British Media Notices That Some Australians are Preparing to Resist Islamisation, Reports on the “Q-Society”

As per Rebecca Perring, for “The Express”, fisked  by Christina McIntosh:
“It’s Not Merely a Religion”.  Secret Party Vowing to “reduce Islam” Soars in Popularity.’

“A secretive (no: ‘a sensibly security-conscious’ – CM) organisation has promised to “reduce Islam” and encourage a “more human rights version” of the religion, in the wake of terror attacks.

‘The mysterious (sic: not ‘mysterious’ at all, they have a website on which all their principles, aims and preferred method of proceeding are clearly stated for the benefit of anyone who cares to deploy google and then spend a bit of time reading – CM) is now gaining ground and support for the “Islam-critical Movement” across Australia and has decided to embrace the limelight.

Here’s the official website, which has been out there in cyberspace for some time, open to anyone who cared to take a squiz.

‘It is a far cry from the days when the group insisted that members sign a non-disclosure agreement if they wanted to attend one of its meetings.

This was an elementary security measure for a group that was started on a shoestring budget and did not want to unnecessarily expose itself to the attentions of the kinds of persons who, for example, murdered Dutch film-maker Theo Van Gogh in 2004 and, some years later, massacred French cartoonists at the headquarters of “Charlie Hebdo”. – CM

‘But now the anti-Islam party is publicly promoting a $150-a-head (89 pounds) fundraising dinner in Sydney and Melbourne, which will feature speeches from well-known local councillors.

‘Councillors’?  No: Federal Parliamentarians.  The dinner will be attended by George Christensen, MP, who represents a regional Australian electorate in the House of Representatives in the Parliament of Australia; and by Senator Cory Bernardi, who represents South Australia in the Senate of the same Parliament.  Another guest is the formidably erudite scholar and author, Rev Dr Mark Durie, best known for his two books “Which God?” and “The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom”.   Just the chance to hear and to meet with Dr Durie is more than worth the price of admission. – CM

‘Leaders say the secretive (sic: security-conscious – CM) group is gathering momentum across the pond in the wake of multiple Islamist terror attacks.

‘Deputy president Ralf Schumann said now is the big moment to “reduce Islam” and encourage a “more human rights friendly” version of the religion.

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that– CM

‘He said: “More people are aware, they see the problems in their backyard, their community. The public has picked up on it more with every bombing, stabbing, forced marriage and child bride.

Yes, it is starting to get a bit hard to ignore. – CM

“If you look back ten years, you won’t read about these issues.

“Everything was fantastic, everyone wanted a falafel or a kebab.

“With Islam, the problem grows exponentially.  We’re probably ten years behind Britain and Europe, but we’re catching up fast.

“The main thing is to reduce the numbers, not let it grow any further; and take the status out of it in our so-called multicultural society”.

In other words: end Muslim immigration (and about time, too!); and stop the endless Islamopuffery in our media, the continual representation of Islam and Muslims as something ‘cool’ and exotic and oh-so-fashionable, which is coupled with eager publication of Muslim pantomimes of victimhood, and a concomitant refusal to report accurately – or at all – on all those instances where Muslims are the bullying majority and infidels are the victimised and vulnerable minority. – CM

‘Australia’s newest political party’s manifesto states that “Islam is not merely a religion, it is a totalitarian ideology with global aspirations”.

This, of course, is moderately obvious to anyone who has read the Quran and / or the Sira and Hadiths.  One may also consult ex-Muslim Patrick Sookhdeo’s books “Global Jihad” and “Faith, Power and Territory”, or ex-Muslim Sam Solomon’s book “Al-Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”.  Or certain chapters in John Roy Carlson’s “Cairo to Damascus” (1951) in which he describes his meeting with and interview of Hassan al-Banna, a head honcho of the Ikhwan or Muslim Brotherhood, and includes a chapter entitled “World of the Koran: Islam, Islam Uber Alles”. – CM

‘The party is affiliated with the Australian Liberty Alliance, and global organisation ‘Stop the Islamisation of Nations” (SION), which brought right-wing (sic: let’s just drop the ‘right-wing’, shall we? – say rather, ‘patriot’ or ‘Islamo-critical’ – CM) Dutch politician Geert Wilders to speak in Australia.

‘Q Society has 1000 registered members across Australia who donate sums of anything from $5 (3 pounds) to $5,000 (3,000 pounds).

‘But the organisation’s popularity hasn’t gone without receiving harsh criticism.

The Muslims have noticed that not all kuffar in Australia are behaving like well-groomed and submissive Dhimmis, and they don’t like it, not at all. – CM

‘Keysar Trad, from the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, said Q Society spreads “disturbing baseless Islamophobia” (sic – but really? baseless?? – after all the mass-murderous mohammedan plots to kill lots of Aussie infidels, that have luckily been foiled by our police and ASIO in the past three to four years, besides – on Aussie soil – the achieved Muslim murders of a police accountant and of two hapless British backpackers and the attempted murders of two cops, and of an inoffensive Aussie who was walking his dog in a park in Minto, Sydney, besides the achieved Muslim mass murders in, just for starters, a Berlin Christmas market and on the foreshore at Nice on Bastille Day, what’s ‘phobic’ about taking a leery view of Islam and its allahu-akbaring adherents? – CM)

but said some subscribed to their message because of a lack of good information about Islam.

ROFLMAO.  The more one finds out about Islam – from reading its foundation texts and from reading non-whitewashed accounts (including the many gleeful and proudly-boastful accounts written by Muslims themselves) of its 1400-year mass-murderous and civilisation-destroying progress across three (now five) continents, the less one likes it.  As for Mr Keysar Trad, no journalist worth their salt should give him even one second of airtime.  It was a supreme court judge who, on evidence presented, concluded that the egregious and slimy Mr Trad was a “disgraceful individual” who, among other nasty things, was a rabid antisemtite.  – CM

‘However, Mr Schumann argues, “Islamophobia” is a bogus concept.

Precisely. – CM

‘He told, “It’s basic slander, the usual stuff to shut people up.  Call them a Nazi, a bigot. I don’t think it’s racist.  It’s concern about one particular ideology.

Yes.  The screeching accusations of ‘Islamophobia’ are meant to shame people into de facto conformity with the blasphemy ‘law’ of Islam, the rule that no-one is permitted to question or criticise the cult or any aspect thereof or anything that its adherents (in obeying the diktats of the cult) do to one another or to non-adherents. – CM

“You probably don’t remember how it used to be when you boarded an aircraft, it was like getting on a train or a tram. The change is certainly not because of crazy Hindus or Jews.  Terror works.”

And thus far, the Express.  One hopes that the Q Society website will be getting lots of ‘hits’ now, from curious Aussie – and non-Aussie – infidels. And perhaps lots of new members and donors.  And one also hopes that the fundraiser (and awareness-raising) dinner will be a roaring success.  Certainly, having myself heard Dr Durie speak on several different occasions (and topics) and having read all his books, I would recommend that any person who is within travelling distance, and can afford to attend this dinner, should do so, just to hear Dr Durie.  – CM

5 thoughts on “British Media Notices That Some Australians are Preparing to Resist Islamisation, Reports on the “Q-Society””

  1. the “pale horseman” only gets 1/4th of the world at best. Altho the destruction is horrible.

  2. NOT impressed with the Q society’s listed “Australian Values” any more than I am with contender Kellie Leitch’s version of
    “Canadian Values:”

    1. FAIR DINKUM – OK, wariness of idolatry and a healthy disrespect of “Authority” (deferring one’s own rights and responsibilities to think and act for one’s self onto ‘experts’).

    So far, so good – BUT then…

    2. FAIR GO – seems a tad liberal to me: desperately wanting to pre-judge everyone as innocent until NEVER proven guilty, and the general hatred for ‘borders’ (as idolatrously abstracted or removed from any sane situational circumstances) itself borders on the insane. What’s next – calling all illegal immigrants (aka criminal TRESPASSERS) “Undocumented!”?

    3. FREEDOM (“from all boundaries! Whee!”) well doesn’t that just sound so preciously libtarded, too.

    4. MATESHIP – oh the joys of enforced altruism aka SLAVERY.

    5. ANZAC SPIRIT – sounds suspiciously like “going native” to me!

    6. EGALITARIANISM union-worship and cutting down tall poppies sounds communist to me. Envy isn’t ever pretty.

    7. COMMUNITY SPIRIT – more forced altruism = commie spirit.

    Sayyyy – it’s really surprising the globalist leftards haven’t been celebrating you as one of their own. I guess it’s really only all the anti-islamic “Racism” which they still find offputting after all!


    1. Okay, I’ll bite. You can’t win even a leftover sausage if you don’t appeal to what people identify with and hold dear. A ‘fair go’ is just the benefit of the doubt as far as I’m concerned, to some Aussies it may mean more, but generally, that’s it. ‘Freedom?’ Yes, we know its done to death, that’s why our political party is called “Liberty Alliance”, for good reason. Mateship and ANZAC spirit have meaning in Australian society that resonates with old and young alike, it is not something that we would diss. In the bush and out on sea it means people will go to any length to help if you’re in trouble. City-slickers may not think much of this, but it is there and it is quite strong. Egalitarianism for us means equal before the law and equal in opportunity, it doesn’t mean redistribution and Marxism. Community spirit here is alive in the same sense, in no way forced. These things make us Aussies quite different from those who grew up in other western ‘democracies’. What I find deplorable here is above everything our horrible media, our political clown gallery, the lack of enforceable free speech laws and the right to bear arms. Despite of all that, we live in one of the greatest places on earth.

  3. How to say goodbye to islam Globally
    • incarcerate the islam appeasers (the politicians’) masters
    • incarcerate the islam appeasing politicians politicals … etc
    • jail the non-islam suicidal self-hater (aka Lefts) islam assistors
    • purge islam … Globally
    • pulverise every mosque
    • purge the non-islam criminal African Tribals (some are aka Sudanese)
    (Return Australia to be islam & African tribal FREE)

    What happens … otherwise
    1. islams force non-islams to convert to islam.
    2. islams force non-islams “of the book” (ie. Christians/Jews) to willingly agree to be slaves of islam.
    3. islams rape plunder then kill all non-islams “of the book” (ie. Christians/Jews) who will not convert or be willingly enslaved and not of the book non-islams who wont convert … to islam.
    (the three tenets of islam)

    So …
    suicidal self hating non-islams …
    many are observed to be middle aged to older females …
    (part of the Wacko Crowd who excuse islams for … everything … and then assist islams invade in every way)
    ie. TRAITORS

    Ladies” … and “ the Other Lefts
    ie. TRAITORS
    You now know WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN to you !!!
    at least you will die painfully “happy” … being raped to death by islams … as is happening in Europe … right NOW !!!

    Purge islam … Globally !!!
    or islam will WILLINGLY & SURELY purge you !!!

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