Will no one kill the Gosford Goose?


Australia’s moderate Islamic leaders – “moderate” being a relative term – are in trouble for being too peaceful.

Fairfax reports:

Islamic State has taken aim at several Australian religious scholars in its latest propaganda video, calling on followers to kill the sheikhs because they discourage violence.

Youth leader Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, NSW Police Force chaplain Sheikh Ahmed Abdo and the Grand Mufti of Australia, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, have been branded “collaborators, informers and apostates” in the 25-minute video titled Fight the leaders of disbelief.

The video, which mentions several Muslim clerics around the world, is a chilling and unprecedented escalation on previous calls to boycott leaders who work with governments, police and leaders of other faiths.

Well, not exactly unprecedented. The piece continues:

The three Australian sheikhs are criticised for discouraging violence in the name of Islam and encouraging Muslims to follow the laws of the land in which they live.

“Those traitors are sitting in airconditioned rooms attacking the mujahideen and supporting the polytheists,” the Arabic video says, without directly naming the Australians. “Put an end to their evilness and kill them.”

Fairfax Media has chosen not to publish most of the disturbing fatwa …

Why cover for them? This is Fairfax and Man Monis all over again.

Footage of Sheikh Shady, a popular youth leader in Western Sydney, is included in the video, in which he gives a sermon criticising the idea that violent extremism will get a person to heaven …

Sheikh Ahmed Abdo, who provides spiritual guidance to Muslim police officers, is depicted in photos alongside Commissioner Andrew Scipione and community leader Jamal Rifi.

Dr Abu Mohamed is featured in photos shaking hands with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and with inter-faith advocate and Gosford Anglican minister Rod Bower.

Bower’s reaction is fascinating:

Rod, Islamic State wants to kill everybody who isn’t Islamic State. You’re nobody special.

2 thoughts on “Will no one kill the Gosford Goose?”

  1. *sigh* When will people “get it”. It’s not that ISIS is extreme. They practice Islam as required by the Koran. Other Muslims choose not to follow the Koran to that extreme. Good on them. Nevertheless, the core values of Islam are unchanged. And Muslims can decide to follow the Koran more precisely, which leads to the “lone wolf” attacker. The fact that Imams have to work so hard to stop Muslims from being murderers shows how ingrained the propensity to violence is. It is 8th century warlord mentality with 21st Century weaponry. 1.6 billion of them. And we are told just to pull our heads in and don’t worry.

    1. Well here I go observing again …
      The islam appeasers and the islams …
      are still here (in Australia) !!!

      Islam aided and abetted by Australia’s TREASONOUS politicians.
      (every past and every current Australian politician is guilty of TREASON) !
      Islam aided and abetted by the TREASONOUS suicidal self-hating non-islams … and so many of them are going to be murdered by their “islam benefactors” .

      GET THE ISLAMS OUT OF AUSTRALIA and off to their “god”.
      (This includes ALL the dead and buried ones … no dead bodies left behind) !!

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