Minnesota Assassin Asked Victims If They Were Muslims Before He Stabbed Them

The attacker asked his victims first if they were Muslim. If they replied in the negative, he stabbed them.

Asked if Muslim before being stabbed
AT least eight people have been taken to hospital with injuries after a stabbing attack at a Minnesota shopping mall which ended with the suspected attacker dead…NEWS.COM.AU
Minnesota Mall Attacker Referenced Allah Before Stabbing Rampage, Police Chief Says
Canada: Machete attack on cop in Calgary mall, shots fired in Grand Prairie mall
Nothing has been released about either of these attackers; thus they could turn out to be “right-wing extremists.” However, in light of the Islamic jihad attack at a Minnesota mall yesterday, and the jihadi threat against malls in the West, the possibility that these, too, were jihad attacks cannot be dismissed out of hand.


“Suspect shot, police officer injured during physical struggle in Marlborough Mall,” by Ryan White, CTV News, September 18, 2016:

An investigation into a fight involving a man with a weapon at a CTrain station resulted an on-duty CPS member being slashed with a large bladed weapon and the suspect suffering from a gunshot wound.

Acting Calgary Police Service Chief Trevor Daroux says police responded to the area shortly after 2:00 p.m. following reports of a fight on the nearby LRT platform where a suspect was seen assaulting people with a weapon.

“A single vehicle officer was circulating and he saw an individual behind the dumpster that matched the description of the individual that was involved in the fight earlier on,” said Daroux. “The officer verbally engaged the suspect who then fled.”

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