Jordanian Princeling Rants & Raves Against Trump, Farage & Geert Wilders

Why anyone gives these oriental rat-bags the light of day is beyond me.  Each and everyone of these creeps seeks our demise. This one cannot keep his venom in check. He should be chucked out with the trash.


THE UN human rights chief launched a scathing attack on populist politicians like Donald Trump and Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders, calling for action to halt such “demagogues and political fantasists”.


Speaking in The Hague, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said he was a Muslim whose role was “to defend and promote the human rights of each individual, everywhere”.

He never will. He seeks the supremacy of Islam. Everything else would be unislamic.

“And I am angry, too. Because of Mr Wilder’s lies and half-truths, manipulations and (the) peddling of fear,” Zeid told the inauguration of The Hague-based Peace, Justice and Security Foundation.

Be specific, punk. Be specific. Don’t generalise. Prove them wrong.  But you can’t. Because its you who tells the lies and the half-truths. You are the manipulator. And we fear the next attack. Now go back and smoke your hookah or beat one of your wives!

Last month, Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) launched its campaign platform ahead of March elections vowing to “close mosques, Islamic schools and ban the Koran” if elected.

The PVV, which has been leading in opinion polls, also vowed to reverse the “Islamisation” of The Netherlands by closing the borders, shutting asylum seeker centres, banning migrants from Muslim countries and stopping Muslim women from wearing the headscarf.

Controversial right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders.
Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage.

Zeid slammed the PVV’s proposals and said Wilders had much in common with US Republican presidential hopeful Trump, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, France’s leader of the National Front Marine Le Pen, and leading Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage.

Self-determination baaaad, Islam gooood, resistance against Islam and NWO bad…. how many times must we listen to this garbage?

He also said they had similarities to the ideology espoused by the Islamic State group.

Wilders, Farage and Trump are not beheading people and do not rape captive women. There are no similarities. 

“All seek in varying degrees to recover a past, halcyon and so pure in form, where sunlit fields are settled by peoples united by ethnicity or religion,” Zeid told prominent members of the justice community here.

“A past that most certainly, in reality, did not exist anywhere, ever.”

No one wants to move to Jordan, punk. Why do you insist that Mohammedans flood into our countries?

Promises to recover such a past were “fiction; its merchants are cheats. Clever cheats,” he added, accusing populist leaders of using “half-truths and oversimplification” to feed the fears of “anxious” individuals.

Allah is the greatest deceiver. Muhammad said ‘war is deceit’.  Get stuffed.

It was a simple formula “to make your target audience feel good by offering up what is a fantasy to them, but a horrendous injustice to others.”

We are concerned about Mohammedan injustice towards unbelievers, not the other way around.

“I do not equate the actions of nationalist demagogues with those of Daesh, which are monstrous and sickening,” Zeid said, using another name for IS.

Your BS is sickening, prince.

But the jihadists’ methods of communication were “similar tactics to those of the populists”, with both groups benefiting from the other to survive, he added.


“We must pull back from this trajectory,” Zeid warned, adding that there was a risk “the atmosphere will become thick with hate” which could “descend rapidly into colossal violence.” Urging people to speak out and “draw the line”, he asked “are we going to continue to stand by and watch this banalisation of bigotry?”

“We?” There is no ‘we’. There is Islam and there is us. Islam divided the world, not us. Deal with it, prince.

Reacting to Zeid’s speech, Wilders in a text message to AFP retorted that the Jordanian prince was “an utter fool.”

“Another good reason to get rid of the UN,” said the populist politician known for his peroxide bouffant hairdo, calling again for the world to “de-Islamise”.

“Islam and freedom are incompatible whatever this Jordanian bureaucrat says,” Wilders said.

9 thoughts on “Jordanian Princeling Rants & Raves Against Trump, Farage & Geert Wilders”

  1. The suited camel jockey is “…..Urging people to speak out and “draw the line”

    this is what what Westerners are now doing with Islam – and he’s objecting to that. How on earth did he get to be the Human Rights Commissioner – who paid who?

    1. Good question. How on earth did Saudi Arabia and Iran get onto the Human Rights circus and who in his right mind would listen to them lecture us?

  2. “No one wants to move to Jordan, punk. Why do you insist that Mohammedans flood into our countries?”

    Best red comment.

    but should say…. Jordon or any other 56 Islamic majority countries
    …flood our western non-Islamic countries

  3. My only query re the PVV platform is that, if the Quran is banned, what will happen to all those curious Islamosceptics who possess tattered and well-thumbed copies full of bookmarks and underlinings and highlights and marginal annotations testifying to their critical analysis of the Enemy’s book of war? Many an infidel, newly curious, has – upon perusing a Quran – become a staunch opponent of Islamisation. There have been those who have set out to read the texts of Islam in order to ‘prove wrong’ friends or family who have criticised Islam… but who, having read the texts themselves, have decided that those friends or family were *right*, after all, and that Islam is deadly dangerous.

    The Quran (and the other texts of Islam, the Sira and Hadiths) *ought* to be read, but critically, under the guidance of people like Mark Durie and Robert Spencer and Raymond Ibrahim; not only in those institutions where the leaders of religious groups (e.g. Christians, Jews) are trained, but *also* – and first and foremost – in the training colleges of military and police officers. I would be inclined to leave it unbanned, but make sure that those who wish to discuss it, question it, pull it to bits, criticise it and, yes, make fun of it, publicly, can do so in complete safety. To bring *that* about, one would have to end Muslim immigration and find ways of ejecting the Muslims already present. Muslim assassins cannot go after the public critics of Islam, if there is no Muslim ummah inside the gates, from which the assassins can go forth to kill.

    1. “one would have to end Muslim immigration and find ways of ejecting the Muslims already present. Muslim assassins cannot go after the public critics of Islam, if there is no Muslim ummah inside the gates, from which the assassins can go forth to kill.”

      Precisely. Clear case in point is the difference between east and west Germany: while there are few Muslims in the east, western lefties bemoan the fact as if more were needed to make it right. The reality on the ground tells a different story: those in the west who are surrounded with Muslims will think twice to speak out or participate in demonstrations, because they might find their cars burned, their children beaten up at school or their wives molested at the supermarket. In the east, they don’t have that many Muselmaniacs on the ground, so they can operate more freely. Makes sense?

    2. Get them (islams) to leave “voluntarily
      would …
      every islam is to be … shot on sight … as/when recognised” …
      be an incentive for islams to leave Civilised countries !?

      But who would want to go to a radio active Black Rock (Mecca/Medina) !

  4. So this UN HR chief thinks that Wilders, Farage etc, are the same as Daesh or ISIS. I must have missed all those thousands of rapes, tens of thousands of executions and crucifixions, that Le Pen, Wilders and Trump, are doing in some secret facility.

    What a pile of horse shit.

    Its not just terrorism, 99% of which emanates from the Religion of Peace, but every day persecution of minorities in the Muslim world.

    Even in the most moderate Muslim world, persecution of Christians continues on a daily basis, with Islamic law on its side.

    That is the awful truth. If the West practiced even 1% of the persecution that Muslims carry out daily on Christians in their own countries, there would be howls of anger from all sides.

    Think it over. Its this BS peddler that we are financing on Western taxes.

    This so called Human rights chief, is just another Muslim shill, for more and more immigration of Muslims into the West.

    Frankly, we should exchange Muslims in the West for Christians in Muslim countries. Then everyone will be happy. No persecution of Muslims by “Christians” in the West, and none the other way round in Muslim countries. What could be better. No beheadings and crucifixions of Christians too, in Islamic countries.

    But I dont think the HR chief will be happy. He really wants more Muslims in the West.

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