There’s such a fine line between stupid and clever.

Conflating Professor


Australians just aren’t sufficiently nuanced to deal with the subtle topic of Islamic terrorism, which apparently involves all manner of delicate shades.


At least that’s the view of Canberra academic Professor Amin Saikal:

The Australian National University surveyed 1200 Australians in July on their attitudes towards national security and terrorism.

In one of its clearest results, the poll found 71 per cent of Australians were ‘very concerned’ or ‘somewhat concerned’ about the rise of Islamic extremism in Australia.

“During Prime Minister Abbott, this issue was promoted heavily,” Director of the ANU Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies Professor Amin Saikal told SBS.

Mr Saikal said issues such as Islamic extremism, terrorism and Islamist ideologies had been used interchangeably [to] blur the line between violence and terrorism.

Oh, how dreadful. Do continue, Professor:

“While many Australians fear terrorist attacks and a majority are prepared to compromise their individual rights and freedoms in favour of living in security, they have at the same time conflated terrorism with extremism and have not been able to make a clear distinction between the two,” co-author Professor Amin Saikal said in a statement.

There’s such a fine line between stupid and clever.

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  1. It is not average Australians who have blurred the lines – it is those who portray Geller, Wilders and others as ‘extremists’, and then go on to claim that ‘islamophobia’ is one side of the coin with islamic terrorism (which has nothing to do with islam) on the other. ‘Extremist’ is a label to use when wishing to avoid any direct link with islam.

    1. Pamela Geller said that Barack Obama was the son of Malcolm X, Geert Wilder is called far-right even by Reuters, sheikyermami believe the Eurabia conspiracy theory, Fjordman is a self-hating European, and Anders Behring Breivik killed or wounded more than two hundred people. So yes, they are extremists.

      1. Pamela Geller never said Obama was the son of Malcolm X, Geert Wilders is a social democrat, Reuters is far left and subversive; Eurabia is happening, it is not a ‘conspiracy theory’, Fjordman is a patriot and Breivik a psycho killer with a well documented ‘manifesto’ that had nothing with counter jihad. ‘Extremists’ are those who misunderstand or misinterpret a noble cause. Our cause is in no way ‘extreme’.

        1. Thank you, this help me to better understand your opinion.

          Two questions:

          Did you know that Fjordman wrote “Europe at the dawn of the 21st century is a global joke, a decadent and weak continent, despised by its enemies and viewed with pity by its friends. Outsiders don’t expect Europe to generate anything new, quite a few will be surprised if it even survives.”?

          If Eurabia is happening, if “an entire population in your midst is the enemy within and your government is acquiescing to it and your entire civilization is thereby doomed, what does [you] think a blue-eyed patriot [European] should do?” (Andrew Sullivan)

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