Merkel blames the German people for her catastrophic policies

The following video is excerpted from remarks made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to members of her political party, the CDU (Christian Democrats). In it you’ll hear her hectoring her minions about the lack of Christmas carols at their events, and deprecating their musical skills.

Yes, this barren hag has the hide to tell the Germans they should learn how to sing Christmas songs and play a recorder. She says “we are the party with the C in the name!” And then she wonders “Do we have any self-confidence left?”

Since when did Mrs. Merkel ever care about Christians, Christianity, or Christendom? Is there anything Christian about her except her party’s name? It’s a bizarre performance, but that’s from a foreigner’s perspective. Maybe if I understood the German context more deeply, it wouldn’t seem strange at all.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from an article on Tatjana Festerling’s Facebook page (and also on her website) in which she answers an article on N24 about Mrs. Merkel’s little speech at the CDU Party Convention. For clarity, with the translator’s help, I’ve broken out the text into quotes from N24 alternating with Ms. Festerling’s commentary.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for this translation, too:

Merkel gets laughs with these scurrilous suggestions

Merkel and her bankruptcy show — a commentary

N24: “At the party convention Chancellor Merkel took a position on the basic values of her party, and sharply criticized the AfD.”
Festerling: “Basic values” — whose values? Yours, Merkel? Or the conservative values of the CDU from long before it was transformed into a left “a*****e-party”? And by the way, YOU are really the last person who could have the right to “sharply criticize” a democratically legit party!
N24: “The CDU, on the other hand, is a party that tries to offer solutions.”
Festerling: Ha ha ha, that’s a good one! Many thanks, but we have had enough with your solutions, or better, with your Final Solution for Germany and Europe!
N24: “Looking at the AfD which sees anti-constitutional values in Islam, Merkel said: “I know that there are worries about Islam. But it is up to the people to meet these worries with the fostering of Christian traditions.”
Festerling: Noooo, the “Umvolkerin” [woman who exchanges one population with another] tries to wiggle out of her responsibility? Until yesterday it SHE was the one who preached “We Can Do That”, and now suddenly she says “WE have to do that”, WE have to meet Islam through the fostering of traditions? Tell me Merkel, do you have a screw loose?But then it gets even more grotesque.
N24: “She suggested to copy song notes and to find someone who can play the recorder. Merkel said, Yeah, I am being serious, otherwise we’ll lose a piece of our homeland!”
Festerling: Right, Merkel, let’s all go and find our recorders and then we can pipe a song to the Islamic occupiers, rapists and terrorists that you invited! May we add Margot Kässmann [progressive former head of the Evangelical Church in Germany] and her love-whispers for the boys from the Islamic State? And then, problem solved? In your naïve child’s world?And which church should Germans go to, please? The one of the Socialists such as Bedford-Strohm [Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, advocate for refugees] or Margot Kässmann? Or the one with Wölki [Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, the Archbishop of Cologne, advocate for refugees] and his refugee boat?

It is just incomprehensible the fatuous way this chancellor is showcasing her complete bankruptcy. One doesn’t even want to imagine how this naïve old broad was ripped off in her nightly Greece-rescue runs. Only to then mime being a stateswoman the next day. The beneficiaries could hardly believe their luck to get so much stupidity and treason.

Video transcript:

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