Diversity Strengthens Muslims

Italian town accused of ‘apartheid’ after banning refugees from buses for bothering girls
AN ITALIAN town has been accused of bringing in apartheid after refugees were banned from buses used by female students.
Terrorist could be stripped of Australian citizenship as part of new terror laws

“Could be” is not good enough.  What game are they playing!?!

The first case to strip a terrorist of his dual citizenship under controversial new laws is set to face court this year.
ISIS teen warned mum: She did nothing

This woman, by failing to report her son, is complicit in his attempted terror attack.

THE mother of a teenage boy who was stopped by police moments before carrying out an alleged beheading plot did not report her radical son to authorities despite his boast to her he would carry out a terror attack “bigger” than the murder of…
The Vatican Submits to Islam (2006-2016)

The Catholic Church’s supine and pollyannish stance in the face of the advancing jihad, and active campaign to mislead Catholics about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, is a moral failure the likes of which have seldom been seen in history, and poses a severe challenge to any claim it makes to moral authority.

“We have to understand that totalitarianism based on Islamic creed is the worst among all systems of government. Yes, my friends, the very survival of Chris…Continue Reading–JIHADWATCH.ORG|BY ROBERT SPENCER

Free Asia Bibi!

Why is Australia handing over more than $55 million in aid to a country that plans to execute a mother for trumped up charges of blasphemy? My column in tomorrow’s Herald Sun

We can’t let Asia Bibi die for her faith
MOTHER-of-five Asia Bibi is likely to be hanged for the “crime” of being Christian in a Muslim country, after she was sentenced to death in a Pakistani court on trumped-up charges of blasphemy.
“A frontal attack on our way of life”

Halifax Imam calls for banning alcohol, “takes you towards the path of the devil”

The Centre for Islamic Development and the Ishan Academy in Halifax, Nova Scotia, have submitted to the Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel, Tobacco Division a formal complaint against their next-door liquor store, the Good Robot Brewing Company.

According to the Chronicle Herald, the Islamic institutions demand the immediate cancellation of the Good Robot Brewing Company’s liquor licence for what they call a “frontal attack to our way of life.”

Move over, whitey, here comes the new age Africa:

Africans can throw lightning at each other – doubters are unscientific and science is a worthless product of the west.

The “very pathetic” West, no less. That’s why African students scorn our stupid scientific ways.

3 thoughts on “Diversity Strengthens Muslims”

  1. Good grief, you don’t have to send in the clowns because they are ALL here. lol

    RE: Bebi, Woudn’t it be great if some western leader said, ‘Release Bebi and her family to our country. We will give them residency rights and later citizenship. We cannot have relations with a country that would punish this woman for blasphemy which is not accepted by us.’ Heads would explode. How dare the infidels!

  2. and the islams are STILL RESIDING IN Australia !
    and the islams are STILL ARRIVING INTO Australia !

    and our elected islam appeasing political representatives are STILL assisting islam !

    The Three Tenets of islam …
    islam DEMANDS three things of its islams
    1. To Convert ALL non-islams to islam !
    2. To force a “Willing” Subjugation by of the book non-islams to islam !
    3. To Kill ALL not “of the book non-islams who will not convert and kill ALL of the book non-islams who will not convert or be willingly subjugated by islam !

    So … why are islam appeasers and islams STILL in Australia !

    islam appeasers …
    legally you are more guilty of the crimes these islams
    • have committed
    • are committing
    • will commit
    and will be held accountable as will each and every islam !

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