The M.O. of Gillian Triggs’ ‘human rights’ circus is just like Islamic terrorism

Bill Leak has compared the Australian Human Rights Commission to “Islamist terrorists” as he calls for the repeal of contentious race-hate laws, hitting out at the agency for “persecuting” him over a provocative cartoon.

 Note how the lame stream media appeals to your sense of ‘fairness’ by calling  censorship of free speech “contentious race-hate laws”. Free speech is not about race hate, it is our birthright as as citizens of a free country. It is also a  suggestion that Australians cannot be trusted to speak freely because they’re all “racist”. To put Bill Leak’s prosecution in exclamation marks adds insult to injury. Triggs’ frivolous  discrimination lawsuits are destroying peoples lives and careers. Triggs, the whole HRC circus and 18C need to be scrapped. Australia doesn’t need a speech police.

In his submission to the parliamentary inquiry on freedom of speech, The Australian’s editorial cartoonist says the commission’s complaint-handling process was not only “punishing” but acted as a warning “to anyone else still naive enough to believe they lived in a free society”.

All three complaints lodged under section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act against Leak’s cartoon — depicting an Aboriginal police officer handing over a “wayward” boy to his father, who has forgotten his son’s name — have been dropped by the AHRC after two months of investigations.

“While less murderous than the tactics deployed by Islamist terrorists, the actions taken by the AHRC were no less authoritarian and they sprang from the same ­impulse: to use whatever means they have at their disposal to ­silence those with whom they disagree,” Leak says.

“Section 18C … was just the ­ticket. It provided them with the blunt and brutal weapon they were looking for.”

Using his case as an example of why the law should be repealed, Leak said his cartoon was not an attempt to “malign indigenous people on the basis of their race” but to “shine the spotlight on the truth of family dysfunction in indigenous communities”.

“It should never have even been possible for someone like me to be subjected to such illiberal persecution in Australia and if we, as Australians, are to continue to take pride in proclaiming ourselves to be citizens of a free country, I believe we will have to take steps to ensure it never happens to anyone else, ever again,” he says.

Commission president Gillian Triggs has said she must inquire into and attempt to conciliate all written complaints under 18C and the majority of matters are ­resolved within four months.

But Leak said the commission’s investigative procedures were “opaque” and “unsatisfactory”.

The Institute of Public Affairs welcomed the discontinuing of the third complaint against Leak but called it a “hollow win for free speech”. “A complaint doesn’t have to be successful for people to feel threatened,” director of policy Simon Breheny said.

Bill Leak has compared the Australian Human Rights Commission to “Islamist terrorists” as he calls for the repeal of contentious race-hate laws, hitting out at the agency for “persecuting” him over a provocative cartoon.
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9 thoughts on “The M.O. of Gillian Triggs’ ‘human rights’ circus is just like Islamic terrorism”

  1. Bill Leak reminds me of Ezra Levant and his battle with the Canadian HRC. Isn’t it amazing how the left uses the same tactic in every western country. But who wrote the playbook?

  2. The problem with this older generation claiming free speech is their lack of respect. The younger generation of today have grown up in a multicultural society and accept differences. The older generation grew up in a time where they were allowed to call people ‘wogs, abbos, slopehead etc’. The problem is they still want to. Claiming we don’t live in a free society would apply if he wanted to use Entheogens – not to associate it with wanting to still be a racist. It’s time these people from the older generation actually start accepting you can’t be disrespectful to other people. We need to grow up and mature as a society. If you want to be a racist or a bigot expect to be called out on it.

    1. That’s the morally supremacist argument. Because of your assumptions you hold a large part of the population in contempt and would therefore curtail freedom of speech for all. You should take a real good look in the mirror, Hannah, to see how mature you really are.

    2. Hannah,
      You are an idiot – and almost certainly a product of the joke that passes for university today. You can be disrespectful to others – as you have just been with your pointless diatribe against older Australians. Morons like you need to learn that there is no such thing as a “safe space”. IF YOU ARE TOLD SOMETHING YOU DO NOT LIKE THEN EITHER DEBATE THE POINT INTELLIGENTLY OR WALK AWAY – DO NOT TRY AND SILENCE OTHERS BECAUSE YOU DO NOT LIKE TO HEAR WHAT THEY SAY. If I call someone a name then that does not mean I am a racist or bigot – unless you are so incredibly stupid that you can only understand such comments in “black” or “white”. Incidentally, the people who are are usually disrespectful to others are not the older Australians, who have worked a lifetime to help build the country that morons like you are now trying to destroy, but juvenile idiots like yourself or people from immiscible cultures who labor under the false understanding that, in following the “teachings” of a 6th century criminal, they are special. Try and use your brain in the future.

  3. “The left has been finessing labels for years: racial preferences to affirmative action to diversity; abortion rights to pro-choice to reproductive rights; global warming to climate change; gay marriage to marriage equality; liberal to progressive. ”

    – Jack Cashill –

    It should never be allowed by backwards people like Triggs or Hannah to be considered “illegal” to accuse these criminals of their crimes, allegedly because the painful truth might offend them or hurt their feelings, and so “make” them commit even more crimes!

    No problem was ever solved by ignoring it, and we aren’t doing even any of these criminals any favours by going along with any of their historic lies and alibi excuses for their crimes.

    1. More of the same craziness:

      Teachers preaching politics at captive students

      This sounds almost like child abuse. A Sydney public school has indoctrinated nine-year-old students, who’ve now signed a school petition against child refugees in detention after being fed horror stories.

      Big surprise: the principal is a former Labor politician. What a coincidence that his views are now theirs, rather than those of most voters:

      A SYDNEY public school has transformed its nine-year-old students into political activists, having them launch a petition against child refugees in detention.

      1. This travesty will break the 18C terror machine. If it doesn’t, we are in deep shiite:

        The Australia-Japan Community Network has formally lodged a complaint against a Sydney World War II Memorial under the Racial Discrimination Act.

        This wicked law encourages offence-taking and empowers the kind of people who think arguments should be decided by judges and not debate.

        The ABC, now finally showing some interest on this restriction on free speech:

        A group of Japanese Australians today lodged a formal complaint against the Uniting Church using a section of the act we have been hearing a lot about in recent times 18C. They say that the monument on church grounds in Sydney create racial divisions and has offended and insulted many Japanese ex-pats….

        TETSUHIDE YAMAOKA, PRESIDENT, AUSTRALIA-JAPAN COMMUNITY NETWORK: We feel we are intimidated. We were targeted, that is for sure. The ‘comfort women’ statues being erected all over the world have never been a peaceful monument or commemoration for women. They always used as a tool of political activities or campaigns against Japan..

    1. How can the Turnbull Government allow this bullying and censorship?

      Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
      December 16, 2016 6:01am

      This is absurd and sinister. University students who said racial segregation is wrong now face yet another legal bid to punish them for hurting the feelings of people who support such apartheid.

      How can the Turnbull Government allow this bullying and censorship?

      A student’s Facebook post rallying against a university for segregating whites from an indigenous-only “safe space” was offensive, insulting, humiliating and intimidating for Aboriginal students, according to a senior barrister.

      Greg McIntyre SC … has been retained by Cindy Prior to try to appeal the dismissal last month of her 18C case against three students.

      Mr McIntyre’s legal submissions show he will try to persuade the Federal Court that when Alex Wood posted on Facebook in May 2013, he was contending that the Queensland University of Technology “should not provide (Aboriginal people) with the ­benefit of a ‘special measure’ — a designated computer lab”.

      Mr Wood, an engineering student, wrote on Facebook: “Just got kicked out of the unsigned ­indigenous computer room. QUT stopping segregation with segregation?”, shortly after the Oodgeroo Unit’s administrative officer, Ms Prior, asked him if he was indigenous, then told him and his two white friends to leave.

      Mr McIntyre … states in his outline that the judge who dismissed the 18C case had failed to take into account that Aboriginal people would have been affected by the suggestion they as a “group should have no entitlement to the ‘special measure’”…

      Mr McIntyre said there was a cumulative effect as other students wrote posts including that an indigenous-only computer lab was ‘more retarded than a Women’s Collective’, and ‘we need a room strictly for white males, so I can wear my fedora and wallet chain without being mocked, I’m being oppressed here’.

      “Judge Jarrett failed to consider, or express any consideration of, the effect upon the self-esteem or dignity of Aboriginal students of the QUT of the publication of the discussion of the idea that they should not be entitled to the benefit of a special measure in the form of the provision of a computer laboratory,’’ his outline states.

      Federal Court Justice John Dowsett will today hear a bid by Ms Prior’s legal team to be permitted an opportunity to appeal, ­despite having missed the deadline last month. The lawyers for the students will oppose the bid.

      The plug must be pulled on this circus. We are talking about years of legal battles, hundreds of the thousands of dollars of costs, lives turned upside down, reputations damaged, passions inflamed – and all because of some banter between students who are actually against the racial division that their persecutors support.

      Mad, mad, mad and bad. And however this is ultimately resolved, lives will have been ruined and all for nothing. The process here is the punishment, and none of the participants will really win.

      Scrap this wicked law now.

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