Trumpophobia Causes Backlashphobia Around the World

Die Whites Die’:

Anti-Trump Rioters Vandalize NOLA Monuments

On the campaign trail, Trump had made the call for a “total and complete shutdown” of America’s borders to Muslims in December last year in the wake of the San Bernardino terror attack.

Meanwhile, it emerged that Trump’s team has removed the statement on his website to ban all Muslims from the US.

British Muslims today expressed fears that Donald Trump’s election as the next US President would lead to backlash against Muslims around the world. (Reuters File Photo)

More backlashophobia and followers of the meshugga prophet positioning themselves as victims at Hindustan Times thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

‘You Voted Trump!’ Shock Video Shows White Man Viciously Beaten in Chicago After Election

A viral video from after Tuesday’s election shows a white man in Chicago beaten viciously in the middle of a street, then dragged down the street with his hand stuck in the back window of a car — as a crowd capturing the attack on video accuses him of supporting president-elect Donald Trump.

Journallie Cover Up Trump Protesters’ Calls for Violence

Obama ‘Hopeful’ Trump Will Not Prosecute

He must. If he doesn’t drain the swamp, he will become complicit in the culture of corruption that the Obama regime took to unprecedented levels.

MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Rallies Around Country

Everywhere you look you can smell the sulphur of spooky dude. George Soros pulls the strings as usual. Will Trump bring him to justice? I doubt it.

Meanwhile, in Italy:

Muslims in Italy: ‘Give Us Back Our Mosques or We Will Pray to Allah in the Vatican’

Muslims in Italy: ‘Give Us Back Our Mosques or We Will Pray to Allah in the Vatican’

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