Vehicle Jihad in J’lem

Jerusalem truck attack: 15 injured after truck rams into crowd

At least 15 people have been injured after a truck rammed into a group of people in Jerusalem.

At least three people killed, yes, it is a terrorist attack …..

The driver has reportedly been shot.

Police are now looking to identify the terrorist.


Hamas’s official media already calling ramming attack in Jerusalem “heroic”

Typical AP BS reporting:

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli police say a truck has rammed into a group of soldiers in Jerusalem.

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri says the truck veered off course Sunday and struck a group of soldiers who had just disembarked from a bus. She says the attacker has been neutralized.

Israel’s rescue service MDA says at least 15 soldiers have been wounded, including two critically.

Since last year, Palestinian attackers have killed 36 Israelis and two visiting Americans in a series of mostly stabbing attacks. During that time, 229 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire. Israel says most of the Palestinians killed were attackers while the rest died in clashes.

Israel says the violence is driven by Palestinian incitement. Palestinians say it’s the result of nearly 50 years of Israeli occupation

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  1. I wonder if there will ever come a day when a kuffar nation declares that Islam is banned, all muslim institutions seized, and all muslims given an ultimatum – leave or abandon islam?

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