandi it looked like it was an Islamist attack.  Then – because the gunman was caught on tape describing himself as being born in Germany – the attention turned to a ‘far-right’ explanation.  And my gosh was there rejoicing among the Islamists and their far-left allies on social media.  There was even more rejoicing when a German official mentioned in the middle of the night that the fact Friday was the fifth anniversary of the Anders Breivik atrocity in Norway meant that a link between the Munich gunman and Breivik could not be ruled out.  The BBC and others immediately ran their headlines saying that Munich was a Breivik-inspired attack.

While not impossible, you would have thought that the identity of the Munich gunman made this somewhat implausible.  For the gunman turned out to be the child of Iranians by the name of David Ali Sonboly.  Why would someone of Iranian descent admire the political worldview of some kind of white supremacist?

At such moments one can feel the political axis of Europe wobble.  Too many fixed narratives are at risk.  For some people Sonboly is obviously an Islamist.  For others he is obviously a white nationalist.  Others will claim that he only did what he did because of failed housing systems in the Munich area, insufficient welfare payments or bullying at school.  I say we wait.  Especially now a 16-year old Afghan friend of the Munich shooter has been taken into custody.

But the coverage of the attack was revealing.  Was it a surprise that the BBC and other broadcasters stopped broadcasting the Munich gunman’s middle name?  Perhaps. It certainly seems at one with the audible sigh of relief when the name of Breivik emerged.  Hurrah – went the barely-disguised speech-bubble over everyone’s heads – now we can blame racist European society.  Though you won’t find many people in Europe who thinks Breivik’s actions should dictate Europe’s foreign or domestic policies.  Whereas you can find many ‘moderate’ Muslims and left-wingers in our media and politics who find Islamist terrorists to be a helpful advance wing of their own political agenda.

Nevertheless, this is going to require caution.  When an Iranian born in Germany can be portrayed as a white nationalist but a set of ‘Allahu Akbar’-shouting Mohammeds are symptomatic of nothing in particular, you know our continent is engaged in a piece of cognitive dissonance from which we will be wrestled only very reluctantly.


6 thoughts on “Terror is the new normal for Germany and France”

  1. On BBC, just as a byline, police in Bavaria report that the Jihadi bomber was not just an ISIS supporter, but was angry that Germany was resisting the spread of Islam.

    The last sentence is the key. What our police do not realize yet, that resisting the spread pf Islam by any means, even peaceful, is a crime in Islam, punishable by death. It is the most sinful of all sins in Islam, i.e., resisting the spread of the dominion of Allah. Everything else pales in comparison.

    This was the reason that bin Laden launched 9/11. That the USA and Australia had resisted the takeover of East Timor by Islam, reversed it, and banished Islam from what was virtually an Islamic dominion. Thus the Bali and NY attacks.

    Looking at it from the Islamic perspective. A million or so men, each paying thousands of Euros, had crossed over to Europe, on the way to Germany. They believed that Allah had influenced Merkel’s mind, and Europe was theirs to take- including women and girls. When met by hordes of Germans cheering them on as they entered Germany, they must have felt what the Allied soldiers felt, as they liberated Europe from the Nazis. Imagine the disappointment that this was not the case. The last year has not been very encouraging. Germany was resisting.

  2. This is a great idea

    The Tears of Jihad Museum

    The Tears of Jihad is a summary of the deaths caused by jihad against the Kafir for 1400 years. It is the greatest story never told. Presidents Bush and Obama have denied this history. Our history talks about the invasion of Turks, Arabs, Saracens, Berbers, and Moors, but does not call it jihad. Our most recent report of the 9/11 attacks omits jihad. No explanation is ever given of why the native culture is always annihilated after Islam invades and puts Sharia law in place.

    In the twentieth century over two million Armenian and Syrian Christians were killed in jihad. Who knows the details? We need a museum devoted to the greatest suffering in history. It would document the annihilation of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and polytheist cultures. It would document slavery, rape and how apologists for Islam deny all of this history.

    The Museum would show how Islamic doctrine drives history–cause and effect. We would have accredited scholars giving seminars and debates. The Museum would have a physical center as well as a web presence.

    We need to document the suffering, so it can be stopped. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.


    It is akin to the Holocaust museum.

  3. May the Germans continue to resist.

    Not knowing the Germans, is it not their style to come out en mass and protest?

    – An axe attack on a train.
    – Sonboly killing spree of mostly German children.
    -The Ansbach bombing.

    all in one week.

    1. Let’see how Merkel polls in the next week. It is way past time that Germans realize they have been set up by Merkel for their destruction.

  4. Islamic State’ Chanting Attackers ‘Behead’ Priest During Morning Mass In France


    As I’ve said since LGF days, the push back in Europe will start from France. The reasons are

    1. Germany, because of its Nazi past is unable to do it.

    2. France though is nt, and is quite hard in its intellectual make up.

    Once France does, it will become Europe wide, and Germany will follow.

  5. “Ahah!” they cry.

    “A muslim attacked people on the 5th anniversary of the Breivik massacre! That proves he was a Breivik worshipper!”

    Well, muslims blew up other muslims and infidels across the globe in remote places like Afghanistan on that same day – places where they had probably never heard of Breivik.

    And they murdered people the day before, and the day after. And the days and weeks and months and years before that, and after that, too.

    In fact, please, O omniscient reporting authorities, find me a single day of any given calendar year, where some muslims somewhere DIDN’T attack and murder other people?


    But I’m sure if you try hard enough, you will find the occasional day worthy of having held at least one atrocity committed somewhere on earth, in the history of mankind, by a non-muslim. THEN YOU CAN BLAME THE MUSLIM ATTACKS ON IT BECAUSE IT IS AN “ANNIVERSARY” OF SOME KIND, TOO!


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