A revolting piece of Islamopuffery from Australia’s ABC

Muslim model Mariah Idrissi “breaking down barriers” in fashion world

“Breaking down barriers” is code for removing any form of resistance against the spread of Islam and the imposition of Muslim dominance and Muslim rule. (SY)

Lateline By London bureau chief Lisa Millar

Auntie Does Dawa: Australia’s ABC With Yet More Islamopuffery, Starring Hijabette Model Mariah Idrissi

7961584-3x2-700x467This is not the first time that Australia’s ABC – let alone other media outlets – has given us an article that promotes the Islamic Slave Rag/ Sharia Badge and seems to be subliminally aimed at getting  young Infidel women to associate Islam with everything exotic, fashionable and ‘cool’.

Australia’s London Bureau Chief Lisa Millar, doing a piece for “Lateline”, studiously ignores any number of other much more confronting stories she could have done, about Islam and women in the UK – Muslim rape gangs, anyone? has she even bothered to read “Easy Meat”?  would she interview Michael Nazir-Ali about the Sharia?  would she interview the young apostates from Islam, such as Hannah Shah, author of “The Imam’s Daughter”?  would she interview Baroness Caroline Cox about the Sharia courts and what they do to women? would she interview Rosemary Sookhdeo or read her book “Secrets Behind the Burka”…?  nah, not important – and gives us a fsoft-focus puff piece about a Somali Muslim hijabette who is doing her perfectly-made-up best to distract from the ugly reality of Jihad and Sharia.   One may note, by the by, that this talk about ‘breaking down barriers’ has an ominous sort of overtone if one is familiar with the Islamic concept of ‘futuhat’, ‘opening’; the thing that Islam will not and cannot abide is any form of resistance against its spread and the imposition of Muslim dominance and Muslim rule; futuhat, ‘opening’ is the process whereby places and societies resistant to Islam are made to ‘open’ so that they may be Islamised, and forced to Submit.  Ms Idrissi is part of that process; she is ‘opening’ the world of fashion in order to further the Cause of Islam.

“Muslim Model Mariah Idrissi Breaking Down Barriers in Fashion World”.

‘Mariah Idrissi was walking through a shopping centre near Wembley in London when a woman stopped her, took a photo, and asked for her phone number.

‘She did not know it then, but that was to be a turning point in her life.

‘The woman was Coralie Rose, a street casting director who hunts out fresh talent among the crowds of ordinary people in this huge city.

“I’m looking for people who remind me of myself”, she said.  “I come from a mixed-race family.  And when I was growing up (but what about now? – CM) there were very few people of colour or mixed-race families on TV and it’s always something I’ve wanted to see more of”.

But why a Muslim coloured/ mixed-race model?  I’m sure Ms Rose could have found, had she looked – had she, for example, chosen to look inside some of the churches in London  –  plenty of Infidels of any number of wildly-various ethnic blends. – CM

‘She saw that in Idrissi when she walked by wearing a hijab and a nose ring.

Plenty of white, black or brindle Infidel girls wearing nose rings in Britain, I’ll bet. – CM

‘Idrissi is of Pakistani and Moroccan heritage.

That is: one parent was Pakistani Muslim and the other Moroccan Arab (or Arabised Berber) Muslim.  And the hijab was not ancestrally part of the pre-Islamic cultures of either “Pakistan” (India, before 1947) or North Africa. – CM

“She’s got such a great look (really?  it’s all in the magic Slave Rag? – CM), she’s got such a great style, she’s so unique in her ways (??? she’s a member of the most relentlessly identity-destroying collectivist totalitarian cult extant on planet earth – CM), she’s so British in her ways (yeah, the Muslim female Slave Rag is soooo British…??? !! – CM ) , there was something I was really attracted to”, Ms Rose said.

You’re a fool, Ms Rose.  Islam is not exotic and cool; it’s the mass-murderous civilisation-destroying cult of blood and war, and here you are, cooing and fawning all over one of its camp followers who is wearing a gang uniform that essentially functions to identify non-Islamic females as uncovered meat, lawful prey.  Sure, she’s pretty. Sure, she has style and charm and is exquisitely made up.  So were a good many beautiful young ladies from the Hitlerjugend, back in the day.  – CM

‘Idrissi’s first job was with major fashion brand H & M.

‘She appeared for a couple of seconds in a video, but it was a start.

‘Now she has been picked up by a major modelling agent, Select, and the work offers are quickly coming in.

“I think it was the thing with brands like H & M, every fashion brand has to have this very blank canvas, you can’t show any political or religious preference“, the 24 year old said.  “So they always thought if you show [a] woman with hijab it might seem too politically motivated or religious (and indeed it would; more of that, anon – CM), but the fact that they deliberately avoided using us is actually in fact the opposite, it’s quite insulting (ah yes, she’s insulted, because how dare those uppity infidels prevent Muslims from using a fashion brand as a platform from which to spread Islam, Islam, Islam... – CM), when really we’re just normal girls. We just choose to cover our heads“.

No, missy, you don’t ‘just choose’; and I bet you know that full well.  Lots of women and girls all over the dar al Islam and outside of it, too, in the ummah colonies worldwide, have no choice at all; they cover, or they get hit. Or they get showered with mud, or rotten fruit, or… acid. Or they get killed, like Aqsa Parvez was killed, in Canada, by her own father, for refusing to wear hijab (and it wasn’t niqab or burqa she was refusing to wear, it was the faux-demure headscarf that deceptively mimics the nun’s wimple, but means nothing even remotely similar.

So before we read the rest of Lisa Millar’s insidious little puff piece, let’s have a dose of grim reality from Daniel Greenfield.  He’s writing about the ‘burqini’, which functions as a sort of ‘softening up’ device to Islamise people’s sensibility.  But in the course of the article he writes more generally about the Muslim female slave rag and what it means, in all its various forms.

Here’s the link for the article – “Free to Molest”.

Here’s the passage that matters, and that exposes just how dangerously disingenuous Ms Idrissi is being, when she whines about having felt ‘insulted’ because – up until now – a fashion brand like H & M, correctly intuiting the political and religious (or cultic) significance of the slave rag, declined to employ hijabettes among its models.

“…the clothing of Muslim women is not a personal fashion choice.  Muslim women don’t wear hijabs, burkas or any other similar garb as a fashion statement or even an expression of religious piety. Their own religion tells us exactly why they wear them. “O Prophet!  Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies, that they may thus be distinguishedand not molested” [Koran 33: 59].

“It’s not about modesty.  It’ s not about religion.  It’s about putting a “Do Not Rape” sign on Muslim women.  And putting a “Free to Molest” sign on non-Muslim women….

“Muslim women who don’t want to be mistaken for non-Muslim slave girls had better cover up.  And non-Muslim women had better cover up, too, or they’ll be treated the way ISIS treated Yazidi women and the way that Mohammed and his gang of rapists and bandits treated any [non-Islamic] women that they came across.  That’s what the burka is. That’s what the hijab is.  And that’s what the burkini is…

A French survey found that 77 percent of girls wore the hijab because of threats of Islamist violence….

The existence of these garments [burka, hijab, burkini] gives license to Muslim men to target non-Muslim women. They allow Islamists to impose them as a standard by singling out women who don’t wear them.  And they encourage Muslim men to carry out assaults on non-Muslim women who don’t comply with Islamic law…”.   Click on the link; read it all, and then you will see the extent of the damage being done by our sweetly-smiling exquisitely-made-up victim-claiming hijab-wearing Ms Idrissi, and by the foolish fashion house that has changed its policy to accommodate (and thereby promote) the hijab, and the puff piece by ABC’s London correspondent, Ms Millar, who is so excited about this “breakthrough” for Islam into the world of infidel fashion.

And again, before we return to Ms Millar’s article, let’s hear about a very different person from Ms Idrissi; an Iranian-French lady named Chahdortt Djavann, who is firmly in favour of the French burka ban, and in favour of the French ban on the wearing of hijab by schoolgirls.   Ms Djavann will have no truck with this business of “we’re just normal girls. We just choose to cover our heads.”

 In an article by one N Maruani, entitled “Ban the Hijab”, that appeared in Jerusalem Post on 8 July 2009, discussing the work and writings of Ms Djavann, we read:

“…She (Djavann) writes that the veil cannot be presented as a personal choice, disregarding centuries of Islamic history.  She adds that it is inappropriate to probe the motivations of every young girl wearing the veil when what is at stake is a political agenda.  Djavann explains further: “The veil has never been innocent or innocuous.  It has always signified the submission of women to men, and the denial of legal rights to women in Islamic countries.”…

“Addressing the growing phenomenon of veiled women in Europe, Djavann points out its centrality to Islamist propaganda: “The political, ideological and psycholgoical impact of the veil goes far beyond its appearance…  If this weren’t the case, why would the Islamists make it their main focus? … It [the veil, the hijab, whatever form it takes, whether headscarf, niqab, or burka – CM] constitutes a constant call to order by Islamic law.”

‘…Djavann stresses that Islam can exist without the veil (? – I am not so sure – CM) but the Islamist system (sic: let us simply say, Sharia; or perhaps, use that word deen, the total and totalitarian thing that the Ummah intends to become – CM) cannot, because “the veil is the symbol, the flag and the keystone of the Islamic system.”

More: “Djavann points out, when Islamists threatened France because of the ban on the veil in public schools, what was at stake was not the girls’ hair or religion – but political power.”…”.

H & M were on the right track so long as they refused to add hijabettes to their repertoire of models. The moment that they allowed the aggressively-behijabbed Ms Idrissi to come on board they opened the door just a little wider for the Islamisation of the West, beginning with an Islamisation of public sensibility.  Fashion matters.  “The power of context”.  That’s why the French knew they had to ban the hijab in schools, the burka on the streets, the burkini on the beaches.  Because the French understand the social meaning of clothes.  Ms Millar does not.  H & M and other modelling houses foolishly signing up people such as our oh-so-sweet Ms Idrissi, have forgotten.  And so, back to Ms Millar, ignorantly documenting the folly, and compounding it. – CM

‘There’s so much negativity about Muslim people’.

Yeah, it’s such a puzzle as to why some of the filthy kuffar feel a bit negative about Islam…  It can’t possibly have anything to do with, oh, those nasty things that happened at the Bataclan and the Charlie Hebdo offices? at  Nice, Brussels airport, Orlando, San Bernardino? with the allahu-akbaring throat-slittings of Lee Rigby and of Fr Jacques Hamel, the blowing up of London buses and Spanish trains, the mass kidnapping of hundreds of teenage Christian girls from the school in Chibok (so many of them forced to don hijab, by the way, and gloatingly paraded, in those hijabs, as converts to Islam, in a Boko Haram propaganda video)… all these and many many more, both large and small, done by proudly-self-declared orthodox Muslims.  When a Muslim complains ‘there’s so much negativity about Muslim people’ it’s like a Nazi party member in 1942 wondering why the world doesn’t like the Third Reich. – CM

‘Idrissi does not want to simply be a model.

‘She wants to be a role model for other Muslim girls.

Idrissi will never strut the catwalk, but she is happy to have a man apply makeup to her face.

Flexibility, that’s the key.  An individual Muslim may strategically dispense with any number of Islamic rules and regulations, so long as the long-term goal – the furtherance of the spread and dominance fo Islam – is served by whatever s/he happens to be doing. – CM

‘The number of followers on her Instagram page (and Ms Millar, of the London office of Australia’s national broadcaster, obligingly provides the link for that page – CM) has gone from a few hundred to more than 40,000.

What percentage of the 40,000 are naive Infidel females, and what percentage are Muslim females? – CM

‘She writes a blog for the Huffington Post (yet more dawa opportunities, putting a pretty face on the death cult – CM) and works with a children’s charity.

Which charity?  What is it called? Is it Muslim or Infidel? Who are its beneficiaries? – CM

“Even though I’m just in the beginning of my journey I never had to compromise my morals or beliefs“, Idrissi said.

And Ms Millar didn’t have the wit to ask Ms Idrissi – Ms Idrissi who has one Muslim parent from Pakistan – what she thought ought to happen to Aasiya Bibi, a Christian woman in Pakistan who, for refusing to compromise her morals and beliefs, is facing death on a charge of ‘blasphemy’.   Nor did Ms Millar think to ask Ms Idrissi what she, Ms Idrissi, thought appropriate to be done to persons who ‘blaspheme’ against Islam (those Charlie Hebdo cartoonists; did they deserve to be killed? that  Dutch film-maker, Theo Van Gogh – did he deserve to be killed?), or to persons who leave Islam, or to Muslim girls who doff the hijab and fall in love with an Infidel and don’t demand that he convert; or what should happen to openly gay people; or whether a Muslim man in Britain should be allowed to have more than one wife, or a wife of nine or ten years of age, or be permitted to beat that wife, or divorce her by reciting the triple talaq.  And then, too, Ms Millar could have asked Ms Idrissi what she thought of Hindus, and of India; and what she thought of Jews as such, and of the Jewish state of Israel.  There are so many questions Ms Millar could have asked Ms Idrissi, about the content of her (Ms Idrissi’s) “morals and beliefs”… but did not. – CM

“I didn’t have to sell my body, as many young women are doing today, that’s my main message – you can do it, being yourself”.

So the immodest modern Infidel girls ‘sell their bodies’ and our proudly-piously Muslim Ms Idrissi does not.  What of those who are sold and used willy-nilly, sold by Muslims?  Raped by Muslims?  What of those girls of Chibok, or those Yazidi and Christian girls from Iraq and Syria, seized by Muslims and sold to other Muslims who use them as sex slaves? What of those abused-and-pimped British infidel girls, effectively enslaved by mostly-Pakistani Muslim rape gangs, in Britain itself?  What of those Hindu and Christian girls, to the tune of hundreds every year, who are abducted, raped, forcibly ‘converted’ to Islam, often sold as sex-slaves, in … Pakistan, the homeland of one of Ms Idrissi’s parents? – CM

‘Her family provides her grounding.

“She’s trying to promote Islam (yep: she’s doing Dawa – CM) in the fashion-modesty kind of way.  I’m so proud of her”, her cousin Nadia Derissy said.

So a woman without hijab is by definition immodest?  Dawa: dawa, the call to Islam, done in this case by making Islam fashionable, conning women into wearing the hijab because it looks pretty and ‘cool’ …just as so many other foolish Useful Idiots have been conned into wearing it as an act of ‘solidarity’ with those supposedly-persecuted-and-victimised Muslim females… – CM

“She’s an amazing person who deserves this and more”.

Ms Derissy believes her cousin is also helping improve perceptions about Islam.

Yeah, it’s all about PR…  A long time ago, a very wise poster at Mr Spencer’s Jihadwatch website observed that Islam was “thuggery plus image management”.  The people who carried out the atrocities at the Bataclan, Charlie Hebdo, Nice, the church in Rouen, Brussels airport, etc, do the thuggery.  Then the likes of Ms Idrissi come along and do the image management…   Except that for those of us who have an attention span somewhat longer than that of a gnat, no amount of image management by an eyelash-fluttering perfeclty-made-up Ms Idrissi can erase the image of Fr Hamel or Lee Rigby being ritually butchered by gleeful Muslims howling allahu-akbar. Or drown out the screams of underaged Yazidi and Christian girls being raped by Islamic State jihadists or by their  Saudi or Turkish Muslim customers. –  CM

There’s so much negativity going on in the media at the moment with Muslim people”, she said.

No: a great many Muslims are doing bad things,  for example, industrial-scale raping and pimping of underaged British infidel girls, or the running-over of French festival-goers with a heavy vehicle, or the blowing-up of airport passengers, while the media is merely – some of the time, and in fact not even half as tellingly as it might – reporting it.  Presumably Ms Derissy doesn’t want these things to be reported or discussed at all. – CM

“You know there’s terrorist attack after terrorist attack and it’s not concentrating on anything positive that we actually are, who we actually are, which is love and peace”.

Ms Derissy, you’re a liar. The Quran, Sira and Hadith are saturated with hatred, contempt and aggression, toward non-Muslims qua non-Muslims.  They are much more about war, about violence, about hate, than about ‘love’ or ‘peace’.   Shall we ask you about al-wala wa al bara, Ms Derissy?  Shall we ask you about Quran 48.29, which states plainly that Muslims are ‘compassionate toward one another’ (only) and “harsh” toward the unbelievers?  Shall we ask you to define exactly what you mean by ‘peace’, given that in classical Islam ‘peace’ only happens when the entire world has been, willy nilly, made to Submit to a sharia despotism and all non-Muslims have either converted, or been reduced to near-slave dhimmi status, or … killed?   And our Ms Lisa Millar, the ABC’s London bureau chief, did not have the knowledge or the wit to ask Ms Idrissi, or Ms Derissy, any of these sorts of questions; and so Ms Derissy’s brazen disinformation is allowed to stand, and then appears on “Lateline” and on the ABC’s online webpage, to deceive and to confuse all but the already grimly-well-informed. – CM


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