The Abolitionists Jihad (Struggle) Against The People of Germany

The Traitors Are Becoming Increasingly Unhinged

“The time for round-tables is over. I’ve run out of patience,” said Volker Kauder, chairman of the Christian Democratic Union’s parliamentary group.

A leading member of Angela Merkel’s party warned Facebook that hate speech laws may be applied if it doesn’t meet German guidelines for its content. Volker Kauder of the CDU was expressing his government’s frustration at the racist and xenophobic material that is still available to Germans on social media.

Volker Kauder, a key member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party, follows a warning by Justice Minister Heiko Maas, in an almost hysterical reacting by German politicians’ frustration with websites such as this. Social media giants like Facebook should face penalties if they fail to tackle hate speech, after a surge in xenophobic comments linked to the migrant influx.


Germany: Green MP says “Germans should learn Arabic”

Germany: Green MP says “Germans should learn Arabic”

Worried Germans who are struggling to come to terms with the volume of immigrants arriving in their country should learn Arabic so they can communicate with the refugees, claims outspoken Green Party politician Volker Beck.

Beck also said that “people should not fear neighbourhoods where the vast majority of inhabitants do not speak the native language”. Germany has been rocked by migrant crime, sex assaults on women and children at pools, and “a wave of terror” this summer, which prompted the BBC to ask in a report: “What is going on?” But reckless Beck says that people should not fear.

Beck couldn’t handle the backlash after his remarks, however, so he furiously made efforts to backtrack, charging that his words were twisted.

German President Gauck (a former Stasi operative like Merkel) suggests a Mohammedan headbanger should become the next President of the Federal Republic:


No president has ever shown more hostility,  disrespect and contempt for the German people as this former DDR- pastor.

Merkel and migrant

17,000 Muslim migrants sue the German government

Here’s gratitude for you. The German government isn’t being quick enough to bring in their families. Hop to it, dhimmis!

“17,000 refugees sue for recognition of asylum rights,” translated from “17.000 Flüchtlinge klagen auf besseren Status,” RP Online, October 18, 2016 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Berlin. Since they are increasingly granted only a lower protection status, which permits their families to immigrate only after two years, more and more Syrians are filing suit in the administrative courts.

German Home Secretary on migrants: “We have underestimated the role of religion”

Socialists see everything in materialistic terms. They do not understand religion and cannot come to terms with it. They also have nothing at stake, except their cushy positions. That’s why they must never be allowed to hold the reins of power, anywhere.


“Life for some Christians in German refugee shelters ‘still unbearable,’” World Watch Monitor, October 17, 2016:

A group of German NGOs, led by Open Doors Germany, is calling on Angela Merkel’s federal government, and on State governments, to end the “integration experiment” of mixing Christian and Muslim refugees in refugee centres, saying the situation for Christian and other religious minorities there is “still unbearable”.

After the bombings comes the bombardment with “Islamophobia” BS:

After committing heinous acts of Islamic terrorism, the adherents of the meshugga prophet whine about  how ” international media bombard the Muslim world daily with negative images of its youths, whether as the perpetrators of violence, jihadists, warriors and terrorists or even fleeing from bombed cities. …”–International media bombard Muslim world with negative images daily: Sultan Nazrin

Just don’t connect the dots and blame Islam, which is “an ancient, Abrahamic religion”  claims Arsalan Iftikhar

“Whenever some violent lunatic snaps and claims some kind of warped justification for his murderous acts as a so-called Muslim warrior, it’s not his damaged childhood or the flood of assault weapons in America or the climate of unrelenting violence in our country that gets blamed – it’s Islam, an ancient, Abrahamic religion.”  Arsalan Iftikhar

But Abraham has nothing to do with the meshugga prophet of Islam. In fact, he would turn in his grave if he knew how Mustards are besmirching his good name.

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