How Importing Vast Numbers of Potential Terrorists Fights Terrorism


There is a line between totally full of baloney and psychopathologically delusional. Barking from atop the CNN soapbox, Robert Verkaik crosses it:

I believe that Germany’s open-door refugee policy will, in the long run, help protect Germans from terrorism.

Surely, he can back up this preposterous statement, or he wouldn’t have made it. No wait — he can’t:

Rather than focus on the imagined [!!!!] links between terrorism and immigration, we should look at the long-term benefits of pursuing a plan that is helping to build stronger multi-cultural communities that can fight extremism.

In Germany, this policy is already delivering results with vital intelligence being passed by resident Muslims to the country’s domestic security service, the BND.

Importing massive numbers of Muslims reduces Muslim terrorism because occasionally some of the Muslims rat each other out. Literally, that is his argument.

There is also evidence around the case of the Berlin market investigation that community informants have played their part in warning about the threat posed by prime suspect Anis Amri before the attack.

These community informants did not prevent 12 people from being killed and a German tradition from being fast-tracked for demise when Amri hijacked a truck and drove it through a Christmas market.

Leftists are not helping their cause by making outlandish assertions that insult our intelligence. We know that not all Muslims are terrorists, or even approve of terrorism. We also know that virtually all terrorism in the West is inflicted by Muslim foreigners, Muslim immigrants, the offspring of Muslim immigrants, or losers motivated by the malevolent ideology imported by Muslim immigrants. We know that unassimilable Muslim communities spawn terrorists and provide them with a base from which to operate.

Immigrants from anywhere can be a blessing if they arrive in numbers that can be assimilated. But importing vast hordes from the Islamic world that has been waging a terror war against Western Civilization is either treasonous or insane.

syrian refugees
Leaving the door open is not going to reduce terror, obviously.

4 thoughts on “How Importing Vast Numbers of Potential Terrorists Fights Terrorism”

  1. ‘Multi-cultural’ again!

    There are only TWO “cultures” in nature: predation, and symbiosis; aka crime and civilization.

    “Multiculturalism” pretends that, because all the mere superficial symptoms of growing up in different parts of the world (appearance, skin tone, sartorial variances and ‘preferences’ for, and familiarity with, various types of ‘ethnic’ foods, all really only depending on environment) are of only negligible importance, that “All Cultures Must Be The Same!”

    (And to shallowly concentrate on these merely geographical symptoms to group-stereotype people, is idolatry).

    As if raising generations under the indoctrinating cultural imperative of “THOU SHALT KILL!” would make absolutely no difference in any subsequent social norms, when compared to raising a populace of children with “THOU SHALT NOT KILL!”

    So, having implicitly endorsed the notion that “nurture” (or cultural indoctrination) has nothing to do with why all the islamic nations are at the exact bottom of all the global development indices, the liberals have left only “nature” (or race) as the explanation for it. ‘Either’ that, or (really: and) that the more cunning and intelligent whites have swindled them out of their property and so relegated them to perpetual poverty.

    But in reality, Islam’s own most official instruction manual, the Qur’an, declares islam was created by “god” to violently destroy and replace all “other” religions and cultures in the world. The subsequent actions of their followers confirm this. They slanderously hold it is not only their right, but also their holy duty to their god, to always attack all the non-muslims in the world first, before the infidels can “inevitably” attack the muslims.

    Further, they have declared it their “right” to murder anyone who even verbally declares their defensive opposition to the moslem’s attacks, in declaring it “blasphemy” (a ‘crime’ punishable by death) to resist their extortions.

    And so it is obvious that from this decision to embrace the brazen rule of crime and chaos, (to always attack first) they have inflicted distrust, stagnation, and barbarism on them selves and all others they come into contact with.

    We, on the other hand, by agreeing to embrace the Golden Rule of Law (most simply put as “Do Not Attack First”) have enabled trust, progress, and civilization.

  2. probably, most liberals really believe that they are improving their nations by importing people of other cultures (i happen to agree, so long as those being imported are not muslims). most likely, they also believe that all religions are the same, that they are all equally stupid, and all completely unworthy of examination. they have the right to believe that and to say so.

    leaders, OTOH, are responsible for their entire nation, and have a heavy responsibility. they need to be watching out for threats. fortunately, they usually have far greater resources than ordinary citizens, and can easily dispatch a subordinate to check something out – like islam. a leader who does not do so, if only to discredit his opponents, which is what any smart politician would do, is a fool. such a person is utterly incompetent, and has no business being a leader.

    the fact that so many leaders appear to know nothing of islam is horrifying. are so many leaders actually that stupid, or could it be something else? a little thought shows that almost all western leaders are liberal or leftist. the left has typically been violent to its opponents when it takes over a nation, and almost always establishes dictatorships when its revolutions succeed. could it be possible that like minds, which have been trained alike, are all thinking the same thing?

    perhaps these people are *not* stupid, and actually *want* people to be murdered in the streets. if that happens, citizens will demand that their national governments do something. leftist leaders could then declare martial law, then impose a permanent dictatorship, and hide the inevitable roundup and murder of dissidents among the murders of muslims while making society “safe” again. however, i suspect that the muslims, being by far the more-experienced group of murderers, would come out on top, but in either case, civilization would end.

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