Former Gitmo Ape threatens attack on U.S. cities

Muselmaniac released from Gitmo in plan to rehabilitate terror detainees threatens jihad attacks on U.S. cities

“He was transferred to Sudan in 2012 as part of a deal to rehabilitate former terror detainees…” And look how well it worked. “Deradicalization” programs in general are doomed to failure, because they proceed from the assumption that Islam is a religion of peace and that once the jihadi learns the true, peaceful meaning of the Qur’an, he will lay down his arms and become a productive, loyal member of society. Since that isn’t true, these programs never work.

Ibrahim al Qosi2

“Al Qaeda leader, former Gitmo detainee threatens attack on U.S. cities,” by Lisa Daftari, Foreign Desk, November 4, 2016:

A senior Al Qaeda leader and former Guantanamo detainee in Yemen has called for renewed attacks on the U.S. just days before Americans prepare to vote for a new president.

We pledge and vow to continue fighting America. Hitting, confronting and striking until it falls back behind the seas. None is upon us except by the will of Allah,” Ibrahim Al Qosi, a convicted Al Qaeda paymaster said in a speech entitled “15 years since the takeoff of the modern crusade.”

In other news:

Its our fault. We make them invade us

Somehow I can’t get my head around that: is it really our fault that Mohammedan savages are drowning on the way to invade us?

NGO’s say EU an “accomplice” in refugee deaths 
Aid groups such as MSF have said that the EU must stop pretending the depth of the refugee crisis
Islam’s ‘Human Rights’
No intelligent government should impair the right of free speech to placate people who falsely claim they are victims when often they are, in fact, aggressors.–GATESTONEINSTITUTE.ORG|BY JANET TAVAKOLI
Australian Aid Worker Kidnapped in Afghanistan 

Not to worry, kidnapping is totally unislamic. Muhammad never did a thing like that, or did he?

Australia investigates reported Afghan kidnapping

“The Australian embassy in Kabul is making urgent enquiries into reports an Australian has been kidnapped in Kabul,” a Department of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman said in a statement.

Australian officials said Sunday they were trying to confirm reports one of its nationals was kidnapped in Afghanistan, just months after another citizen was rescued after being taken at gunpoint.

“Due to the nature of the incident we will not be commenting further.”

Australia warns its nationals not to travel to Afghanistan, saying in its latest advisory updated in September that the “kidnapping of Westerners is a serious threat throughout Afghanistan”.