“Socialism or death” is dead

Fidel Castro in 1959: “Without the help of The New York Times, the revolution in Cuba would never have been.”

Communist despot Fidel Castro kicks the bucket @ 90


“Socialism or death” remained Castro’s rallying cry even as Western-style democracy swept the globe and other communist regimes in China and Vietnam embraced capitalism, leaving this island of 11 million people an economically crippled Marxist curiosity.

Europe: Let’s Self-destruct!
A reasonable question that many Europeans might ask would be whether it is not perhaps time to review priorities? Perhaps the time has come to look at whether it…
Half of asylum seekers complain UK housing funded by YOU is ‘completely inadequate’
 FIFTY percent of asylum seekers surveyed about the quality of…
15-year-old Muslim “refugee” who raped boy, 5, months after arriving in UK, handed rehabilitation order
UK: A 15-year-old refugee who raped a five-year-old boy and said he would “break him into pieces” has been handed a rehabilitation order.
In Britain, authorities are so afraid of offending Muslims that they are letting them get away with crimes on a massive scale. It’s unconscionable. Isn’t there anyone left in Britain who is able and willing to call a halt to this madness? Britain needs a top-to-bottom change of government.–BY PAMELA GELLER
10 Palestinians arrested on suspicion of arson

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Chief Rabbi of Tsfat, on Friday posted on his Facebook page a ruling permitting desecration of Shabbat in order to shoot Arabs who appear to be in the middle of starting a fire.

The inquiry was: “If on Shabbat (or a weekday) one sees Arabs approaching a forest near our community and intend to or are in the process of setting fire to it, is it permissible to desecrate Shabbat in order to stop them, call police and/or shoot them.” 

Turkey’s Parliament Set To Legalise Child Rape of ‘Married’ Victims

Adolph Erdogan THREATENS to throw “open border gates” to Muslim migrants
Turkey To Legalise Child Rape of ‘Married’ Victims
Ontario Imam: “Islam defines that puberty is the age of consent for marriage”

Based on Mohammad’s marriage to 9-year-old Aisha, a prominent Imam from London, Ontario explains, that Islam defines puberty as the minimum age of consent for marriage and adds capability as a condition.

On November 25, 2016, Mazin AbdulAdhim, who is affiliated with the radical Islamic global movement of Hizb ut-Tahrir,, wrote on his Facebook page the following:

As for his marriage to A’isha at a young age, Islam defines that puberty is the age of consent for marriage

Unlike you, we actually believe in the design of God, where human beings are able to have children at the age of puberty, and many young adults around the age of 12-14 often have the maturity of 25+ year olds. 

Inversely, there are many 18 year olds who are not fit for marriage, even though the law says they are old enough.

Islam defines the minimum limit for marriage to be puberty, but also adds capability as a condition, as marriage is a responsibility

A’isha was known for her unusual maturity for her age, and she was married to the Prophet (pbuh) with the knowledge of the whole society. 

It was not hidden. In addition to that, she became the single greatest female scholar in the history of Islam, and we take a large portion of Islam from her narrations and her Islamic opinions, and we honor her by calling her “the mother of the believers.”

Aisha never became a mother. Either she was barren or Muhammad was already unable to do his thing.

US election: the deplorables, united, will never be defeated

America’s silent majority delivered a resounding victory for the “deplorables” by electing Donald Trump president. Yet Trump supporters have been vilified and physically assaulted following the election result. Left mobs have threatened to assassinate the president-elect and called for the death of “white people”.

Trump’s base has been subjected to the most vile bigotry by those feigning moral virtue from the press pulpit and the PC establishment. They took the abuse, went to the ballot box and exercised their democratic right to vote for the candidate of their choosing. Respect it.

In other news:

In the aftermath, many members of the press have conceded graciously that they got it wrong by predicting Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide. But others continue to demean Trump voters using the accusatory rhetoric favoured by PC bigots on the losing end of an argument: racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia etc. Others maintain that only uneducated white men voted for Trump and employ Marxist false consciousness theory to depict his supporters as ignorant. They are wrong.

More than 60 million Americans voted for Trump. Exit polling is an inexact science, but preliminary data reveals some surprising results that contradict the popular narrative that only uneducated white men voted for Trump. Among male voters, 53 per cent chose Trump while 54 per cent of female voters selected Clinton. But one of the surprise findings is that among female voters, 42 per cent chose Trump despite his much publicised comments and the Clinton team’s relentless use of gender politics to solicit the female vote.

Exit poll data reported by CNN shows another surprising result: among respondents with a college degree, 43 per cent voted for Trump and 37 per cent of those with postgraduate qualifications selected him. Among college educated white women, 45 per cent chose Trump. In addition, almost a third (29 per cent) of Hispanic voters backed Trump, although the numbers may change after the final count. It was presumed that due to his proposal to deport illegal immigrants back to South America and fortify the border, the Hispanic/Latino community would reject him. Writing for NBC news, Suzanne Gamboa highlighted the role of Christianity in swinging the Latino vote to Trump. His approach to abortion, school choice and the Supreme Court appealed to the devout Hispanic/Latino community.

The popular thesis that only uneducated white men voted for him appears discredited, but there was little recognition of the diversity in Trump’s support base. On the day of the election, the ABC featured triumphalist rhetoric about Clinton becoming the first female president before the booths had even closed. When asked about whether white men might get Trump over the line, Time correspondent Jay Newton-Small said there weren’t enough of them.

In the afternoon, Labor MP Linda Burney gave a perfect example of why a Trump-like figure could emerge here. She stated that people seeking to restore free speech by reforming 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act were just “middle-aged white men” who didn’t understand racism.

The Left is trying to link Trump’s victory to increased racism. For example, The New York Times printed a series of tweets from bureau chief Fernanda Santos who was upset because “a white older man” allegedly asked her to speak English on the phone. Underneath the tweets, culture writer Anna Silman wrote: “Santos’s experience is just one of many incidents of racially motivated violence and hate speech people have chronicled in the days since Trump’s election.”

A Muslim student has been charged for claiming falsely that white male Trump supporters tore off her hijab. It was reported across the Left press as proof that Trump’s presidency was dangerous. How many supposed victims of racism by Trump’s supporters might be lying?

In truth, the post-election violence has been Left on Right. It took Trump’s victory to unmask the true character of the PC Left. What began with scenes of Clinton’s collective strewn across floors in the foetal position turned into violent rage organised in protests against democracy. Socialists, Islamists, anarchists and black supremacists have mobbed US cities with some threatening to murder people who dissent from the PC line. Fox News reported that in New Orleans, anti-Trump activists defaced a memorial with race hate speech “F..k White People” and “Die Whites Die”. That is incitement to genocide. On Twitter, Left mobs are calling for people to kill Trump at his inauguration.

For the entire election campaign, Clinton backers portrayed themselves as the peaceful, civilised face of modern democracy while vilifying Trump supporters as uneducated, low IQ white men with no future in the brave new world. The Left lost the US election because millions of Americans were smart enough to see through their spin. Those smart Americans include the white working class, people educated by life experience and in universities, Hispanic Americans and women.

The people’s decision to vote for Trump reveals the resiliency of that most vital democratic principle: self-determination. I have denounced his sexism and derogatory comments about Mexicans. Yet I predicted Trump would win the election well before the event because he is a counter-revolution whose time has come. The Western world is entering a political era led by a grassroots movement to restore sovereignty and defend liberal democracy against its enemies. In the exit polls, immigration, jobs and terrorism emerged as chief concerns. Like Brexiteers, Americans want their government to protect the sovereign wealth of their nation and the sovereign interests of citizens. It is a reasonable expectation. The complexity, of course, is in the delivery.

The people who voted for Trump have been called “the forgotten people”. But they are less the forgotten people than a people reviled. When the news of Trump’s victory finally arrived, I thanked God not because I like Trump, but for a people reviled who rose up to be counted. It’s time to update an old chant: the deplorables united will never be defeated.


Harry Reid Blames Donald Trump for Violence Against Trump Supporters

Harry Reid Blames Trump for Violence Against Trump Fans

Harry Reid is one of the biggest scumbags in U.S. politics. We can only hope that he will be taken out of circulation one way or other.

Reid ‘Concerned’ World Going to Be Destroyed by Trump

Lets hope Trump destroys his world entirely. 

Reid Lied About Romney’s Taxes; Now Lies About Trump, Bannon

Everything that comes from dirty Harry is a lie.

Pat Caddell: CNN ‘Smearing’ Trump Supporters — ‘They Just Call Everybody a Racist’

Caddell Rips CNN: ‘They Call Everybody a Racist’

Therein lies the rub.

Conservative Actor James Woods Quits Twitter Over Censorship Concerns

It Begins: James Woods Quits Twitter Over Censorship

Report: Donald Trump to Pick Mike Huckabee as Ambassador to Israel

Trump to Pick Huckabee as Ambassador to Israel

Looking forward to that. Interesting times ahead.


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  1. And here’s the rub …

    The terrorist [and this includes every islam ‘immigrant/refugee’ EVERYWHERE] as poor, traumatized victim who needs help seems to be a recurring theme among European [and Australian] politicians.” [sic]
    But what about the rights of the poor, traumatized citizens who elected these politicians“? [sic]

    Simples …
    Treat (these elected politicians) as the TRAITORS they indeed are and incarcerate ASAP !!!

    and …
    Purge islam … Globally

    1. And …
      STOP immigration into Australia of non-islam African Tribals (aka Sudanese) and …
      Expel non-islam African Tribals (aka Sudanese) from Australia …
      for crime/violence reduction in Australia” !!!

      (NB: one phone call/message from one criminal individual of type African Tribal (aka Sudanese)… sees the whole tribe threateningly descend with criminal intent upon their current crime scene)

      and to reiterate …
      get rid of the islams in Australia !
      (or they will be the death of us and ours) !!!

      How/Why you ask ?
      Because of the Three Tenets of islam …
      (ie. the MASTER DEMANDS of islam)
      1. Convert ALL non-islams … to islam !
      2. Force a “Willing” Subjugation by of the book non-islams … to islam !
      3. Kill ALL not “of the book non-islams who will not convert and kill ALL of the book non-islams who will not convert or be willingly subjugated … by islam !

      It’s in the Qur’an … Oh Yes !!!

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