No Muslim is a terrorist, but all must ‘strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers”

That’s what the religion demands of the believers. Those who don’t participate are ‘hypocrites’ and must be severely punished.

Mohammed Hadi, a Paki agitprop, announces in Business Insider

“I’m a Muslim immigrant and I’m choosing to stay in Trump’s America”.

I would suggest that all Muslims are “choosing” to stay in “Trump’s America”, because they absolutely believe that ‘allah’ wants them to stay and endure hardship to make America islamic.

Our chap here “lived, worked, studied, married, and raised children in the US for more than two decades,” but he incessantly whines that he gets “to spend a little extra time in that room in the back, every single time I come across the border.”

That’s only the beginning of Mohammed Hadi’s grievance theatre. At length, he goes through all the Mustard Katzenjammer we’ve heard so many times before. He agitates against Muslim registration; fingerprinting, and tells us that “there’s no evidence that it achieved anything in terms of added security. “

Mohammed Hadi also regurgitates that  old lefty line  “why do they hate us”, as if all of us were incredulous and naive. But no one is asking that. Not anymore.  Because more and more of us know  that Islam thrives on hate.

We KNOW that THEY HATE, because the hate comes with their mental baggage. The hatred is deeply ingrained in their psyche, sometimes dormant, sometimes full frontal. The genocidal hatred of the disbelievers is the stock in trade of every Muslim who takes his religion seriously.


You can see trough the game Mohammed Hadi is playing, its not hard, because he can’t contain his triumphalism:

There are two Muslim congressmen and one of them may soon be running the Democratic National Committee. Ilhan Omar, a hijab-wearing Somali immigrant, was just elected to the Minnesota state legislature. Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim American soldier who was killed in the line of duty, did more to stand up to Donald Trump’s tyranny than anybody when he spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

Yeah, we will never forget Khizr Khan’s pathetic stand up act for which the Klintoons paid him $350.000 dollars. And America will, if sanity prevails, get rid of Muslim congressmen. That’s not tyranny, that is self-preservation.

Mohammed Modi lies, lies and twists the facts to suit his agenda:

I know that attacks on Muslims and minorities are rising, and that some people in the Muslim community are more alarmed than I am. But we are hearing that alarm loud and clear because they have a voice they did not have 15 years ago.

That’s a falsehood. There are no “attacks on Muslims and minorities”. Mohammed Modi is sitting pretty. He won’t be leaving anytime soon. And they didn’t have “a voice 15 years ago?” They were screaming like seared pigs then and still do today.

Enough of this gibberish. Here’s the link.