France’s New Sharia Police


by Yves Mamou  •  Gatestone Institute

  • Are French institutions sacrificing one freedom for another? Is equality between men and women being sacrificed to freedom of religion (Islam) to impose its diktats on French society?
  • If someone still does not realize that the Islamic dress code is the Trojan horse of Islamist jihad, he will learn it fast.
  • For years, “big brothers” have been obliging their mothers and sisters to wear a veil when they go out. Now that this job is done, they have begun to fight non-Muslim women who wear shorts and skirts — no longer just in the sensitive Muslim “no-go zones” of the suburbs, where women no longer dare to wear skirts — but now also in the heart of big cities.
  • “The law guarantees women, in all fields, same equal rights as men.”
  • What people do not seem to know is that in the heart of Paris, a Muslim man can insult a woman for drinking a cola in the street and is served in stores first, before women.
  • Many people evidently still do not know that Islam is a religion and a political movement at war with the West — and openly intent on subjugating the West. It must be responded to as such. The problem is, every time it is responded to as such, Muslim extremists run for cover under the claim of freedom of religion.
  • It is crucial for Western societies to start making a distinction between freedom of speech and incitement to violence, and to begin seriously penalizing attacks on innocents, as well as calls to attack innocents.

Snapshots of France’s new sharia police. Left: In Toulon, 18-year-old Maude Vallet was threatened and spat on by a group of Muslim girls on a bus, because she was wearing shorts. She posted a photo of herself on Facebook with the caption, “Hello, I’m a slut.” Right: In a resort in Garde-Colombe, a Moroccan man stabbed a woman and her three daughters on July 19, apparently because they were scantily dressed.

The Council of State, the highest administrative court in France, decided that, to allow freedom of religion, the burkini must not be banned. At first the ruling looked sound: why should people not be able to wear what they wish when they wish? What is not visible, however, is that the harm comes later.

If someone still does not realize that the Islamic dress code is the Trojan horse of Islamist jihad, he will learn it fast.

A few recent incidents include:

September 7. In Guingamp, Brittany, a 17-year-old girl in shorts was beaten by a man who considered her outfit “too provocative”. Although the attacker escaped, so that the police have no idea who he is or what his background might be, it is a taste of things to come.

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Hairdresser, 35, ‘stabbed to death by her Iranian husband in a Sydney apartment because he was angry she converted to CHRISTIANITY’


  • Nasrin Abek, 35, was found dead with multiple stab wounds on Thursday
  • The hairdresser’s husband Amir Darbanou was charged with her murder 
  • The 42-year-old allegedly killed Ms Abek for converting to Christianity
  • Her husband Amir Darbanou was charged with the hairdressers’ murder


Hairdresser, 35, ‘stabbed to death by her Iranian husband in a Sydney apartment because he was angry she converted to CHRISTIANITY’

Husband kills wife for converting to Christianity

A 35-year-old hairdresser was allegedly stabbed to death by her husband inside their apartment because he was upset she had converted to Christianity.

Amir Darbanou was charged with the murder of his wife Nasrin Abek after her body was found inside their apartment in the affluent suburb of Potts Point on Thursday.

The 42-year-old, from Iran, was allegedly enraged that Ms Abek had recently converted to Christianity and killed the hairdresser in a frenzied knife attack on Wednesday night, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Amir Darbanou (right) allegedly stabbed his wife Nasrin Abek (left) to death as she converted to Christianity

Amir Darbanou (right) allegedly stabbed his wife Nasrin Abek (left) to death as she converted to Christianity

He was charged with murder after her body was found inside their apartment in the affluent suburb of Potts Point on Thursday

He was charged with murder after her body was found inside their apartment in the affluent suburb of Potts Point on Thursday

Police made the gruesome discovery when they forced entry into the couple’s home at about 6.20am on Thursday after Ms Abek’s father raised concerns for her welfare.

Mr Darbanou had allegedly called his father-in-law in Iran to tell him Ms Abek was dead on Wednesday night and was arrested after her body was found the next day.

Ms Abek’s father said his heartache over her death had been made worse by the fact he had to contact police ‘several times’ before they would act.

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Raping children is now a “human right” in Denmark

‘It’s against human rights to separate them’ Denmark reunites CHILD BRIDES with husbands 

By Lucie Stromme/Express

DENMARK is set to reunite refugee child brides with their husbands after immigration services claimed that separating married couples was breaching their human rights.

In February Integration Minister Inger Støjberg announced that brides below the age of 18 should be separated from their spouses.

At the time there were about 32 couples the state was aware of where a minor was married to a man above the age of 18.

That decision has now been overturned as the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) claimed keeping the couples apart violated international conventions.


Denmark is set to reunite refugee child brides with their husbands

Two of the quoted breaches were from the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right to one’s “private and family life”.

In a report, DIS wrote: “In some of these cases it has been it has been assessed that it would not be compatible with Denmark’s international obligations to maintain the separate living quarters, thus these couple have been offered to be housed together.”

The turnaround was cheered by The Alternative party’s Integration Minister, Josephine Fock.

She said: “It is completely outrageous. We are talking about people who have fled to Denmark who are being split from each other.

“Some of them have children together and investigating individual [asylum] cases takes an unbelievably long time.”

However, several politicians and political parties have now vowed to challenge the reunification of minors with their spouses.

Peter Skaarup, of the Danish People’s Party, said: “I believe we should not let adults live with children below the age of 18 at reception centres.

“This is one of the things we belive Denmark should challenge international conventions on.”

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‘Kill the worthless dog’: Saudi princess ‘abuses’ Paris decorator, Twitter users enraged

A reminder that Saudi Arabia is head of UN’s Human Rights Council. LOL.

Many said that the fact the alleged events took place in France is “frightful,” resorting to sarcasm with a post that “All is well… France will soon be a colony of crazy Allah-followers.” While others said that “these Saudi ways, their human rights record and selling arms to and supporting ISIS [Islamic State/IS]” will keep being ignored for their oil.

A Saudi Arabian princess sparked a tsunami of angry remarks online, after it became known that she had allegedly made a Parisian decorator kiss her feet and told her bodyguards to “maim” and “kill” the worker.

The incident took place this past summer, but only became known to the public this week, after the victim of the alleged royal assault filed an official complaint with the French authorities.

The man, whose name also remains unknown, claims that he was invited to the princess’s residence in the prestigious 16th district of Paris to do some basic redecorating, Le Point newspaper  on Tuesday.

Upon arrival, the man started taking pictures of the room he was assigned to decorate, which is a standard procedure aimed at being able to return the furniture back to where it had been after the work is completed.

The princess, however, allegedly accused the decorator of planning to sell the pictures to the media and lost her temper. According to the victim, two of the royal’s armed bodyguards grabbed him, tied his hands together, hit him in the head and made him kneel and kiss the woman’s toes.

The decorator also said the princess ordered them to “kill the dog, he does not deserve to live,” referring to the man.

The decorator says the ordeal lasted some four hours before a third bodyguard arrived, took a copy of his ID and kicked him out, allegedly telling him never to return to district 16.

The man later asked for payment – some US $21,000 – for the work he’d already done, and for his equipment, which was still at the apartment. He allegedly never received a reply, however. He also reported the incident to the French police, showing bruises on his head, which he said were caused by the attack. The Paris prosecutor has not yet indicated whether the man’s complaint will be investigated.

While some commentators on Twitter merely expressed hope that “justice surpasses the diplomatic barriers” and the unnamed multimillionaire daughter of the former Saudi King Khaled will be punished – although doubting that “anyone will tell her off for what she did” – the majority of the remarks were far from diplomatic.

People offered a number of measures to “teach the little princess-tyrant manners,” such as deporting her or seizing the apartment where the incident took place.

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Spotlight on Mr Abdedin

Huma Abedin’s father: “The state has to take over…overseeing that human relationships are carried on on the basis of Islam”

Does Huma Abedin also believe that the state should enforce Sharia? Now that these statements by her father have come to light, will she repudiate them? Will any mainstream media reporter ask her to do so? Almost certainly not.


“Daddy’s Issues,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, September 28, 2016:

Syed Abedin, the father of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma, outlined his view of Sharia law and how the Western world has turned Muslims “hostile” during a wide-ranging video interview that shines newfound light on the reclusive thinker’s world views, according to footage exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Abedin, a Muslim scholar who was tied to the Saudi Arabian government until his death in 1993, has remained somewhat of a mystery as the media turns its eye to his daughter Huma, a top Clinton campaign aide who recently announced her separation from husband Anthony Weiner following his multiple sex scandals.

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Meet the Western Charlatans Justifying Jihad

by Giulio Meotti

  • Why has the philosopher, Michel Onfray, become so popular among the French jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq? Journalist David Thomson, a specialist in jihadi movements, explained that “Onfray is translated into Arabic and shared on all pro-ISIS sites.”
  • Onfray recognizes that we are at war. But this war, to him, was started by George W. Bush. He “forgets” that 3,000 Americans were killed on September 11, 2001. If you remind him that “ISIS kills innocent people”, Onfray will reply: “We have also killed innocent people.” It is the perfect moral equivalence between ISIS and the West. Barbarians against barbarians! With his moral relativism, Onfray opens the door to Islamist cutthroats.
  • The French intellectual Thomas Piketty, after the massacres in Paris, pointed at “inequality” as the root of ISIS’s success. Another well-known German philosopher, Peter Sloterdijk, claimed that the September 11 attacks were attacks were just “small incidents”.
  • Famous representatives of European culture also embraced Adolf Hitler’s dream. Their heirs now justify jihad as the ultimate punishment for Western freedoms and democracy.

After September 11, 2001, the cream of European intellectuals immediately started to find justifications for jihad. They evidently were fascinated by the Kalashnikov assault rifle, “the weapon of the poor”. For them, what we had seen in New York was a chimera, an illusion. The mass killings were supposedly the suicide of the capitalist democracy, and terrorism was the wrath of the unemployed, the desperate weapon of a lumpenproletariat offended by the arrogance of Western globalization.

These intellectuals have sown seeds of despair in a large Western echo-chamber. From 9/11 to the recent massacres on European soil, the murdered Westerners are portrayed as just collateral victims in a war between “the system” and the damned of the earth, who are only claiming a place at the table.

One of these intellectuals is Michel Onfray. It has been a while since we heard the expression: “Useful idiot.” The cynical expression is often attributed to Lenin, and was used to designate Western sympathizers who justified the horrors of Communism. The French magazine L’Expressused it for Onfray: “the useful idiot of Islamism“.

When his “Atheist Manifesto” was published in 2005, Onfray could never have imagined that ten years later, he would become the darling of the jihadist group, Islamic State (ISIS). Yet, on November 21, 2015, a week after the massacres in Paris, Onfray appeared in a propaganda video of the Islamic State. A few days later, Onfray, this idol of the reflexive European middle class, said that a “truce could be signed between ISIS and France“.

Onfray just gave another interview to the magazine Famille Chrétienne, where he explained that there is no moral difference between “killing innocent lives of women, children and elderly” and “state terrorism” — between ISIS and the Western war on terror.

Onfray is the most widely read French philosopher in the world and has dethroned Michel Serres, Michel Foucault and Jean-Paul Sartre. This philosopher, drunk with the Enlightenment, has written 80 books, translated into nearly 30 languages. He is not a Marxist, but a libertarian hedonist. According to Onfray, the entire Judeo-Christian heritage prevents free, loving enjoyment. Hence his insistence, ultimately, that the Western civilization is “dead.”

How did this great hedonist, the theorist of materialism and atheism, become the darling of Islamist cutthroats? Prime Minister Manuel Valls accused him of having “lost his bearings.”

When Onfray calls for a truce with the Islamic State, it is because he believes that France is responsible for what happened to itself. In his recent book Penser l’islam (“Thinking Islam“), Onfray wrote: “If we look at the historical facts and not at the emotions, the West attacked first.” France is supposedly reaping what it has sown. Of course Islamists kill and massacre, but it is not their fault, as the West, in his view, previously attacked them.

Onfray also gave the impression of finding more excuses for ISIS by speaking a French “Islamophobia.” Why has Onfray has become so popular among the French jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq? Journalist David Thomson, a specialist in jihadi movements, explained that “Onfray is translated into Arabic and shared on all pro-ISIS sites.” Talking to Jean-Jacques Bourdin in 2013, Onfray even defended the right of Islamists to apply Islamic sharia law in Mali.

The German philosopher Martin Heidegger (left) was one of many European intellectuals and artists who embraced Adolf Hitler’s dream. Today, French philosopher Michel Onfray (right) has become the darling of the jihadist group, Islamic State, with his view that, while Islamists kill and massacre, it is not their fault; he blames the victims, because “the West attacked first.”

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Shrillary is so crooked she needs a corkscrew to get into her pantsuit

We Deplorables are the BREAD basket of America.

Lester Holt shows he doesn’t know the meaning of impartial.

Under Hussein Obama, America is run by Presstitutes &  Drive by media

Hillary will strip Americans of guns But she’ll arm nations if they donate to her


It’s bad enough that FBI Director James Comey agreed to pass out immunity deals like candy to material witnesses and potential targets of his investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server.

But now we learn that some of them were immunized despite lying to Comey’s investigators.

In the latest bombshell from Congress’ probe into what’s looking more and more like an FBI whitewash (or coverup) of criminal behavior by the Democratic nominee and her aides, the Denver-based tech who destroyed subpoenaed emails from Clinton’s server allegedly lied to FBI agents after he got an immunity deal.

That’s normally a felony. As a federal prosecutor, Comey tossed Martha Stewart in jail for it and helped convict Scooter Libby for it as well. Yet the key Clinton witness still maintained his protection from criminal prosecution.


With Comey’s blessing, Obama prosecutors cut the deal with the email administrator, Paul Combetta, in 2015 in exchange for his full cooperation and honest testimony. But the House Judiciary Committee revealed Wednesday that he falsely told agents in a Feb. 18 interview that he had no knowledge that emails he bleached from the server were under congressional orders to be preserved as evidence.

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Ahmed the Clock Boy Is Suing Everyone in Sight



The 15 minutes of fame Ahmed Mohamed (a.k.a. Ahmed the Clock Boy) earned by bringing a fake bomb to school have expired, but he and his Islamic activist father are still attempting to milk his brief stint in the limelight for financial profit:

Now, Ahmed’s father is suing multiple media companies and personalities for defamation, including The Blaze, Glenn Beck, Center for Security Policy, Fox Television Stations, LLC, Ben Ferguson, and Beth Van Duyne, as well as [Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben] Shapiro.

Clock Boy did not make his eponymous clock but rather disemboweled it and repurposed it as a fake bomb for propaganda purposes, likely with close guidance from his father and certainly with slavish support from Obama and the liberal media. Anyone who publicly acknowledged this is now subject to be sued.

This is not the Mohamed family’s only ongoing lawsuit; they’ve also sued the city of Irving and the school district for some $15 million and apologies.

Earlier, Ahmed and his clan left America for shariah-compliant Qatar, presumably because he could no longer endure our narrow-minded Islamophobia. Yet here they are back again, hands out, palm up — playing straight into the entitled Third World immigrant and cry bully Muslim stereotypes.

In other news:


I remember being required to chant “marg bar Amrika” (death to America) at every school assembly. And Obama gave this regime a nuclear deal.



The Freedom Sack Hits Playboy Magazine, “Making a Forceful Case For Modesty.”

Muslim headwear
Muslim headwear

Fetishising the hijab

Maajid Nawaz, a former Islamist radical who now advocates for reform within the religion, writes about Playboy magazine’s hijab hijinks.

Playboy magazine has just featured an article about a hijab-wearing Muslim-American, Noor Taguri, “making a forceful case for modesty.”

Yes. You read that correctly.

In its October “Renegades” issue, Playboy is showcasing a religious-conservative practice as emblematic of an independent woman.

In the West, the hijab should be a choice that faces the same liberal scrutiny that all other religious-conservative choices face, which it currently doesn’t.

Globally, though, it is not a choice.

Millions of girls are forced to be “modest” by wearing the hijab. Of course women should be left to choose what to wear, but it has only ever been male Quran exegetes who have told women that covering up equates to modesty.

As such, the hijab is enforced by law over female populations in theocratic Muslim states.This is why the Catholic nun’s habit is no comparison. 

No state in the world enforces the Catholic habit over all women then punishes them for not complying. And rarely would a nun be glamorized by American liberals, or by Playboy, as a symbol of female emancipation. 

The assumption made by some liberals is that the “authentic” Muslim woman is the hijab-wearing one, while non-hijabis are seen as Westernized, inauthentic Muslims. 

Likewise, the religious-conservative Muslim assumption equates concealing the female form to “modesty,” as if a woman who shows her hair or reveals her figure is somehow immodest.

This is a not-so-subtle form of bigotry against the female form, and it has real consequences, including rising social-conservative attitudes across Muslim communities around gender and sexual freedom. 

In too many instances across Muslim-majority societies, including those embedded in Europe, this “modesty theology” has led to slut-shaming of women who do not cover. 

Worse yet, it can lead to so-called honor killings.

We must never forget that these garments are used to subjugate women…they are nothing but instruments of oppression.

The Jihad Against Poland

Islam is patient. It does not matter if the Islamization of Kafir territory is immediate, or takes centuries. Both through birth and through migration, the goal of political Islam is Islamic domination and for all to submit to the will of Allah.

It must be remembered that Islam means submission, not peace.

Wake up, Poland: Jihad is also Migration

by Anestos Canelides

It is not shocking to see Pope Francis, a globalist puppet, attempt to put the Polish people on a guilt trip to make them embrace the largely Muslim immigrants into Poland as refugees. Why does the Pope want to bring these Muslim immigrants into Poland? How will this benefit Poland culturally? Or is it a threat to their way of life and freedoms? Will it enrich Poland, or become cultural suicide for the Polish people?

From the mouth of the Pope — Addressing civil authorities and members of the country’s diplomatic corps, the Pope states:

….being aware of identity was “indispensable for establishing a national community on the foundation of its human, social, political, economic and religious heritage,” but that people must remain open to renewal and to change. He added that while good memory can remind society of God and his saving work.

Pope Francis called on the people of Poland to hold on to their positive memories so they can look to the future with hope in respecting human dignity, economical and environmental concerns and “the complex phenomenon of migration.[1]

In reality, the Pope wants the Polish people to adapt to the changes that will arise with Islamic immigration. The Poles must conform to the cultural needs and religious demands of these so-called refugees (really invaders). These changes are bound to bring cultural conflict with the new arrivals. Migration is a form of violent or stealth jihad, and with Poland’s low birth rate and the high birth rate of Muslims, it would not take all that long for the Muslims to outnumber the Poles.

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