Sydney terror attacker ‘inspired by Islamic State’

That’s a new one. So far the police, the politicians and our execrable media always try to outdo each other in evading the “I’ and the ‘M’ word. Now we seem to be getting a little closer to the chase. 

But I predict by tomorrow the “backlash” BS comes rolling in like a steam train and the scribblers, the ABC clowns and the political harlots will crawl right back into their holes, as if nothing ever happened.  Vitrioli will have that smarmy little imam on her couch, and he will assure us that these guys are all misunderstanding their peaceful religion; that ISIL is on its last leg and blah blah….

Imam Malcolm Turncoat is on the case:


“….a violent Islamist ideology which perverts the religion of Islam and seeks to destroy and threaten our way of life.”

Sydney terror attacker ‘inspired by Islamic State’

A 22-year-old man charged with a terrorist attack in south-west Sydney was inspired by the Islamic State group, NSW Police allege.

Ihsas Khan is accused of stabbing 59-year-old Wayne Greenhalg a number of times at a reserve on Olhlfsen Road at Minto on Saturday afternoon.

The victim suffered injuries to his body and hands, and remains in hospital in a serious condition.

Khan has been charged with committing a terrorist act and attempted murder.

He has appeared in Parramatta Bail Court, where he was denied bail. He is due to reappear in court next week.

“We will be alleging before court that this was an act inspired by ISIS, it was a deliberate act, it resulted in a person receiving extremely serious injuries,” NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burns said.

Witnesses have told the ABC Mr Greenhalg ran into a nearby hair salon to flee his assailant.

Khan is known to police but not for links to any known terror groups, Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burns said.

“We know that this person has strong extremist beliefs inspired by ISIS,” she said.

“[He is] not someone who was front and centre in our work at the moment.

“We don’t believe he was connected with any terrorist group. This is the challenge.”

He doesn’t have to be, you dolts. He is a Muslim. That’s what Muslims do!

When police arrived at the scene on Saturday, Khan allegedly attempted to stab an officer through the car window.

“We will allege that he was going to attack [the officers] also,” Deputy Commissioner Burns said.

Salon owner sheltered stabbing victim

The husband of the salon owner said his wife’s actions helped save Mr Greenhalg after another neighbour also intervened.

“My neighbour’s come home, just a freak of timing, he’s come home at exactly the right time from his son’s football game,” Andrew Horton said.

“[He] saw that the attacker had a knife, [he] got out of the car and threw the door open, and it sort of blocked the bloke a bit, apparently.”

The man did not witness the incident but said his wife told him the victim sought shelter in her nearby salon, where she was.

“She’s seen that he’s been knifed, she saw the blood pouring out of him, and seen that the fella’s not far behind him … but she’s had the sense to lock the door,” he said.

Mr Horton said the alleged attacker tried to break the glass door of the salon but it held, and police arrived a short time afterwards.

A large knife was taken from the scene for forensic examination by police.

Mr Horton said Mr Greenhalg is married and has three children.

Victim’s wife had earlier seen attacker ‘acting strange’

Mr Greenhalg’s wife Bronwyn said she and her husband saw Khan earlier on Saturday acting suspiciously.

“Just in the morning [he] came out of his house [and] just walked towards us,” she said.

“We thought he was going to ask us something and then he just turned around and went back home and he had a little book in his hand with Arabic writing on it.

“I said to Wayne a couple of times yesterday that was really strange.”

Deputy Commissioner Burns said there had “clearly been some degree of planning”, but it was not known for how long.

Neighbours have told the ABC that a man in the area had been acting suspiciously for the past year.

PM highlights similarities with 9/11


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said there similarities between the incident and the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States 15 years ago.

“On one level, they seem very different. But connecting them both is a violent Islamist ideology which perverts the religion of Islam and seeks to destroy and threaten our way of life,” Mr Turnbull told reporters.

He said another connection was the heroism of members of the public at the scenes of both events.

Attorney-General George Brandis earlier paid tribute to police officers as well as members of the public who helped the victim at the scene.

“It may very well be but for the bravery of those citizens, who intervened, the victim’s life would have been lost,” Senator Brandis said.

Since the terror threat level was raised two years ago, police and security agencies had “interdicted and prevented another 10 [incidents]”, Senator Brandis added.

The Federal Government will introduce two new pieces of anti-terrorism legislation to Federal Parliament this week.

The first will see the introduction of control orders for offenders as young as 14 years old, while the other will allow authorities to detain convicted terrorists who have finished their sentences if they are deemed to be a risk to the community.

The High Risk Terrorism Offenders legislation is similar to arrangements in some states for sex offenders and follows an in-principle agreement struck with state and territory governments.

“Sadly there are some cases where a person who has been convicted and imprisoned for a terrorism crime, after they have served their sentence, is nevertheless unreformed, is nevertheless just as determined to pursue their terrorist intentions as they were the day they entered the prison walls,” Senator Brandis said.

Senator Brandis said the two pieces of legislation had been in planning for a number of months and was not in response to the alleged attack in Minto.

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  1. “… he had a little book in his hand with Arabic writing on it.”

    Ah, yes, that would be the Little Green Book of Arabia Ignorance, a major contributing factor to this barbaric unprovoked attack.

  2. The Wentworth waffler must stop exhibiting his ignorance by saying these horrendous acts ‘pervert the religion of islam’. There is no moderate islam. Islam is islam says Erdogan of Turkey. Connect the dots Malcolm and start monitoring mosques, call out the imams preaching hatred and stop importing from islamic comtries.

  3. It’s time these idiots did some research on Islam. When Mohammedans, with beards, dressed in 7th century Arab costumes, randomly knifed Europeans to death in Batavia, the Dutch aptly described the murders as cases of “extreme religious zeal.” The Dutch scholar of Islamic matters – Snouk Hargronje, regarded Mecca as “nothing but a hotbed of Islamic extremism,” from which contempt of all things infidel flowed forth.
    Seems like Westerners had a better grasp of Islam hundreds of years ago than what our politicians and media does now.

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