Germany: Merkel Regime Orders Police To Cover Up Sexual Assaults By Muslims

Police Officer Tells Girl not to Report Being Sexually Assaulted by Migrant
A police officer is under fire after it was revealed she encouraged a young girl not to report she had been sexually assaulted by a migrant.

When the father of the victim and the girl attempted to file a police report, the head officer told them there wasn’t any point as it would be difficult to prove. The father told the paper: “Who is going to help, then, if not the police?”

Only when the witness threatened to call the press, did the police officer offer to file a formal report. Police in Rheinberg have said they will be launching a formal investigation into the matter.

Would be interesting to know if this female police officer in question was an ethnic German or Mohammedan cultural enricher.

When those who are paid to do their duty to protect refuse to do their job, they should be sacked and their weapons handed over to responsible citizens who will do what needs to be done.

In other news:

German police and migrants


A police officer in the German city of Rheinberg is under fire after it was revealed that she encouraged a young girl not to report the fact she had been sexually assaulted by a migrant.

A 15-year-old German girl claimed to have been sexually assaulted by an 50 year old Algerian migrant on Friday, but when she and her father attempted to report the incident a police officer told them she wouldn’t write up a report. After a witness put pressure on the officer telling her that he would go to the press, the officer was forced to record the incident, reports German paper RP Online.

The 15-year-old described the attack: “Suddenly a man appeared and bothered me. He grabbed my shoulder, would not let go of me, and tried to drag me into a dark corner. I cried out for help.” The cries were heard by a 44 year old bystander who chased off the attacker who they described as intoxicated.

Both the victim and the 44 year old chased after the man who fled to a nearby asylum home. The pair reported a description of the man to the Red Cross staff who were able to identify him as a 50 year old Algerian migrant. Police were then called to the asylum home and the man was taken into custody.

Police cover-ups of migrant crimes in Germany have been recorded in many instances over the past year. Most notably it had been revealed that Cologne police were put under pressure by the regional North Rhine-Westphalia government to cover up the over 1,000 reported muggings, sex attacks, and rapes which occurred on New Year’s Eve in the city, the government fearing that releasing the migrants’ identities would lead to a public backlash.

In Austria, police were told to keep silent about migrant sex attacks in order to “protect the victims” – though many have seen the cover-up as just another case of political correctness to protect the new migrants.

Some officers in Germany have gone as far as to say that the German Federal government itself is telling them to play down the significance of migrant crimes. One officer even claimed they were banned from preventing migrants from escaping their custody.

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  1. You can’t “protect” minor rape victims by refusing to charge or identify their attackers! Any cop, prosecutor or judge who tries this line should be … well, you all know my justicial preferences!

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