Sydney: Hazara “refugee” burns his wife inside house

Probable “Honour” Murder in Sydney, Australia:

Afghan Hazara Muslim “Refugee” Burns Wife To Death Inside House

As reported in two successive stories in the ABC just this week. The first report named no names, but something about the shape of the story set my thumbs a-pricking, and I kept a copy and waited; and lo and behold, the perp is a Muslim who got into this country by claiming that he was a poor persecuted refugee.  And although the spotlight has been on domestic violence in general in this country of late, and we do have a problem of our own, there is absolutely no need to import men whose cult of upbringing – Islam – tells them that they have the right to physically punish their wives for perceived insubordination, and is in a league of its own as regards the extent to which its adherents inflict violence upon females.  (Australian journalist and author Geraldine Brooks in her book about misogyny in Islamic culture, “Nine Parts of Desire”, in the final chapter – written in 1994 – mentions that a British study of family violence in the UK, only recently completed as she was writing, had discovered that women  married to Muslim men were eight times more likely to be killed by their spouses, than any other married women in Britain).

And so, here’s the preliminary report, when the event first hit the news.

“Guildford House Fire: Man Charged With Murder After Blaze In Which Children Survive”

‘A man, arrested at the scene of a house fire where a woman died, has been charged with murder and will face court today.

“Fire crew arrived at the home after the blaze had already engulfed the front of the house, a Police NSW statement said.  Fire and Rescue NSW Superintendent Ian Krimmer said the firefighters tried to enter the premises through the rear of the house.  “Unfortunately, the roof collapsed and it forced firefighters back” he said yesterday.

“It took about an hour to extinguish the fire”.

‘When emergency crews entered the house, a 30 year old woman was inside the home and was already dead, police said.

‘The 43 year old man outside the house with the children was arrested at the scene, and was charged with murder at Merrylands Police Station.

‘He was refused bail and is due to appear in Fairfield Local Court later today.  The children are being taken care of by family’.

And now, the follow-up report, by Jessica Kidd.

‘Guildford House Fire: Man Charged With Murdering Wife in Western Sydney House Fire’.

‘Abdul Khaliq Barati has been formally refused bail for the alleged murder of his wife, Adelah Barati, by setting fire to their house, with her inside.

‘When police arrived at the scene around 3.30 am on Tuesday, the accused was outside with the couple’s six and nine-year-old children.

‘Barati, 43, was arrested at the scene and later charged with murder at Merrylands Police Station.

‘Fire crew arrived at the home early on Tuesday morning after the blaze had already engulfed the front of the home…Firefighters tried to enter the house but were forced back when the roof collapsed.  When emergency crews entered the house, Ms Barati was inside and was already dead, police said.

Barati’s brother and friends were at court for the brief bail hearing.

‘He did not appear, nor apply for bail, but it was formally refused by the judge at Fairfield Local Court.

‘Friends said Barati and his wife were born in Afghanistan, and he came to Australia as a Hazara refugee in 2000.

On a return trip to his home country (so off he went, back to the country he supposedly fled in fear for his life – CM), he married Adelah (or a marriage with her was arranged for him; how much choice did she have in the matter? – CM) and brought her to Australia ten years ago.

That would be around 2006. So, in 2000, a Hazara Muslim man from Afghanistan comes to Australia, claiming to be a refugee. And, yes, the Hazara do suffer discrimination from their fellow Muslims; being both Shiite and also from an ethnic minority. But… it can’t have been too bad, if just six years later he waltzes back ‘home’ to acquire a wife. – CM

‘He and his wife are Australian citizens.

This man should never have been admitted into Australia in the first place; nor granted citizenship.  What has he contributed? Nothing, now, but a vast amount of trouble and expense;  we will have to feed and medicate him in prison for the rest of his life. – CM

‘The children are now in the care of Family and Community Services.

The children are aged six and nine. Are they girls, or boys?  If girls, they should not be given into the “care” of the Muslim ‘community’, because they will be sold off, probably underaged, in order to make it possible for yet more misogynist Muslim males to get a golden ticket into Australia to continue the hijra, the migration-invasion.  

If Australia properly understood what Islam is about, then these children would be placed with non-Muslim foster carers, and given a non-Islamic education, and when they reached age 18, they would be asked whether they intended to identify as Muslim, or as non-Muslim.  If they chose the former, then their citizenship status would be annulled and they would be required to return to Afghanistan. If they chose the latter – and they would be required to declare it publicly, to make their breach with the cult more emphatic – they would receive protection, and encouragement in investigating and receiving instruction in whatever alternative belief system – whether Christianity, or declared nonreligion, or Buddhism (most likely the faith of their long-ago pre-Islamic forebears) – they wished to profess.  

Unfortunately, though, at present Australian authorities are wilfully refusing to understand what Islam is all about, and these poor children will probably be placed with Muslim kin or Muslim foster ‘carers’ and allowed to grow up pickled in the same Islam that gave their father his murderous sense of entitlement. – CM

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  1. Unfortunately another Islamic inspired BBQ of a poor woman.
    These scumbags get away with it because we pander to their cultural and religious beliefs. Where are the fem-nazis and the liberal feminists when this type of things happen, usually beating up some poor guy for saying the wrong thing that spun their knickers out of control. HYPOCRITES!

    1. Tanya, I’m a feminist and I would love to help women to get out of these type of relationships – and not just muslim ones, but any abusive relationship. I have seen many battered women return to their abuser as soon as the bruises faded. As to muslim women, they view an atheist, even a female one, as their worst enemy.

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