Austria: Muslim nursery shut down after churning out ISIS jihadis who went to fight in Syria

Every Muslim school is an indoctrination centre for jihad. Every Islamic charity is a front for jihad finance. Every mosque is a fort, a stronghold behind enemy lines.


A MUSLIM nursery which was part of a larger sect churning out Islamic State (ISIS) fighters has been shut down.


The school has been a hotbed for ISIS indoctrination, a report said

The nursery’s teachers, who were deemed to be badly trained and had poor language skills, were teaching babies and children up to the age of three the Koran.

Situated in the Floridsdorf District of Vienna, Austria, the nursery was part of a larger Islamic association which has built an education centre to cater for children up to the age of 18.

The facilities have been linked with two Austrian jihadis, Mohamed Mahmoud and Firas H. who both travelled to Syria join ISIS having attended the Vienna school.

Austrian authorities have repeatedly forbidden the nursery from holding Koran lessonsfollowing a report about Vienna’s 150 Islamic nurseries published earlier this year.

In the 178-page study, it found Islamic nurseries were forcing boys and girls to praise Sharia law and reject the Western way of life.

Firas HNC

Austrian ISIS jihadi Firas H went to the school

Mohamed MahmoudNC

ISIS leader Mohamed Mahmoud also went to the Austrian school

The report also said controls by Vienna’s authorities were “not enough and far from satisfactory”.

The Islamic nursery in the Austrian capital is the first to be closed by authorities.

Besides teaching the Koran to babies and toddlers, authorities said other reasons for its closure were poorly trained teachers with poor language skills as well as structural defects in the building.

Over the past months, Islamic nurseries have been hitting the headlines in Austria after one in the Viennese district of Favoriten was described by Austrian daily newspaper Osterreich as a place where “holy war” was taught.


Babies and toddlers were being taught the Koran


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