Two-thirds of imprisoned jihadists REFUSE deradicalisation programmes

HUNDREDS of dangerous terrorists are back on UK streets after being released from jail and are refusing to engage with deradicalisation programmes.

The most appalling thing about this idiocy is that the money for these worthless ‘deradicalisation’ programs goes to Muslim groups who are actually engaged in jihad.

Lord Blunkett and jihadis Lord Blunkett has said that suspected terrorists should be monitored following jail

A Sky News investigation has revealed that around three-quarters of the 583 people imprisoned on terror charges since the 9/11 attacks have now been released from prison.

However, many of them still have extremist beliefs and are not engaging with programmes to deradicalise them.

Abdullah Ahmed Ali, who was the lead plotter in a terror cell that planned to blow up transatlantic airlines with liquid bombers, is one of the terrorists who has refused to engage with any deradicalisation programme, according to Sky News.

Two-thirds of those released have refused to engage with prison deradicalisation programmes, which address their extremist attitudes.

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Irish jihadi dubbed ‘Terry Taliban’ blows himself up in ISIS suicide attack as Iraqi forces sweep into south of Mosul
  • Khalid Kelly, nicknamed Terry Taliban in Dublin, has killed himself in a suicide attack in Mosul
  • The 42-year-old was calling himself Abu Osama Al-Irlandi
  • He was converted in prison and then radicalised soon after, praising the 7/7 bombers and the 9/11 attackers

An Irish jihadi has blown himself up in a suicide attack in Mosul.

Khalid Kelly, known as Terry Taliban in Dublin, killed himself on Friday night as fighting continued in Mosul.

Kelly, who was calling himself Abu Osama Al-Irlandi, was a former altar boy who was born in the Liberties in Dublin and trained to be a nurse after leaving school.

According to Jihadi Threat Monitor, the 49-year-old was confirmed by ISIS as carrying out an attack against Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq.

An image said to be released by ISIS of Khalid Kelly who the group confirmed had killed himself in a suicide attack in Mosul

The 42-year-old father-of-one, travelled to Saudi Arabia to work tax free but was caught with a crate load of Johnnie Walker scotch and was jailed.