Kuffarphobic Mustards Fear ‘Backlash’ Over Tomorrows Islamic Terror Attack

SIS victim Alan Henning went to Syria on a convoy ‘linked to extremists’


This is a classic: jihadists used Alan Henning, a useful idiot, to help them  drive an aid- truck to Syria, where they promptly beheaded him, videotaped his murder and spread it on the internet.

Alan Henning, one of the British hostages beheaded by Isis, travelled to Syria with an aid convoy used to smuggle funds to a jihadist, a court has been told. Syed Hoque and two other men accused of smuggling cash to Syria travelled with Mr Henning, 47, a taxi …Read More…From The Times and the Daily Mail
Trump to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terror Org.

In that case, he should also ban CAIR, a Hamas front by MuBro operatives, ISNA and the dozens of Islamic pressure groups in the U.S., that already have a way too much influence.

Clarion Project: Donald Trump will work to pass legislation designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, said Walid Phares, a foreign policy advisor for the president-elect. Speaking to the Egyptian news outlet Youm7, Phares said the legislation, which was already approved by …Read More…
Trump warns that by attacking Assad, US will ‘end up fighting Russia’ 
We should be happy with a weakened Assad. If only Iran could be similarly weakened. RT:   US President-elect Donald Trump has confirmed that he will most likely abandon the Obama administration policy on Syria to seek a possible rapprochement with Russia on the issue of Assad.  …Read More…
Police raid 200 addresses linked to Islamist group
German police on Tuesday raided 200 sites across ten states in a probe against an Islamist group suspected of propagating hate and inciting 140 youths to fight alongside jihadists in Syria and Iraq. The group, called The True Religion (Die wahre Religion), …Read More…From the German edition of The Local 
President-elect Donald Trump is not wavering in his support for Israel
by Alexander Murinson Dr Walid Phares, who was a President-elect Donald Trump’s adviser in Foreign Policy and on the Middle East during the campaign, gave an interview to BBC Radio on Thursday.In that interview Dr Phares provided an in-depth interpretation of President Trump’s stand on issues …Read More…
Hysteria: Sore Losers’ Bannon Meltdown Continues

Stop Bannon Protest Los Angeles (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

Roughly 500 demonstrators gathered on the steps of the Los Angeles City Hall for a “Rally Against Steve Bannon” on Wednesday evening.

Meanwhile, Mohammedan grievance mongering goes into orbit:
FBI: Hate crimes against Muslims on the rise since 2015

Tom Miller via Mullah, pbuh

… “We are all kind of feeling unsafe and scared, and it’s just been a lot to deal with,” Ahmed said. …More on the followers of the false prophet of islam who are all kind of feeling unsafe and scared (Kuffarphobic?) and having a lot to deal with (reaction to islamic terror-castings normally followed by ‘muslims fear backlash’ tales) at KCRA3

# How to trigger a ‘muslims fear backlash’ story – whether any ‘backlash’ actually occurs is of little importance to the victim story:

The big one – the 15th anniversary of the signature 9/11 terror-casting

Muslims fear backlash if Eid al-Adha falls on 9/11 this year

French Muslims Fear Backlash After Attack In Nice

Muslims fear backlash after Paris attacks

Muslims Fear Backlash After Brussels Attack: Far-Right, Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Often Follows Violence

Michigan Muslims fear backlash from campaign rhetoric

US Muslims fear backlash over Boston blasts

Moderate Muslims fear backlash following terror threats in Sydney

Muslims fear backlash after Charlie Hebdo deaths as Islamic sites attacked

Orlando shooting: Grieving LGBTQ Muslims fear backlash

Bronx Muslims fear backlash after Brussels attacks

# The forward lash is the underlying problem – eliminating the cause (islamic terror-casting) will eliminate the effect (backlashophobia):

Muslims Fear Backlash for Tomorrow’s Train Bombing


2 thoughts on “Kuffarphobic Mustards Fear ‘Backlash’ Over Tomorrows Islamic Terror Attack”

  1. Alan Henning thought he was doing good by getting involved in something he couldn’t possibly comprehend.
    I lay the blame squarely on our mainstream media,working up “useful idiots” into a frenzy.
    They then get these do gooders to jump into a “take action” mode,aimed at morally shaming the general public who are made to feel a sense of guilt. These do gooders love to revel in such limelight. Perhaps they feel a sense of moral superiority over us who prefer to reserve judgement. No doubt they’re even using the media to self promote their stilted views.Unwittingly,they’re not seeing the media play them.
    Undoubtedly,it is a sad and sickening end to someone thinking they’re “doing good”.

    I will take the liberty here to say that his fate was already sealed in the warehouse where he was loading the trucks.
    He hadn’t a chance to understand their language,and it was most likely spoken in front of him.
    Who and what legacy did he leave behind?
    And just to add salt into his gaping wound,…..
    I can visualise a “sand rat”, now running around in his taxi,taking his fares!
    What a “useful idiot” indeed!

  2. “Losing the fight against us makes the poor sand-nazis feel bad! We must help feed clothe pay train and arm against us, quick!”

    Another Useful Idiot got what he deserved for his treason.

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