Stuck on stupid

“I gave a Yom Kippur speech at a synagogue — and got called a racist!” Thanks, Ezra, but Jews will continue to be their own worst enemy as they have proven so many times before throughout history.

To these ignorant, complacent Jews, living in suburban Toronto — how long will Toronto be the delightful city, so comfortable and Jew-friendly that it is? Because there are about 350,000 Jews in Canada, about one per cent of the population. But since 9/11, Canada has doubled its Muslim population and we all know what they think about Jews. (Thanks to BNI)

In other news:

No one does grievance theatre better than Mustards

Check this out:

When Usmani’s other son brought a knife into school that his dad had bought in Pakistan, students called him “ISIS” and “terrorist.” The school went on lockdown and he was suspended for six months, Usmani said. He added that the experience was traumatic for his son, who’s been homeschooled ever since and now suffers from depression and anxiety. (More)


Don’t you just wish that these sharia-promoting homo’s would have to live under Islamic law? At least for as long as it takes to put them out of their misery?14650499_958038777633706_1282577495984422095_n

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  1. Interesting that those who don’t believe in any God, fall on their knees before the god of Islam

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