Shorty is dumb. Certifiable.

Problem is that his existence depends on the Muslim vote. When he goes to Sydney’s western suburbs, he wears kneepads and his finest brown lipstick. Then he lectures us no matter how much it hurts. No one in his right mind should take this creep seriously.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten criticises Malcolm Turnbull today.

Bill Shorten has accused Malcolm Turnbull of pandering to far-right extremists who are “doing (Islamic State’s) dirty work” by reinforcing terrorists’ claims that Islam is incompatible with our values.

Amid Coalition efforts to woo One Nation Party support for its legislative agenda, senior ministers have urged their colleagues to treat the party’s senators with respect rather than rancour.

They argue that public attacks on Pauline Hanson and her allies will paint her as a victim and drive more voters to support the conservative nationalist party.

However, the Opposition Leader today criticised the Prime Minister for failing to stand up for marginalised minorities that are being “demonised”.

“Those crazy fundamentalists in northern Iraq and northern Syria say that Islam is incompatible with Western democratic liberal values, and now in Australia we have got people who are doing Daesh’s dirty work by repeating the same allegations except from the far right,” Mr Shorten said in Sydney.

“I know that they are in government and they want to try to appease Pauline Hanson, and some of the views that have emerged from that end of the political spectrum, but a government is not worth its salt if it’s not willing to stand up for minorities.

“It’s time for Malcolm Turnbull to tell Australians which side he is on. Is he on the side of the people who want to split and divide our country, or is he on the side of the rest of us who know that we’re a great country and we do best when we bring people into it and involve everyone.”

Too late, you dumb schmuck: allah already divided the world in believers and disbelievers. Nothing we can do about it.


Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne earlier defended the government’s non-discriminatory immigration policy despite a poll this week showing almost half of Australians favoured a moratorium on Muslim immigrants.

“People are worried about their safety when they see the television or read the newspapers and hear Islamic State or al-Qa’ida or any of these other terrorist organisations making dire threats against the West and against Australia, obviously makes them nervous,” the Defence Industry Minister told the Nine Network.

“The government and the opposition have to keep reassuring people about the strength of our borders and national security, putting in place the measures to protect us as much as we possibly can, which we have been doing for the last three and a bit years.”

Labor frontbencher Richard Marles countered: “There is no reassurance when you’ve got an Immigration Minister who talks about illiterate, innumerate refugees coming to this country stealing our jobs and being on the dole.”