Abu Sayyaf group blamed for Philippines market bombing

Here in Australia,  we buy our news from al Jizz and the extreme left ABC.

This Islamic atrocity was described as a “bomb blast”, an “explosion”. Nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with anything. Explosions happen, bombs go off. Go back to sleep infidel, don’t trouble yourself!

Abu Sayyaf group blamed for Philippines market bombing

Its Mindanao. No surprises here.

President Duterte declares “state of lawlessness” after deadly blast in his home city that killed at least 13 people.

Richard Heydarian, a Professor of Political Science at Manila’s De La Salle University, told Al Jazeera that a “state of lawlessness” is not the same as martial law, whereby certain civil liberties are suspended.

“What it means is that there is going to be more police presence; more checkpoints; the military could be involved and have more coordination with the police and if necessary impose a curfew. But basic civil liberties will still stand.

Police search for 3 Muslims suspected in bombing that murdered 14
France: Muslim migrant mobs riot, storm motorway, battle police


Question every Western gov should ask is why #Turkey has been extremely efficient in cutting #Kurdish supply lines, yet #ISIS’ remain open.