Sydney: just walking the dog….

Sydney Muselmaniac Follows ISIL Instructions, Stabs 59-year-old man Walking Dog, Attacks Police When They Arrive

Oddly enough, authorities are saying already that he was “inspired by Islamic State.” It is unlikely that we have seen the last of the ridiculous “mental illness” explanation, but it is refreshing to see Australian authorities essentially call jihad jihad. Now if only they would start to act effectively and realistically against it. (JW)

Sydney stabbing. Which religion does the ABC mean?


A man is stabbed in Sydney in what police say is a terrorism attack. But why this insane refusal to say what religion inspired the terrorist?  The ABC understands the man is known to the local community for his religious beliefs.

Which religious beliefs? Why not say? What else won’t police and the ABC tell you? Are they keeping from you the full scale of the danger, and the knowledge from where it comes?


There is a second incident in Bendigo:

A man has been charged with committing a terrorist attack and attempted murder after a stabbing left a man in a critical condition in Sydney’s south-west.

Police said they were called to Ohlfsen Road, in Minto, about 4:00pm on Saturday, where it is alleged a 59-year-old man was stabbed a number of times while walking through a reserve.

He suffered serious injuries to his body and hands and remains in hospital in a critical condition.

Paramedics said the victim was treated at the scene for serious injuries before being taken to Liverpool Hospital, where he remains in a critical condition.

When police from Macquarie Fields arrived at the scene, attempts were allegedly made to stab an officer through a window before a 22-year-old man was arrested.

A large knife was seized for forensic examination and the man was taken to Macquarie Fields Police Station, where he was questioned by police from the New South Wales Counter Terrorism Command.

The man was charged this morning with committing a terrorist attack and attempted murder, and refused bail to appear at Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday.

Police said the victim and the other man were not known to each other, and the ABC understands the man is known to the local community for his religious beliefs.

Police said there was no ongoing threat to the community in relation to the incident.


Minto terror attack: Hero Sivei Ah Chong confronted knife-wielding man who was attacking neighbour

Ian Paterson and Jessica RapanaThe Daily Telegraph

A NEIGHBOUR who confronted an alleged terrorist during a savage knife attack in southwestern Sydney yesterday has described the horrifying moment he was forced to confront the man to save another’s life.

Sivei Ah Chong, 43, was forced to repeatedly smash alleged terrorist Ihsas Khan in the head with a plank of wood as the 22-year-old tried to stab Wayne Greenhalgh, 59, to death in an Isis inspired attack and then waited for police to come because he wanted them to kill him. 

Mr Ah Chong, centre, with Allice Ah Fa, left, and son Derek, right.

Mr Ah Chong, centre, with Allice Ah Fa, left, and son Derek, right.Source:News Corp Australia

Victim, Wayne, was seriously injured in the attack. Picture: Supplied

Victim, Wayne, was seriously injured in the attack. Picture: SuppliedSource:Facebook

Mr Ah Chong's car covered with the victim’s blood after yesterday’s attack.

Mr Ah Chong’s car covered with the victim’s blood after yesterday’s attack.Source:News Corp Australia

Mr Ah Chong’s son Derek said Khan, who brandishing what looked like a large hunting knife, was in a crazed state and kept trying to attack them and Wayne after being repeatedly hit in the head with a piece of timber.

“My dad kept saying to him drop the knife or I will hit you and he (Khan) just said ‘Do it, I want you to do it’. Then my dad grabbed the piece of wood he had used before and smashed him over the head again and he backed off then and he looked a bit dazed.

“He then started yelling ‘call the police, call the police, I want them to come and shoot me I want to die today’.”

Mr Ah Chong said he feared for his life and thought he would have died if Khan had a gun but at the time he only thought of trying to protect his family and help Wayne.

“I kept yelling at him to put the knife down but he was still walking up to me and I kept saying put your knife down,” Mr Ah Chong said.

“Wayne had knife wounds to his arms and neck and his hands from trying to protect himself. If he (Kahn) had a gun I would be dead, I was very afraid for my life.”

Derek, 20, described the nightmare-like scene as Wayne, suffering wounds to his hands, arms and neck, managed to stumble away from Khan leaving blood splattered all over Mr Ah Chong’s Ford sedan, pleading with the family to save his life.

“When I got outside I could see Wayne running towards our car and he was yelling out ‘help, help me,’ and my dad has yelled at me to grab something from the garage and the closest thing I could find was the broom stick so I have grabbed that and then my dad has chased the attacker and my cut him off from Wayne,” he said.

“He was trying to get at Wayne who had run across to the neighbours house and my dad has hit the attacker across the head with a plank of wood and Wayne has managed to get into the hairdressers house and locked himself inside there.

“By the time I came back from the garage my dad were standing out the front of the neighbours house and the attacker was trying to break into the hairdressers with his knife.

“He was stabbing at the glass sliding door and he was repeatedly praying in Arabic saying Allah Akbar, this is all for Allah and he was constantly saying the blood that had been spilt inside the shop was a beautiful sight this is.”

When police arrived Derek said the crazed Khan charged at the approaching police car, sprinting about 50 metres repeatedly attacking the driver’s side door with his knife before they were forced to repeatedly taser Khan to subdue him.

“The cop car then accelerated off into a nearby street, and he followed after them and he was trying to stab the police and then they had to tasered him,” Derek said.

Other neighbours said the man was reportedly tasered up to four times and refused to let go of his knife.

The hairdresser salon which Wayne fled into was reportedly covered in blood and the brave actions of the Ah Chong father and son saved the life of the popular local who was regularly seen walking around the neighbourhood.

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  1. Kudos to Mr Ah Chong with his broomstick.

    From the article – “My dad [Mr Chong] kept saying to him drop the knife or I will hit you and he (Khan) just said ‘Do it, I want you to do it’.

    **Then my dad grabbed the piece of wood he had used before and smashed him over the head again** [my emphasis – dda] and he backed off then and he looked a bit dazed…”.


    A pity Mr Chong wasn’t able to knock the b*st*rd right out.

    1. Al-Hayat Media Center, which produces propaganda material for ISIL, relies heavily on Quranic verse and reminds us of the Muslim’s responsibility to shed the blood of the kafir [disbelievers], the writers stress that “Allah did not only command the ‘fighting’ of disbelievers, as if to say He only wants us to conduct frontline operations against them. Rather, He has also ordered that they be slain wherever they may be – on or off the battlefield.”

      “…All of this becomes all the more apparent for those who have realized that the blood of a kafir is cheap, filthy, and permissible to shed.”

      The article heavily quotes scholars citing the Quran to justify targeting civilians. “None of this should be surprising to any Muslim who has studied his religion, as this matter of a kafir’s blood being halal to shed is something upon which scholars have recorded consensus,” the author concludes.

      “Muslims currently living in Dar al-Kufr [land of the disbelievers] must be reminded that the blood of the disbelievers is halal, and killing them is a form of worship to Allah, the Lord, King, and God of mankind,” readers are told. “This includes the businessman riding to work in a taxicab, the young adults (post-pubescent ‘children’) engaged in sports activities in the park, and the old man waiting in line to buy a sandwich.”

      “Indeed, even the blood of the kafir street vendor selling flowers to those passing by is halal to shed – and striking terror into the hearts of all disbelievers is a Muslim’s duty. There is no shar’i requirement to target soldiers and policemen nor judges and politicians, but all kuffar who are not under the covenant of dhimmah are fair game. How can the disbelievers ever dream of safety and security while Muslims suffer anywhere in the world and while the rule of Allah is mockingly replaced by manmade monstrosities of democracy?”

      The article shows a photo of what appears to be a British flower seller with the caption: “Even the blood of a merry Crusader citizen selling flowers to passersby.”

      Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, ISIS’ Syria commander and spokesman who the terror group says was killed in a recent airstrike, graces the cover of the magazine.

      “Those fools do not realize that Allah preserves His religion however He wills, and this religion will remain established and will not be damaged by the death of any person,” says the foreword. “…Men shall continue to be employed by Allah to frustrate the kuffar, thereby healing the hearts of a believing people, just as Allah employed those who established its foundations and raised its bases, until it reached, by Allah’s grace, what it has reached today of dignity and empowerment.”

  2. The media is already saying the formerly academically gifted muzzie was suffering from schizophrenia. There was also a Miss Pham who sheltered the victim inside her garage which she was “operating as a salon”.
    My bet is that Mr Ah Chong will be charged with assault, grievous bodily harm etc and Miss Pham will be done for running an illegal business from her home.

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