Australia Day Violence: fascist thugs attack police

Our new fascists: another Leftist rally turns violent

While Trump is restoring law and order to America, the left are marching with giant vaginas on their heads.

It’s perfect.

But in Australia leftoids are out for a fight:

The Left at workThe Left at work

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

An anti-Australia Day rally turns violent, once again demonstrating that the Left now tends to be the evil it describes.

And once again, police are made the punching bags by people preaching peace:

A YOUNG woman was knocked unconscious and a police officer injured after an “Invasion Day” protest march in Sydney erupted into violence when police arrested a man as protesters tried to set fire to an Australian flag.

Police officers were shoved in the back, with one suffering injuries to his leg, as they tried to prevent protesters setting a flag alight surrounded by thousands of people.

Indigenous elders who helped organised the march condemned the violence, which they said had marred an otherwise peaceful protest, with the radical Left hijacking the rally.

And brought to you by the usual suspects, including the union representing people teaching our children:

The protest march was organised by the Fighting In Resistance Equally network, which includes a number of indigenous organisations as well representatives from The Greens NSW, Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association, Maritime Union of Australia Sydney branch, Socialist Alliance and the National Tertiary Education Union NSW.

3 thoughts on “Australia Day Violence: fascist thugs attack police”

  1. Unfortunately, Australia Day has devolved into an apartheid identity syndrome where minority stakeholders push their racist and phobic accusing agendas onto the rest of us.

  2. The leftist amoebas are out of the swamp again!
    Find one Aboriginal of any varying shade “Black – Grey – White ” who has been directly affected by or who was on the spot when Arthur Phillip step ashore and then they would have a case. Australia Day is the 26th January and it was the day Australia was colonised not invaded, it was the day that British law and British culture was introduced to a backward and prehistoric minded land. Australia could have just as well been colonised by the Dutch, Portuguese, French or the Russians but thank god we were colonised by the British.
    These two bit socialist, hurt feeling and age of entitlement losers should stop stealing our oxygen and maybe fight for something that would enhance Aboriginal society and not drive the wedge between them and the people who end up paying for all their services. THE AUSTRALIAN TAXPAYER!

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