Muslim Indonesia Fears Infidels Wake Up & Stop the Islamic Expansion Project

Modern, Moderate Indonesia Opposes Any Infidel Self-Defence Against Jihad, Attacks Trump Immigration Policies

As reported by Adam Harvey, Indonesia correspondent for Australia’s reliably-Islamophile ABC.

“Donald Trump’s Immigration Order Sparks Fear in Muslim-Majority Indonesia’.

Yeah, they’re afraid that the carelessly open door through which Muslim colonists have been able to pour into the Lands of the Infidels and establish their colonies and forward operating bases might just possibly be about to start shutting. – CM

US President Donald Trump’s immigration policies are going down badly in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation.

So?  The USA can survive without Muslim Indonesia, and the sooner the USA figures that out, and stops the flow of Indonesian Muslims into the USA, along with the flow of any other kind of Muslims, the better. – CM

‘One top analyst has told the ABC the policy will help extremists (bzzzzt! buzz-phrase bingo!  “resisting jihad causes jihad”, I see, and all that… nonsense.  The policy will stop some jihadis from getting in; it will begin, just a little, to cut the ummah, inside the gates, back down to size.  What’s needed, of course, but has to be gradually worked up to, in the present state of affairs, because of so many Useful Idiots who refuse to see the necessity, is a total and permanent ban on the entry into any Infidel country, of any person from any OIC country, other than – very carefully vetted – a bona fide member of the persecuted and abused indigenous non-Muslim minorities, such as Copts from Egypt or Yazidis and Christians from Syria.  If NO Muslims had been admitted inside the gates of the USA from, oh, about 1900 onward to the present day, then many, many many Americans would be alive, who now are dead… dead at the hands of allahu-akbaring Muslims, dead on September 11 2001, dead in San Bernardino, dead at Fort Hood, dead at the “Pulse” nightclub in Orlando…and then there are the many, many people who, though not killed, were maimed for life by the Muslim attack on the Boston Marathon – CM) and undoes years of good work by previous US presidents to avoid a “clash of civilisations“.

No, it’s a very small step toward bringing an end to years of grovelling appeasement of the Ummah and dhimmi-like or vassal-like payment of extorted jizya or tribute. – CM

‘A US federal judge in Seattle has granted a nationwide temporary restraining order effectively blocking the executive order, but the Trump administration is expected to immediately appeal the decision.

‘Philips Vermonte, director of Jakarta’s Centre for Strategic and International Studies (and, no doubt, a very well-paid and well-conditioned Dhimmi, if not a Nuaym bin Masud – CM) said Mr Trump’s orders “did not resonate well in Indonesia”.

Who cares?  Why is it taken for granted that this or that Muslim country must always be pleased and flattered and appeased, and that if they do not approve of something, the Infidels, anywhere in the world, must hop to it, and amend their ways, or else?  I have read V S Naipaul’s chapters on Muslim-dominated Indonesia, in his books “Among the Believers” and “Beyond Belief”. They were not reassuring.  And one has only to reflect on recent past history – the mass murders and mass rapes of non-Musilm Chinese (whether Christian or Buddhist) on the pretext of opposing Communists, the Jihad in the Moluccas that resulted in the displacement and mass-murder and gang rapes and forced ‘conversions’ to Islam of thousands upon thousands of indigenous Christians, and the ongoing exploitation, dispossession, abuse – and forced conversion, in certain cases – of the indigenous Melanesian Christians and animists of West Papua, seized by Indonesia during the 1960s – to recognise that like all countries steeped in Islam, Indonesia is not to be trusted and ought not to be trusted by any sensible Infidel polity. – CM

“I think it reinforces the view that President Trump is some kind of a, quote unquote, racist President – in the eyes of people outside the US, of course,” he said.

No, he is a patriot who has taken just one or two very small steps toward what is necessary to protect his homeland from the Global Jihad which is being waged not so much by open and direct military assault as by infiltration and subversion, the establishment of a Fifth Column inside infidel lands, out of which murderous attacks on Infidels are conducted, along with all kinds of other less obvious attacks.  America and much of the rest of the Infidel world is being white-anted by the Hijrah; to know what that is one must read ex-Muslim Sam Solomon’s useful book, “Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”, in combination, preferably, with ex-Muslim Patrick Sookhdeo’s longer and denser tome, “Faith, Power and Territory”.  I observe that, these days, the word ‘racist’ seems often simply to mean “somebody who refuses to allow Muslims to walk all over him or her”. – CM

‘Dr Vermonte said his policies “destroyed” the hard work of previous presidents after September 11 2001 to avoid a “clash of civilisations” between Muslims and non-Muslims.

No, it ends years of grovelling appeasement and refusal to face, head-on, the fact of the resurgent and petrodollar-turbocharged Global Jihad which is not caused by anything that Infidels do or do not do, apart from remaining Infidel rather than abjectly submitting to Islam, whether as converts to Islam, or as near-slave Dhimmis. – CM

“Now Trump, with a signature on an executive order, has destroyed that overnight”, he said.

And a good thing, too; he has made a start on putting an end to denial and appeasement of the mohammedan menace; a  menace which was cutting a bloody swathe through humanity on three continents for over a thousand years before ever the “Mayflower” sailed from Plymouth. – CM

‘Just days after Mr Trump’s inauguration was welcomed as the start of a strong new relationship by powerful Cabinet Minister Luhut Panjaitan, Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi released a statement saying she had “deep regrets” about Mr Trump’s immigration orders that appeared to target one religion.

When that ‘one religion’ contains the Verse of the Sword – when its founder, (as the redoubtable John Quincy Adams, 6th president of the United States unforgettably observed in a sentence of admirable lucidity) “declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind” – then ‘targeting’ adherents of that religion, in order to keep them out of one’s country, makes perfect sense.  Why admit people who follow such a ‘prophet’ and admire him as the ‘perfect man, an excellent example of conduct’?  Suppose the Thuggee cult had survived to the present day. Would any sane nation permit its known adherents to enter their gates in large numbers, unquestioned and unimpeded?  –  CM

‘President Joko Widodo released a blander statement saying that there was no need for Indonesians to fret becasue the new policies did not affect Indonesia.

Yet.  One hopes that, in the end, all Muslim-ruled majority-Muslim nations, members of the Islamintern or O.I.C, will find themselves on the list of personae non gratae, their card-carrying citizens – unless proven to be non-Muslim, such as, for example, members of the Buddhist or Christian Chinese community in Indonesia – calmly and matter-of-factly prevented from entering the USA on any pretext whatsoever. – CM

Dr Vermonte said the policies would aid extremists.

Rubbish. All pious Muslims in Indonesia already hate the USA, because the USA is an Infidel state, and because Muslims are taught  – as a part of their religion in its most basic form – to hate and despise Infidels, especially unsubmitted and insubmissive Infidels.  Some, for various reasons, and for a time, may choose to conceal that hatred, and may for various reasons choose not to act upon it, or at least, not yet; but hatred of and contempt for the filthy kuffar is part and parcel of Islam. – CM

“It may give fertile ground to the conservative narrative that the US is against Islam – that the American people don’t like Muslims”.

Hm.  But what if they are already primed, by their religion, to hate Americans, because Americans are Infidels? I seem to recall a passage of the Islamic texts that speaks of “enmity and hatred” that are to be directed by Muslims, against the Infidels, qua Infidels.  I seem to remember Quran surah 48.29, that states that Muslims are “harsh” (or cruel, or severe, or stern) toward the Infidels, and ‘compassionate’ only toward one another.  I remember the central principle of “loyalty and enmity” – loyalty to fellow Muslims (of the right sect, of course, and sufficiently sharia-compliant), only; enmity toward all kuffar, qua kuffar.  And the Islamic texts already teach that all kuffar, qua kuffar, are the inveterate enemies of Islam, and Muslims.  Dr Vermonte surely knows all of this. He is therefore in total denial; or he is deliberately lying, when he is claiming that indonesian Muslims will be nice to Americans, if only Americans are seen to be sufficiently nice, sufficiently accommodating, toward Muslims, whether in Indonesia, or anywhere else.

There is a lady in Israel who is much more clear-headed than our Dr Vermonte, who is busy misinforming our Aussie reporter, Adam Harvey.

Here is what she says – “You can never be nice enough to the Muslims – they want your country, your religion, and your life”.

She concludes, “Listen to what I ‘m going to tell you now. And trust me, as an American-born Israeli who has lived with Muslim terror for fifty years, it’s the truth.  They hate you not because of how you treat them, but because you exist and you don’t believe in their religion, or their wondrous prophet.  Because you treat women and homosexuals as human beings.  Because you won’t agree that they take over your country, and your lives, and submit to their rules.

“So when you die, they will tell you it’s all your fault. Because you made them made. You made them really, really mad, so that whatever horrors they are at this very moment busily planning to inflict on you (because that’s the only thing they are good at, the only thing they believe in), you deserve them. It is inevitable, and you should have seen it coming.

“And so if you welcome them into your country, and give them good jobs and educaitons, and you throw them baby showers, and allow their foreign-born fiancees K-1 visas to enter the country, they will add to their anger their contempt, because you are weak and foolish, and don’t understand, that they are at war with you, and want you dead…

“I feel sorry for you, America, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain.  So many more of you are going to die trying to be “nice” to the Muslims.

“Trying to make life good for them, until you realize they hate you and want you dead, no matter what you do for them.

“You and your wife and your kids. Dead or sold into slavery or raped or educated to be killers. Dead, or willing to be part of their new world order, the great Caliphate..”.

And so, back to our uninformed or misinformed Australian ABC journalist, in Indonesia, unquestioningly swallowing the nonsense peddled by a smooth apologist for Islam, this ‘Dr Vermonte’ of Jakarta’s “Centre for Strategic and International Studies”, who is so upset about those incipient signs of Infidel resistance to Jihad, manifested by the new American President. – CM

“It will make it harder for Muslims dealing with the conservative discourse and even terrorism. People seem to share the view that the US is against Islam.’

They are taught that all Kuffar are against Islam.  Which is projection, plain and simple, because it is Islam that has set itself against the whole of the non-Muslim world, dividing the planet into dar al Islam, the zone of subjection, where Islam rules, absolutely, and the Dar al Harb, the zone of War, which is to be warred against, by Muslims, until it is all gone, its people dead, or converted, or reduced to Dhimmitude, and there is nothing left in the world, anywhere, but Islam, Islam, Islam. – CM

‘On the streets of Jakarta, young students at one university campus said that they were concerned about Mr Trump’s immigration policies.

“I think it is such a loss.  America is a superpower.  Why would they be racist to Muslims?  They can be more open, it’s a new world”, said one student.

Pffft.  Malay Muslims in Indonesia are deeply racist – and bigoted – towards the non-Muslim non-Malay Chinese.  And the USA has every right to keep out of the USA people who believe it is their allah-given right to dominate the whole wide world and force everyone else in it to bend to their – the Muslims’ – will, and live by the inhuman unlaw that is the sharia of Islam.   But as for ‘racism’ – this is not about race at all. This is about ideology; about keeping out of the USA at least some card-carrying adherents of a very, very nasty and aggressive ideology.  It would be no loss to America, or any other Infidel country, if all Muslims were excluded, henceforward.  The presence of those who have already gotten in through the gates has made life – for the resident infidels, whether immigrant or indigenous – much more unpleasant, expensive and physically deadly-dangerous, than would have been the case, without that Muslim Fifth Column.  Because… Got Muslims? Got Jihad. –  CM

“Donald Trump is a very firm president, disciplined, and committed”  said another.  “But I think he should also be firmly keeping the tolerance in America. The American people don’t consist of Americans alone, but people from many countries like Indonesia”.

The Malay Muslim Indonesian presence within the gates of the USA is, so far as one can discover, minimal and minuscule.. and it ought to be kept that way (a quick google round turned up the information that at present the vast majority of persons of “Indonesian” origin, in the USA, are of Chinese ethnicity, and Christian faith).  Muslim Indonesians read the same Quran, Sira and Hadiths, and have exactly the same murderous warlord as their ultimate role model, as all other Muslims in the world.  

My advice to President Donald Trump: it is time for the USA to disengage, adroitly and over time, but with decision, from Muslim Indonesia.  Reduce, and ultimately cut off, whatever ‘aid’ you give them. Do not flatter, do not fawn, do not appease, do not grovel; you must not only seem, but be, “the Strong Horse”.  And do not permit Muslims from Indonesia to enter the USA; only admit those persons, from Indonesia, who can be firmly identified as members of the non-Muslim minority groups, notably the Christian or Buddhist or Confucian/ Taoist or entirely secular ethnic Chinese, who may well find themselves wanting to flee Indonesia in increasing numbers, as Indonesia, like all other Muslim countries, grows ever more oppressively and purely Islamic.  

I understand that Mr Trump has had friendly dealings with an ethnically-Chinese non-Muslim businessman in Indonesia; Mr Trump would do well to consult with Australian scholar Mark Durie, on the subject of Dhimmitude, and the Dhimmi, and be very cautious as to what kind of advice he takes from his Chinese-Indonesian Christian friend, on the subject of Muslim-dominated (and growing steadily ever-more-Islamic) Indonesia.  For if his friend is of a Dhimmi mindset, the advice given by that friend is likely to be very unhelpful. 

If you are looking for a countervailing force, in Asia, to the aggression of communist China, and the real risk of a Muslim Indonesia “going Jihad”, then that force exists in posse in India (provided India can be encouraged to shuck off Dhimmitude and curtail the influence of its destabilising and destructive Muslim fifth column, the influence of which is orders of magnitude worse than what Muslims have already achieved in the USA). – CM

by Christina McIntosh


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