One thought on “Here’s how Veiszadeh got stuffed by her own “backlash”:”

  1. Mariam Veiszadeh retaliates with …
    (because the “Backlash” (reality) is worse than she imagined)
    Ever wondered how where you could find an easy list of all of the xenophobes who roam the Internet? Check who voted.”
    and …
    Ok, I get it. You win.”
    (and she thinks … Uh! Oh! “Backlash” (reality) coming!)

    xenophobes in this case can only mean the people who are non-islam and who are aware of the utter crap that islam is about AND choose to no longer tolerate any of this islam rubbish !

    So Mariam Veiszadeh …
    Why are you AND all the criminal islam appeasers and other islams STILL here !!!
    Go and murder yourselves where your (is to be emulated) chief criminal is buried !!!

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