Why import such people in the first place?

Does it make sense to import people who can’t find work?

Andrew Bolt

A third of Middle Eastern migrants are  jobless in their first five years in Australia, and “experts” blame the racism of Australians.

So why are we importing people who cost us so much welfare? And then get angry? How is this healthy?

MIDDLE Eastern migrants are piling on to the dole queue — with a 33 per cent jobless rate during their first five years in Australia.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the unemployment rate among recent immigrants from the Middle East has doubled in a decade, with one-in-three out of work.

Migrants from the Middle East and North Africa are also three times more likely than European or Asian immigrants to be out of work in the first five years of settlement. And their 33 per cent jobless rate is six times higher than the national average.

Islamic migration experts have blamed the unemployment rate on bosses who shun jobseekers named “Mohammad’’ and women wearing hijabs.

The “Mohammads” are mostly unqualified troublemakers and the hijabees are worse. Out with the trash!

3 thoughts on “Why import such people in the first place?”

  1. So if Australians are ‘raciiiiist’ why do they still insist on coming here? hmmm.

    Not a very bright bunch these shirtlifters.

  2. The real racists are the crybully libtards who want to bring these muslims to Western countries simply because they imagine them to be swarthy mentally inferior oppressed and exploited victims of the mentally superior whites, and they want you to pay to support them and their families for life in “reparations” for your and your ancestors’ past racist actions. Victimology is extortion!

  3. Somebody really needs to explain to me why a person cannot be Racist! If I don’t like a particular food or town is somebody going to call me Foodist or Townist and carry on all over the place.
    Try getting away with a lot of this crap that the left and refugee advocates in some of the country’s that these people are supposedly trying to escape. It is not the people it is the religion that they blindly follow and run their lives by. I don’t like Islam with its medieval mindset and practices. Islam is a religion not a race, so it is impossible to be called a Racist. Islam is vile and brutal and it cannot and will not ever be compatible with western culture or ideals.

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