No mercy: the French political class cracks down hard on patriots

The French PC mafia under Francoise Hollande regime knows who the enemy are:

General kicked out of army after taking part in ‘banned’ anti-Islam rally
Christian Piquemal
Christian Piquemal was kicked out of the army after attending a “banned anti-Islam rally”
Gen Christian Piquemal, 75, who commanded the elite Foreign Legion for five years and has been retired for 16, was arrested after taking part in a Europe-wide demonstration against the so-called ‘Islamisation of the continent,’ before being released on grounds of poor health.
The former military top brass was discharged and did not have to go to trial, but his actions were not left unpunished.

A DECORATED French Foreign Legion commander has been removed from the army’s retirement payroll after being accused of helping organise – and taking part in – a banned anti-Islam protest in the port town of Calais last February.

In other news:


Philippe Vardon (above)  a member of the identitarian group Nissa Rebela (Nice in rebellion) has just been sentenced to six months in prison without parole, by the criminal court of Draguignan, for defending himself in a fight with three North Africans.


15,000 Muslims, including 2,000 children, on watch list

What do French authorities think this situation will look like in five years? Ten? Why are they continuing to import large numbers of Muslim migrants, among whom will be an unknown number of jihadis? “French terror police say 15,000 Islamic radicals including 2,000 CHILDREN on watch list,” by Siobhan McFadyen, Express,

Four police officers were injured by several Molotov cocktails in a notorious Muslim housing area near Paris

Thanks to Barenaked Islam

The injured officers, two of whom are in a serious condition, “were in a police vehicle monitoring a surveillance camera near a traffic light. About 10 (Muslim?) people attacked them with volleys of Molotov cocktails.”


France24 (h/t Phillipe G)  The two badly injured officers “have major burns and were taken to a hospital in Paris,” he added.

Other police officers who arrived in a second vehicle “were also targeted by volleys of Molotov cocktails,” the source said, adding that these reinforcements were “slightly injured and very shaken and were taken to hospital.” The two police cars were set ablaze.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve described the attack in Grande Borne, a low income area built in the 1960s in Paris’s southern suburbs, as “extremely serious”.

UPDATE 1 The attack took place in the Grande Borne estate  (housing project) was where Muslim terrorist Amedy Coulibaly (below), one of the perpetrators of the January 2015 Paris attacks on the Kosher supermarket, grew up, as well as a trouble spot during the 2005 Muslim riots. Built in the 1960s as affordable working-class housing, it has now become one of the most notorious of Paris’ banlieues, Muslim-dominant suburbs with high rates of crime and unemployment and a deep sense of alienation from French society.



5 thoughts on “No mercy: the French political class cracks down hard on patriots”

  1. It is beyond horrible that the former commander of the elite French Foreign Legion ‘has been removed from the army’s retirement payroll’ because of his actions. So what happens now? Will he be left to starve? Will a man who served the French nation as a senior soldier for many years be left begging on street corners? And his crime is what, exactly? Publicly demonstrating his love for his country, and his concern as to where that country may be heading?

    ‘Soldats de la Legion
    De la Legion etrangere
    N’ayant pas de nation
    La France est votre mere.’

    Non, pas de tout.

    La Belle France est finis, je pense.

    1. Socialists see patriots as the enemy and hold them in contempt. Only in a socialist dictatorship, where the soldier is a tool of the state to control the masses, is the soldier put on a pedestal. Usually to reward him for crimes committed against his own people.


    When you aren’t allowed to demonstrate even against your own country’s destruction at the hands of both foreign invaders and your own traitor government, it’s time for an armed revolution!


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