Here Comes The Pixilated Mother

Mustard Promo & Terror Denial @ Fairfax

Rita Panahi

When terror deniers cover terror-related news

The ABC’s favourite Islamic hate preacher, fresh from featuring in a fluff piece on the national broadcaster, wants to know where his brothers are?

“Where are my brothers?” … Mohammad Junaid Thorne’s words as he approached police after the boys were detained.

In a bizarre twist, soon after the arrests radical Muslim preacher Junaid Thorne appeared in the street and demanded police tell him, “Where are my brothers?”

Thorne, 27, is a known political radical who spent four months in Goulburn’s Supermax jail last year for trying to evade counter-terrorism authorities by flying from Perth to Sydney using a false name.

Meanwhile, Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald gives the thwarting of an alleged terror attack scant coverage on page 10.


 But they did go to the effort of pixelating the picture of a suspect’s burqa-clad mother. No shiite. check it out. Here:


ABC’s fluff piece on Islamic hate preacher

The Mustard victim is a constant:

Isn’t the ABC making great use of the more than $1 billion in funding it receives each year from long suffering taxpayers?

When the bloated public broadcaster isn’t railing against democracy, it is conducting touchy-feely interviews with notorious Islamic hate preachers moaning about prison conditions.

What possessed the ABC to produce this overly sympathetic piece on radical preacher Junaid Thorne who has been a long term critic of Australian efforts to counter homegrown terrorism?

Thorne said the strict regime began from the moment a prisoner arrived at the prison.

“When I first arrived there, I was, you know, of course, you are strip-searched and you are humiliated,” he said.

“Then you are subject to this constant interrogation.

“You are placed pretty much in segregation while they assess you.

“You are visited by intel, you are visited by the counsellors, psychologists, you are visited by the warden and his crew.

“It’s pretty much like … being interrogated by the CIA.”

Thorne was placed in a 3×6 metre cell with a bed, a small table and a toilet.

Thorne said he was still dealing with the effects of his time in Supermax.

“The place honestly was designed to drive a person crazy,” he said.

“I only spent four months in there and till today I struggle with the repercussions of that.

“The freezes, the sudden nightmares.

“I still see a psychologist until today and it’s been very difficult trying to overcome those memories.”

He believes Supermax is also counter-productive in the Government’s attempts to prevent radicalisation.


Why didn’t the ABC ask Thorne about his links to terror suspects including members of his own family?

Why not ask him about the abhorrent comments he has made about Jews, Christians and his refusal to condemn Islamist acts of terror.

Instead the ABC gave Thorne a platform to criticise Australia’s counter terrorism policies….the very policies that have successfully foiled multiple attacks in recent years.

Meanwhile, at Lateline the big question is?

As much as I enjoyed Toby Advised’s droll response I look forward to future Lateline polls on whether water is wet and fire is hot.