.Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph, 

Along with many more than one million claimed refugees, Germany has invited a hideous increase in the world’s ghastliest “cultural” tradition.

Gates of Vienna, via translation of a German news piece, reports:

There are approximately 47,300 victims of female genital mutilation living in Germany. This emerges from the first survey of the national prevalence of the phenomenon, introduced by the Federal Ministry for Families today.

The 6th of February is an action day for the United Nations and several rescue organizations opposing the practice, which is widespread mainly in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, but also in Indonesia in Southeast Asia. In the process of being mutilated, often girls as under five years old have their outer genitalia cut. The clitoris and labia are amputated and partially sewn closed.

Millions of women experience severe trauma during this procedure, as well later on during intercourse and giving birth. While the circumcision of boys may be justified for the purposes of better hygiene and the prevention of ailments, there are no medical arguments at all for cutting the genitals of girls.

According to the study, the number of women affected in Germany rose by 30 percent from end of 2014 through mid-2016 because of immigration from states where this cruel tradition is practiced.

The UN has done a great job stamping this out. Not. It continues in developing nations and is now prevalent throughout the first world.