Its the End of the World!

Oh look. Germany is having a breakdown.


Nothing says peace, love, tolerance, acceptance and all the other shiite they purport to espouse. Crazy little leftist maggot hypocrites,  deranged lunatics. Absolute regressive leftism, the scourge of progress in all its resplendent glory.

Nationwide anti-Trump protests rock the US
Thousands across major US cities have been protesting the election of Donald Trump as the 45th US president. Demonstrators reportedly burned flags and smashed store windows. Dozens of arrests have been made following the rallies.–RT.COM
Save me the crocodile tears over not getting the first woman president Same people relentlessly abused Thatcher – even on the day she died. (And beyond.)
Marine Le Pen says Trump’s victory marks ‘great movement across world’
Fears grow that leader of France’s far-right Front National could win presidential election in May as rightwing politicians celebrate US result.
Who fears what? Why is no one putting these leftist degnerates from the Guardian on the stand? Why are they not forced to explain their “fears?” Is it what commies call counter revolution?
FEDS PAYING MILLIONS To Minnesota Somali Muslim Program To Prevent “ALIENATED” Youth From Joining ISIS

Either way, we kafirs must pay the jiziya and we have a political clown-gallery who eagerly hands it over to them, in full submission.

The revenge of the deplorables
IT’S the revenge of the deplorables. The silent majority has roared. The underdog has triumphed. The outsiders have given a black eye to the Establishment, just as they did with Brexit in the UK and the rise of Pauline Hanson here.