Australia: Jihad Mufti Wants Stronger Blasphemy Laws

Here’s a better idea: Muslims should pay a terrorist security tax to cover their presence here,  much like they get us to pay halal certification. In addition, we should make them pay for every potential terrorist attack, and for keeping their terrorists out of circulation. Furthermore, 18C should be used rigorously against Mohammedan hate-preachers, whenever they incite violence against disbelievers.

All ideologies must be subject to critical thought, analysis, satire and debate.

Australia’s Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed

Muslim push for 18C protection

Australia’s Grand Mufti has called for Muslims to be given the same protections as ethnic groups under section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, saying the law must be “strengthened”, not weakened, in the interest of minor­ities.

The push to broaden the act is already drawing criticism from conservative government MPs, with one Liberal senator warning it would be tantamount to creating a “national blasphemy law”.

Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, the Grand Mufti since 2011, has added his voice to a growing backlash from community, relig­ious and ethnic groups against reforming section 18C, in a cam­paign that will test Malcolm Turnbull’s ­resolve to change the law.

In his submission to the freedom-of-speech inquiry, which the Prime Minister ordered to examine 18C and the role of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Dr Mohammed says any ­“watering down” of the law would “expose” minority groups — especially Muslims — to discrimin­ation, vilification and hate speech.

He also recommends amending the act to include the prohibition of religious vilification to cover Muslims and all religions, in accordance with article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Victorian Liberal senator James Paterson, a member of the parliamentary joint committee on human rights inquiring into 18C, slammed the idea as “very dangerous”. “Effectively that would mean Australia has a nation­al blasphemy law because criticising someone’s religious belief­s in a way that offended them could breach the law.

“That would mean legitimate criticism of religion or religious beliefs could become unlawful in Australia,” Senator Paterson said.

“Religion shouldn’t be off limits­ for public criticism and debate­, and widening this law would mean atheists, who often ridicule religious beliefs … would effect­ively be stopped from critic­ising ­religion.”

As the committee prepares to embark on hearings nationwide, The Australian can reveal there is some sceptic­ism within government ranks that the inquiry process can prod­uce a clear and workable path toward­s reform.

It is illegal under section 18C to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate a person on the basis of race, colour, or national or ethni­c origin­. The AHRC says “ethnic origin” has been broadly interpreted in several jurisdictions to include Jewish and Sikh people but does not cover Muslims as the faith is widespread and across many nations and languages.

It can consider claims of racial hatred made by Muslims “if on the face of the information they have provided it appears the act of racial ­hatred is connected to their race, colour, or national or ethnic ­origin”.

But if a person alleges that they have been subjected­ to hate speech “solely on the basis of their Muslim identity in an area outside their employment”, the AHRC would say their concerns were not covered­ by the act.

5 thoughts on “Australia: Jihad Mufti Wants Stronger Blasphemy Laws”

  1. muslims are insulted because of what they do to others. How dare this muslim imbecile threathen Australians who wish to comment on his beliefs – this person insults us every day and it is a two way street. People need to contact their federal government representative and raise concern on the potential misuses of 18C to protect people who are undeserving of any protection. particularly when the rest of the community is then placed at risk.

  2. No doubt about them but I’s sure they’ll get a lot of support from the left (aka the new far right).
    The same tactics the Nazis used.
    If you can’t criticize religion there would have been no Reformation. Muslims cannot carve themselves a position of untouchable privilege in Western countries but they are sure trying and they seem to be winning.

  3. This is right up there with the latest “Halal” scam! The new halal tax on Refrigerant Gases! Yes you got it, some gas suppliers are now charging the halal tax on Glycol and other such refrigerant gases. A religious tax on GAS, how these raving desert camel jockeys can keep getting away with these types of scams is unbelievable.

  4. “Muslims should pay a terrorist security tax to cover their presence here, much like they get us to pay halal certification. “

    Great idea.

    “, Dr Mohammed says any ­“watering down” of the law would “expose” minority groups — especially Muslims — to discrimin­ation, vilification and hate speech.”

    Has he explained why ‘especially muslims’ would be the target of ‘hate speech’ – any more so than Quakers, Scientologists or New Agers. I mean, how could he possibly suggest such a thing? What is he, some sort of closet islamophobe?
    What’s not to like about the exemplary lives that muslims live worldwide and the wonderful societies they’ve produced (that they flee from in droves) ?

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